Deception update Saturday 21 March 2020

Deception 21 March 2020: Naren knocks the door and resolves to stand there all night. He finds the door open and goes inside. He sees his photo frame broken and imagines Pooja saying we have no relation. He picks his pic and says I won’t let you go anywhere. He comes to Supriya’s room and imagines Pooja telling her that they have no relation now and she can’t forgive him.

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He is pained to imagine such things and thinks no Pooja, when I didn’t leave any chances to hurt you then I will not leave chance to get you. Mr. Kapoor sees Pooja coming and acts, says someone he will come with Pooja. Rahul sees Pooja coming and says go to your barbaadi. Naren sits in car and tries calling Pooja. Pooja asks Mr. Kapoor to get down from the railing and says we will sit and talk. Mr. Kapoor says I really love you…Pooja says we can talk. Mr. kapoor says I can’t get you and says bye. Pooja asks him to stop for her sake. Naren thinks in car that he will not let her go from his life. Pooja asks Mr. Kapoor to give his hand and get down from the terrace railing.

Mr. kapoor is about to push her. She is shocked. He then acts and says we wish we can be together always. She says we are always together like friends. Rahul sees them and says Chapter 1 is completed.

Naren comes to Satish’s house and says he needs to meet Pooja. Anuj says my sister will not meet you. Naren says he came to meet her. Rachel says she went to Vyas mansion. Naren says she left from there long ago. Satish goes to police station. Anuj refuses to let Naren go. Naren pushes him and goes. Anuj calls his friends/ goons. Pooja tries to counsel Mr. Kapoor. Rahul eyes them. Anuj’s goons surround Naren. Anuj says until di is found, you can’t go anywhere. Naren asks them to leave him.They beat Naren with hockey stick. Rachel asks Anuj to stop the goons. Anuj and Kusum stop Rachel. Pooja asks Mr. Kapoor to think that she is Mrs. Kapoor. He asks her to say what she will tell that if she is Mrs. Kapoor. She says she will say that she loves him very much and wants to start a family with him. He says he thought about their babies name and tells the names.

Rahul takes the video and smirks. Naren beats the goons then. Pooja asks if he is feeling better. Mr. kapoor says yes. She says she will drop him to hotel room. Rahul comes infront of her and shows the recording.. Naren hits Anuj and is about to hit him again when Satish comes and asks him to stop, Rachel and Kusum come infront of Anuj. Satish asks Naren to go home and says Police is searching Pooja, and they had enough of humiliation. Pooja says it is a crime to record someone personal’s talks. Rahul says really and hugs Mr. Kapoor. Pooja is shocked and slaps Mr. Kapoor.

Mayank tells Naren that he can’t Pooja anywhere. Pooja tells Mr. Kapoor that she didn’t know that he will stoop so low. She then tells Rahul that she took him out on her guarantee. Rahul says everyone will believe on this recording. Naren shouts Pooja and cries. Pooja sees the recording and is shocked. Rahul asks whom she will choose now.

Naren returns home. Harsha tells him that Pooja will forgive him. Mayank says if I was on her place then I would not forgive you. Naren regrets to misbehave with her and says he will apologize to her. Pooja comes there and says she is here. Harish asks Naren to talk to her. Naren hugs Pooja and tells that even his hatred was fake, but her love was real. He bends on his knees and asks him to marry him again and forgive him. Pooja brushes off his hand. Naren gets up and asks for a chance. He asks her to marry him once again. Surbhi is shocked. Pooja is standing silently. Naren tells Harish that he wants to marry pooja tomorrow itself.

Harsha says she will bring Supriya. Harish says he will call Satish. Mayank tells Naren that it was a good surprise. Rahul comes there and shows the audio in which Pooja confessed to love Mr. Kapoor and plans children with him. Rahul says today only I got this. Naren breaks the proofs and says your love don’t need any proofs. He hugs Pooja. Rahul signs Pooja. Pooja breaks the hug. Naren asks why you are angry with me, tell something. Pooja says you are really innocent and tells that the recording was true and these talks happened last night.

Harish asks what you are saying and says I will see who will break your and Naren’s relation. Pooja says she wanted this audio to come infront of everyone, so that I can see pain on naren’s face. She says she don’t want like defeat and says she came to deal with him. She made him over confident. She says you have hurt my ego and that’s why I made you believe on my fake truth and that’s why I can return humiliation with interest. Naren is shocked.

Pooja says she is not interested to marry him and says you can’t bear my personal expenses even if mortgaged your property. She says she is leaving, signs some papers and throws on Naren’s face. She says it is divorce papers. Neelima,Surbhi and Rahul smirks. Pooja says our scores are settled now. She says she will go now and tells that she will remember the entertainment for forever. Naren holds her angrily and asks Mayank to move the things which can hurt her. He pushes her. She falls on Mr. Kapoor who has just ruined.

Naren says husband and wife together. Pooja asks Mr. kapoor to let Naren take out his anger. Naren says how can I forget that ladies betray people. Mayank asks Pooja why she is doing tamasha and to protect whom. Naren says it is not yet over. He takes her in his arms and says you was my first wife, even though namesake. He says you have to dance with me in my baraat. Pooja says she will dance in his baraat and can give her small happiness.

Naren asks them to give them guest room and says your Jodi is good and your kids names are beautiful. He looks at her and goes.

Later Pooja is crying. Harish comes to her. Pooja says sorry for hurting naren. He says why you are saying sorry and says I know that you will get big pain, but will not let anything happen to Naren. He asks why did she take such a big step when Naren proposed her for marriage. Pooja tells him that Mr. Kapoor called last night. She shows the video in which women tells that Naren Vyas raped them and one of the woman says she is pregnant with his child. Harish is shocked.

Rahul tells Mr. Kapoor that Pooja will do all possible things to make him speak the truth and asks him not to agree to her and gives him gun for his safety. He says if everything goes right then Pooja will be yours. Naren imagines Pooja in her old avatar and saying that she came here to betray him. He imagines her in bridal attire and telling that even their marriage was fake.

He then imagines her as Mrs. Kapoor and giving him divorce papers. He drinks wine and breaks the bottle. He says those eyes who haven’t seen you betrayal, what those eyes are meant for and is about to destroy his eyes, when Supriya comes and holds his hand asking him to leave the bottle. She asks him to have water. Naren cries keeping his head on her lap. Supriya asks why you are marrying Surbhi and asks him to marry Pooja, says she is a very good girl. Pooja thinks even today she will cross her limits for Naren and feels apologetic to Satish.

Naren gets angry at Supriya and tells that he is marrying Surbhi. Surbhi hears him. Naren tells him that Surbhi used to scare me, but Pooja is a nice girl. Naren asks her to go and pushes her. Supriya gets scared and goes telling him the same thing.

Mr. Kapoor comes to Pooja and keeps gun in his pocket. She smiles and comes to him asking how is she looking, and says this is the saree which you had given me. Mr. Kapoor praises her. Rahul looks at them and thinks Kapoor went under the water. He knocks on the door and asks did I disturb love birds. He reminds Mr. Kapoor that he promised to play chess with him. Mr. Kapoor says lets go.

Rahul tells Pooja that tonight she will have to spend alone and tells that if she acts smart then his man who is standing outside of police station will take video inside. Pooja gets angry and asks him to get lost. Rahul asks her to practice to dance in Naren’s baraat and tells that there Surbhi will be practicing to make Naren hers. Surbhi hugs Naren and says it is ok that he don’t love her, but Pooja and her love is enough to make him hers. She hugs him again as Naren says he don’t love Pooja.

Pooja shares her plan with Harish and Mayank and tells that her plan is good and asks them to let Rahul and co. enjoy the dreams. She says she has faith on her love. She seeks Harish’s permission. She asks Mayank to make sure nobody comes when Mr. Kapoor comes to meet her in that room. Mayank says why he will come to meet you. Pooja says because of jealously. Naren gets ready for the marriage. He calls Pooja. Pooja comes and says she will dance if he permits her.

Rahul comes to Surbhi and gives her divorce papers as gift. Surbhi says once she gets married to Naren, he will get Vyas Empire. Naren asks Pooja if she ran away. Pooja comes and says if your marriage is possible without me, and says if you calls me so much right then I might fall in love with you again. Naren looks on angry.

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