Divya Drishti Starlife update Thursday 29 February 2024

Divya Drishti 29 February 2024: Patali is outside the house. She collides with a pot. Pisachini says why are you here again? She says I was here seeing the leaves. Patali runs. Pisachini says come with me. Pisachini sees a trench there. She says what is this?

Divya is getting ready. Murli comes in. Divya says don’t you know you have to knock before coming into someone’s room. He says I am sorry. Divya leaves. Murli looks for his magic tool.

Murli comes to Mahima. He says ma is calling you bari ma. Mahima says I am so glad to hear bari ma from you. She hugs Murli. Mahima leaves. He says I should start my work. He opens the closet and sees the locker. Murli opens the locker. Romi is coming there..

Piaschini comes inside the trench. She says where is this taking me? There’s a lot of stuff here. Murli says this is the real stuff. He takes everything from the trench. Romi says Mahima auntie.. Murli hides. Romi says no one is here why did it feel like someone was.

Murli throws his magic tool in the trench. Pisachini says what is this noise? Murli places a mirror in front of the hall. Pisachini uses magic to see what is happening on the other side. She sees Murli. Pisachini says he dug up this trench? I have to find out what is he up to.

Patali mixes some leaves in the water. She does magic. Green smoke turns into a fairy. It tells Patali what tit do. She asks her to mix the hair in the water. The fairy says you will only have her body not her soul. Be careful.

Murli goes upstairs. Rakshit says come with me Shekhar. Come with me.

Rakshit says everyone is preparing for the drama. Help Divya. Drishti says I will help Divya. You help Rakshit. Simran says what’s in your bag Shekhar? He says nothing. Ash says Shekhar they’re doing all this for you. Pisachini says where does he want to go? Murli goes out. Pisachini says he is up to something.

Patali drinks the water. She suffocates and turns into Divya. Patali says I want Laila costume. Pisachini comes there and screams. She says what did you? Patali says I will be Laila for my Majnu. Pisachini says stop it. Patali locks her in a cage. Patali leaves. Pisachini says you’ll suffer.

Murli is sneaking out. She says what are you doing in a corner? Your mom is looking for you. Patali comes there. She says I have to be here only. I have to disappear Divya. Rakshit says thank you, mom, for letting Divya and Shekhar become Laila Majnu. They can be good friends. Drishti says why is he after my sister. Why is he forcing her to become Laila? He can’t become Majnu herself. Rakshit comes close to Drishti. Mahima leaves. Drishti says what are you doing? He says can’t breathe? Drishti runs out.

Patali comes to Murli. She says let’s go. you’re my hero. I will be Laila. Ash asks Divya where is Shekhar? She says let me look for her. Divya is looking for Murli. Patali sees her coming. Divya sees the dress. She says someone is wearing a dress like me?

Murli comes to the trench. He says why this light? Is there something on the other side. He sees police outside. Romi is speaking to the police. Murli says I can’t go outside.

Drishti sees Simran. She is wearing a similar dress. Divya says so I saw her. Drishti says let’s go. The play is going to start soon.

Ojaswani says we are presenting you with the story of Laila and Majnu. Drishti comes on stage. Ash says Shekhar let’s go to the stage. Mahima says Dirshti why are you worried? Drishti says where is Pisachini? She always does drama when we do something.

Drishti comes on stage and explains their story. That they have always been in love since childhood. Rakshit says they were parted by the society. Then when they grew up they found each other again.

Murli dances with Divya. Patali says I have to get ono the stage. The song tu meri Laila plays. Pisachini tries to break the cage. She says I won’t leave this Patali.

Drishti says the world didn’t want them to be together. Raskhit says they were forced to stay away from each other. Drishti says but they came together again. Divya and Murli hug each other. Pisachini comes out of the cage.

Pisachini looks for the opening of the trench. She sees it and says why did he make it?? What is he up to?

Drishti says to Divya you acted so well. Divya says I feel like he makes me uncomfortable. He flirts with me. Drishti says don’t worry. Drishti goes out. Patali comes in and places water in the room. Divya drinks the water and faints.

Murli sees his bag. He runs towards the trench. Patali says I will be Laila only. Murli comes to the trench. Pisachini hides. He takes out of the wealth. Pisachini says he stole everything from the locker? Murli tries to send his magic tool inside. Pisachini locks it. His tool doesn’t go in. Murli says why is this trench closed? It looks open but my tool isn’t opening it? Why? Someone did some magic? I have to go in from the outside. He goes outside.

Ash says Shekhar where are you going? He hides his bag. Ash takes him to the stage.

Drishti says Majnu was detailed. Patali comes there. She says Majnu your Laila is here. I will take you out of here. Rakshit says they couldn’t break the bars. She couldn’t free Majnu. Murli runs when lights go off. Pisachini comes there and says how many men? She is dressed as Gabbar. Raskhit says Shekhar where are you going? Your play is going on.

Drishti says go from here. Everyone laughs. Mahima says I am Thakur. You can’t threaten my Thakur.

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