Divya Drishti Starlife update Sunday 4 February 2024

Divya Drishti 4 February 2024: Pisachini sees the smoke that is intoxicating Lava. Drishti listens to the sound. Raksht says what happened? She says that anklet sound. Simran comes to her room and watches tv. Piscahini asks Lava to be careful. She says there are peacock feathers everywhere. Lights turn off.

Rakshit asks Drishti to stand there. Drishti says DIvya there is anklet voice. Divya says Simran’s throat is shining. Has she eaten kal vijay? Rakshit looks for drishti. Everyone start coughing and fainting.

Drishti and Dvya come after Simran. Drishit and Divya see through the star. Charan jeet says it will all through her body. Her body would blast you have only 24 hours. He says there is only Shiv ji who can save her. Drishti says Rakshit can’t come here. Divya says he said Shiv ji can save us. should we go to temple? Divya says lets go her. Her hands are yellow as well.

Pisachini asks Lava to spot Simran. She says we have to keep an eye on her.

Pisachini comes after Divya drishti and simran. SHe says there my kaal vijay is. Drishti says if Pisacini sees her she would kill her. A car comes there. They sit in the car. Piachini follows them. Divya locks the door.

Everyone coughs in the party. Rakshit says go after divya drishti.

Lava comes there as lizard. Everyone screams. she says I am the lizard. Everyone runs. Lava makes Mahima fall. Everyone faints. Rakshit looks at them.

Divya drishti and simran come to the temple. drishti says please save us God. Simran sees Pischini coming. Divya shoves her. Drishti says I won’t let anything happen to you. Divya stops Pisachini. Pisachini says I will kill you. Drishti runs simran’s hand on Shiv. She says shiv ji will take all this power from you.. Divya picks the shivling. Divya calls Rakshit and says come here soon. drishti and simran run to the car.

Divya runs towards the car. she stops Pischini. Pisachini hits her. Simran and Drishti are taking the shivling to the car.

Pisachini throttles Divya. Divya shoves her and breaks pillars on her. Simran and Drishti bring the shivling to the water. Divya comes and helps them.. Pisachini comes after them. Raksht comes there. Pisachini throws light on them. ALl of them fall down with shivling. Simran hugs Drishit. They look for Divya. simran gets her senses back. Divya says the ratan is in Shivling. Rakshit says where is drishti? Divya says in the water. Rakshit says I have to save her. You go home divya. Everyone needs you there. Rakshit looks for drishti. Rakshit finds Drishit.

He takes her out of the water. Rakshit says drishti please open your eyes. He gives her mouth resurrection. Drishti coughs and opens eyes. She says when did you come? He says why did you leave without telling me. I was so scared. Drishit says I knew you would come. I am sorry. Where are Simran and divya? He says they went home. Everyone is home. Drishit says I can’t see. I don’t have eyes. Rakshit hugs her.

Next Monday is Divya Drishti 


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