Divya Drishti update Wednesday 3 January 2024

Divya Drishti 3 January 2024: Pisachini says to bichu I know how to get my work done from that Shekhar. My friend is coming as well.

Rakshit, Shekhar and both brides come downstairs. They are covering their faces. Mahima does their arti. Divya floats biscuits secretly. Mahima gives them parsad. She takes off her gughnat. Mahima is dazed to see Drishti with Rakhit. Ojaswani says you sat at wrong place. She says no.. Raksht says she is my wife. Everyone is dazed. They take off Divya’s ghunghat. Mahima says what is all this? Rakshit says Shekhar will answer this. Mahima says come with me Shekhar.

Mahima says answer me what is happening. Rashmi says how did the brides change? Shekhar says I did all this. I loved Divya. I thought this was right. Mahima says are you out of your mind. You can’t make joke out of marriages. I don’t accept this. Shekhar says but.. Rashmi says did you ask the girls? Mahima asks Divya Drishti are you happy with this? Divya says in heart I have to find my mom’s murderer. So I have to stay in this house. Mahima says my son’s life is in danger. She isn’t good for my son. My son could.. I don’t accept all this. Dviya says I can’t disagree that we got married.

Pisachini comes to jungle and says come my friend.
Rakshit sees Drishti with dia. She says we have to do pooja. She says we have to go. Rakshit says I am not going. Who are you doing all this for? For yourself? Mom can’t stand you. Why are you here in this house then. She says we are married now. I can’t give up on it. He says I don’t trust you. She says you saw my face why didn’t you stop then? Why did you marry me? He says don’t try to blame me for your mistake. She says otherwise? SHe says if you dont’ want to come I will go alone and do all the rituals. Drishti leaves. Se says I have to keep up with this marriage until I tell Divya I am her sister. She doesn’t trust me.

Another witch comes to Pisachini. Pisachini says hi Mohana how are you? Mohana says why did you call me? Pisachini says she is young and she is not coming in my hands. She shows Mohana Divya. Mohana says I will kill her in a moment.
Mohana and Pisachini are on their way. she says we are coming divya.

Drishti comes to temple. Pandit ji says rakshit didn’t come? She says no he didn’t. Pandit ji says but without him this pooja would be incomplete. Rakshit comes. Pandit says she thought you wont’ come. Rakshit picks her up. She says what are you doing. pandit ji says it is ritual. He takes her to the temple upstairs. Some colors falls on Rakshit’s face. Drishti cleans his face.

Divya is trying to clean her room. Ojaswani comes towards her room.
Mahima is worried. She says what will I tell to people now. Rashmi says calm down everything would be fine. Pisachini hypnotizes them. They all get happy. Ojaswani is coming towards Divya’s room. Mohana comes in the window and looks at Divya and says your death is here.

Drishti and Rakshit do the pooja together. Ojaswani comes to Divya’s room. Mohana hides. Ojaswani says how did you clean te room in just 10 minutes? Divya says I just did. Divya says so you have accepted me now? She syas no you have to cook as well. Mohna alooks at Divya. Drishti sees Mohana throttling Divya. She gets scared. Drishti says what should I do now.

Mohama throttles Divya. Rakshit says are you coming with me or not?
The the women in the house roam around happily. Shekhar comes in. He looks at Pisachini doing magic on them. He says what is she doing and why.
Divya hides the light on her forehead from Rakshit and runs.
Divya says who is she. Someone save me please.


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