Destined by Fate update Sunday 11 June 2023

Destined by fate 11 June 2023: Sayuri gets busy in kitchen preparing pedas/sweets. Kanha reminds her that they need to attend a party. She asks who will work if she gets ready. He says he will help her. She says then it will take 6 hours for him as he has single in his hand. He removes sling and frees his hand. Saroj angrily throws her clothes from the cupboard venting out her frustration.

Destined by fate 10 June 2023

Kusum stops her and says everyone will find out that she is acting as ill. Saroj says let them know as she changed into worse since Sayuri’s entry in this house. Kusum tries to calm her down.Sayuri scolds Kanha for removing sling. Kanha says doctor advised him to remove it and helps her prepare pedas/sweet.

They both enjoy each other’s company. Saroj cries that because of Sayuri, she is manipulating Anjali.She says Sayuri’s face reminds her of losing Chiru because of Sayuri. Kusum says they will not let Sayuri stay in this house. Saroj says she will save Kanha from Sayuri. Nakul enters her room. Saroj acts as ill to garner his attention and messages Anjali to attend party with Kanha. Anjali replies she is ready.

Rashmi feels excited and equally nervous thinking of attending party with Nakul. She imagines Nakul walking to her and making her wear a bracelet. Sayuri finishes preparing pedas and tries to speak to Kanha. Kanha says she cnanot cancel the party and asks her to get ready. Kusum hears their conversation and informs Saroj that her plan failed and Sayuri finished her work and is going to get ready for the party.

Saroj grins and asks her to call Sayuri to her room.Kanha thinks he needs to look dancing to match Sayuri. Sayuri walks to Saroj’s room and stands at the door. Saroj asks why don’t she get out of Kanha and Anjali’s lives and orders her to inform Kanha that she will not attend party with him as he listens to only her these days. Sayuri recalls promising Kanha to accompany him.

Kusum returns to Saroj and says she saw Sayuri upset with the way Saroj spoke to her and surely will refuse to accompany Kanha to the party.Sayuri returns to her room nervously and throws her sari recalling Saroj’s bitter words. Kanha gets ready in a black tuxedo. He then walks to Sayuri’s room and gets mesmerized with her beauty seeing her in a black sari. Ye Laal Ishq.. song plays in the background. Anjali also gets ready in a black gown, kisses Kanha’s photo, and thinks Kanha will be only hers forever. Kanha and Sayuri leave for the party.

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