Destined by fate starlife update Thursday 15 February 2024

Destined by fate 15 February 2024: Ammu tells Nakul that she felt good spending time with a client for the first time. Nakul says he is her friend and not client. Ammu’s boss order Nakul leave now and demands 1 lakh rs per visit to meet Ammu. Nakul argues. Boss holds his collar. Ammu frees Nakul and sends him away. Nakul thinks he will return soon for his friend.

Saroj offers aam panna to Dhanraj while he is busy grooming floor outside. Dhanraj says he needed it badly. Saroj says she is feeling bad to see him work like a servant. Dhanraj says Balwant built this house and Saroj decorated it, he never contributed anything to this house. He says he never explored this house properly and is now is enjoying exploring its each concern. Saroj says she never thought someone would barge into their house and rule over them, she wants all this to end soon and get things back to normal. Dhanraj hopes so.

Rashmi confronts Nakul for dumping her and falling for a pr*stitute. Nakul warns her to mind her language. Rashmi says whatever she did was for them both. Nakul refuses to accept her and warns her to stay away from hm. Rashmi thinks he belongs to only her and she will not share him with any prositute.

Kanha records Chaman’s video and tells her that she looks like a heroine and in fact she has so much money from her marble business that she can open her own production house and produce her movies. Chaman asks who will help her. Kanha says he will and will make her very famous. Chaman falls for his trick and thinks she can spend more time with him and some day can become his life partner. She walks to Tingu and says Kanha will make her a social media in fu cancer/ influencer soon. Tingu warns her to be careful, but she continues showing her excitement. Sayuri hears their conversation and thinks Kanha’s trick is working. She calls Nakul and asks him to return home soon to execute their next plan.

Rashmi meets Kanha and requests him to save Nakul. Kanha asks him what happened. Rashmi informs him Nakul has fallen into a pr*stitute’s trap and requests him to save Nakul before its too late. Kanha recalls Nakul stealing money from locker and thinks Rashmi is right. Rashmi walks away smirking. Sayuri serves a feast to Chaman and Tingu. Kanha passes by. Chaman asks Kanha to join her and asks him to tell everyone about her plan of becoming a heroine. Tingu says he will not let her waste money in an guaranteed thing. Kanha says he is 100% sure that Chaman will be a big heroine soon. Chaman announces to invest money.

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