Divya Drishti Starlife update Wednesday 28 February 2024

Divya Drishti 28 February 2024: Murli opens light. Divya says what are you doing here? He says don’t attack me. Divya says you have knife in your hand. He says I used to wake up early in the village and then plant flowers.

Patali is getting ready. Pisachini says what are you doing? I am thinking about that new guy. Patali says he is the son of this house who lost. His name is Murli but the real name was Shekhar. Pischini says he can’t be Shekhar. I know what I did to Shekhar. He can’t come back. There is something.

Divya is sleeping. Someone comes close to her. She gets scared. drishti screams and collides with him. His nose is injured. Drishti says you scared me. He says and you injured me and say sorry at least. She says less than your mistakes at least. He says what did I do? Drishti says you married that Pisachini. He says I have apologized already. Drishti says there is another thing. Where is my birthday gift? He says that party. Drishti says the family did that. Rakshit says what do you want? Raskhit comes close to her. Drishti says what are you doing? Divya is sleeping here. Rakshit says she isn’t here. Drishti says where did she go?

Divya gets Murli stuff to do gardening. He says I like all my things organized. Divya says so does my MIL. I mean your mom. He says how is my MIL your mom? Divya goes to her room.

Patali comes to Murli. She says you’re so down to earth. Murli says I can’t sleep. Patali says let’s have tea then. Drishti says then go make it yourself. Patali leaves. Drishti says stay away from her. What are you doing at this hour? Murali says gardening.

Drishti comes to the room. Rakshit says Divya is sleeping now. She was talking to Murli. they looked good together. drishti says what are you saying. He says I am not unromantic like you. Murli comes there. He says I was going to the garden. Drishti says it’s downstairs. Rakshit says go sleep now. Drishti goes to her room.

Murli says my plan is ruining because of them.

Murli comes to a room. He says this room is perfect for my plan. This will help me. He looks for a weak spot on a wall. Murli starts breaking the wall. Patali comes there looking for murli. He cleans the wall. Murli comes in. patali says such good muscles. You were doing exercise? He says I was out only. She grasps his collar. He says leave me. Simran says let’s go breakfast Shekhar.

Ash says I went to the temple. Ojaswani says really? She says yes.

Patali says I want paratha. Divya floats it. Patali leaves in anger. Divya says he is lost in village memories. Rakshit says you know him that well already? Divya says no. Ash says what do you want to do Shekhar? he says I want to do a play. Rakshit says out Divya can be heroin. She will be Laila.

Patali gets ready. She says I will be the Laila. I will do acting with my Moro. Drishti overhears. She says wow she is in love Pischini says to Patali what are you doing? Did I bring you here not to do all this? She says Morro would do play. I will become Laila. Pisachini says he is planning something. There’s something up. Pisachini says he is a liar. He has a plan. I want a report of his every second. Patali says you’ll get it.

Rakshit says to Murali get ready for the play. Divya will help you. Divya says I am happy. He says no worries Patali said she will help me. Drishti says he is going to Patali? Raskhit says your sister said no.

Everyone tries to act. Mahima says Simran you are disqualified. Mahima says Rakshit and Drishti are fighting. Ash says so as per the script, Laila is mad at Majnu. Rakshit says why are you mad at me? These are my lines. Drishti says as if you don’t know. Drishti says you don’t care about me. You don’t care even if I am away. Rakshit says you’re the only one I love. my heart beats for you. He comes close. Mahima says what’s happening here. Ojaswani says it was cute. Everyone teases them.

Murali is gardening. Patali comes there. She says let me help you. Divya says go from here. Patali says I am his heroin. Piaschini comes and takes Patali from there. Murali says who is she? Patali says, my mom. Divya leaves. Murali says give me the tools. Divya says I need them. Murali says in heart that box had my tool too.

Pisachini says to Patali stop being heroin. You’re here to kill them. Patali says say sorry. Pisachini says don’t dare. Patali says he is my love. Pisachini says he loves Divya not you.

Scene 2

Rakshit comes to the room. It’s Drishti lights candle. He says the cold Laila is here. You said, your heart beats for you. Your Laila loves you as well. Murli knocks at the door. He says sorry, came at the wrong time. He says in heart Divya has my tool. How do I take it? Rakshit pulls Drishit close. Drishti says I proved I am not dull and cold Laila.

Patali collides with Drishti. She says where are you doing? Patali says I will be Murli’s Laila. Drishti says go downstairs and give an audition. Patali says I will be Laila only.

Murli asks Divya where are the tools? She says you planted all that already. Why do you need it? The auditions are going on for you. Rakshit says what happened? He says she was trying to help first and now she is mad. Rakshit says we can never understand them.

Shekhar comes downstairs. Mahima says who will be your Laila? Drishti says Patali would be his Laila. Ash says no. Ojaswani says Divya Drishti will handle don’t worry. Drishti says Divya doesn’t want to act with him. Patali says Divi can act with him. Drishti says don’t try to set my sister up with him. Mahima says don’t fight. Shekhar will be Majnu and Divya will be Laila.

Murli says they would all be busy in acting and I will steal all their wealth.

Ojaswani says Shekhar help us arrange the lights. A woman comes in. He invites the neighbors. Mahima says this our personal party. Shekhar says are you ashamed of me? Mahima says no. He says then invite them all. Mahima says sure.

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