Divya Drishti Starlife update Friday 16 February 2024

Divya Drishti 4 February 2024: Shan says Divya are you okay.. She says I did it. Rakshit says where is shekhar? She says I killed him. I killed your brother. I wanted to live this marriage with him. Rakshit says please tell me you didn’t. Divya says I wanted to give this relationship a chance. I killed him. I am a killer. rakshit says you can never do wrong. You didn’t kill anyone.

Pisachini says to Drishti your sister must be dead. what will you do with this flower. Drishti hides. Pisaschini says you can’t hide from me.

Rakshti says I have to take you guys out of here. Divya says please go from here. Rakshit says I have to protect you two. Divya says please go from here. He says okay go. He says I will come back for you two. You can never do wrong. go drishit needs you. I will be back too.

Pisacini says come in front of me Dirshit. Divya comes there and shoves Pisachin. Drishti says all these bruises? Are you okay? Drishti shows her the flower. she says this flower has the powers. Pisachini says I have the ratana. And the remotes too. I will blast this building and kill everyone. Divya says we won’t ever give it to you/.Pisachini says shekhar will kill you. Divya says I killed him. Drishit says what.. Divya says yes. He was a demon. I killed him. NO one is here. Only we are.

You would die with us. drishit says good will born again. Pisachini shoves them. She takes the flower from them. Pisacini puts the ratans in it. SHe laughs. She says I will the powers. Divya sees the remote. She holds Divya’s hand. Drishit says I asked you to go from here. Go from here now. Divya says I wont go.

Divya says we will die together. Pisachini says stop this emotioanl drama. Divya says give me the flower or I will blast this building. Drishit says our parents sacrificed their lives too and we would do the same.

They countdown. Pisachinin says stop it. Rakshit comes outside. He looks for Divya Drishit. They blast the building. Pisachini falls. She says my ratna.. te flowers burn. Divya drishit hold hands and looks around. The building is falling on them.

Scene 2

Pisachini is alive. she the ratans are burned. We will get them back. Those two girls are gone.

Everyone is crying in the house. Romi says sorry di I couldn’t save yu and divya. Everyone cries and sobs. Ojaswani says they saved everyone and couldn’t save themselves. Simran says and our Rakshit. He is gone too. Everyone cries. Pisachini comes there. she shoves romi an says I am here to cry too. You lost everything. Who will save you all now?

Scene 3

Pisachini cooks in the house. A earthworm falls in her kheer. She throws it out. It turns into a woman. She says master.. Pisachini says who are you. She says I am fingli. I am here to help you. I am from hell.

Pisachini comes to everyone and gives them lassi. Everyone is dying to have it. They are all pisachini’s servants. They say you are the best. Pisachini says go work now.

Kaal comes and says where in pisachini? Fingli says she is makin everyone drink that lassi.

Pisachini makes everyone work. she hangs Ash on a rope. Ash cries and says please let me go. Everyone serves Pisacini. Mahima says can we have ganesh pooja in the house? Pisachini says its been 13 days. The day is there. Pisachini says do what you want. I will do my pooja.

Pisahcini says today is that day. My powers will wake up today.

Romi sees everyone fighting for food. Mahima says pisachini isn’t home. We have to get done with thins before she is here. Mahima says you were a guest here and you’re stuck in all this with us. Romi says you are my family now.

Mahima gets a call from the hospital. The doctor says his condition worsens. He is in coma. Mahima cries.

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