Divya Drishti Starlife update Saturday 17 February 2024

Divya Drishti 17 February 2024: Mahima says no this can’t happen. doctor says please come here. Mahima cries. Chetan says he is alive at least. Mahima says we have nothing left. How would we fix everything. Romi says di why did you leave us. Please come back. Please bring my di and divya back.

Pisachini does her pooja to combine powers of the ratans. Two pigeons come there. She says where are my ratans. Look around.

A pooja is going on outside. Pisachini says I have to find my ratans. Kaal says where are the ratan. The earthworm comes there. She says ratans are nowhere. Kaal says you can’t do anything. Pisachini says I will get the ratans. I will burn their bodies.

Sindur falls on Divya drishti. They open eyes.

Divya Drishit comes to Ganesh visarjan. Drishti hugs Divya. Drishti says Mahadve brought us back. Divya Drishti save a kid. Their mon thanks them. She says tell us what can we do for us. Drishti asks her to bring them a few things so no one recognizes them. Rakshit’s ambulance passes from there. Drishit makes way for it. She floats the ambulance above the crowd.

Scene 2

Divya Drishti come to a temple. Dristi says we are given this life again because what happened with us was wrong. But we will attack now. Divya says there will be nothing unfair now. Pisacini will cry and die now. We will end her with her powers. Drishti says we vow to end her. They do tandav.

Rakshit comes home. Simran is shocked. Mahima says you’re fine? She hugs Rakshit. Simran asks rashi should we tell him about pisachini? Mahima says thank God you’re fine.

Drishit says we will go home. Divya says where what home? no one would be waiting for us there. Drishit says are you crazy? Divya says we can’t go there. pisachini has the ratans. Drishit says our powers are working. She doesn’t have the ratans. Divya says she must be there. Drishit says we should go there and save them. They are our family. Divya says we will go there with a plan. So Pisachin doesn’t see us. Drishit says we have faced her before. We aren’t scared of her. She has to be scared now. Divya says we can’t go there. Drishit says what is wrong with you. Divya says I killed Shekhar. Would they want to see my face? How do I go there? Dristi says that was fake shekhar. He fooled us. He was demon. You better killed him. He would have killed us all. let’s go now. You won’t blame yourself for Shekhar’s death. We have to find real shekhar. Let’s go.

A water circle comes in front of them. drishit says this is for us to travel on. Divya says this can be a trap. We can’t be careless. Drishit says you were the careless one? Divya says yes and you were the careful one? Drishti says our natures have changed. And our powers are combined now. They sit on the water circle.

Divya Drishti come home. Drishit sees something. She says I saw someone with mangalsutra and sindur.

Rakshit opens the door. Drishti says rakshit.. He says who are you? Pisachini comes there. She is wearing sindur. She says Raku sona. My baby. Rakshit says there were some women. They aren’t here now.

Drishit says she took over Rakshit’s mind. Divya says we have to calm down. Drishit says I will take my Rakshit from her. Drishit is able to change her face. Divya says we have a new power now.

Pisachini says you are my husband Raku. Divya comes there with a new face and says I have a complain of your AC. Divya becomes a guy and comes in. Piaschini says show me the complaint. Divya shows them complaint. She says let’s go from here. Pisachini locks the door.

Drishti says why did you come there? Divya says we can’t play stupid.

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