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Curse of the sands 16 June 2021: Mohini via black magic takes Siya to 500 years old and shows Rana Bhanuprataph pampering his wife Rajeshwari before going away on a leopard hunt. Siya feels jealous seeing that. Mohini says even she felt same when Rana saa betrayed her.

Curse of the sands 15 June 2021

Bhanuprataph tells Rajeshwari that she need not worry as there is heavy protection around her. Rajeshwari throws her knife on the curtain seeing someone watching them. Bhanuprataph goes and checks knife and finds blood on it. Rajeshwari says she wants to show him that someone spies them always. Siya asks Mohini who was spying Bhanuprataph and Rajeshwari. Mohini takes her out of palace and shows its Mohini herself. Bhanuprataph in palace meets his Dayimaa Durgeshwari and requests her to protect Rajeshwari till he returns as he can trust only her.

Durgeshwari promises him to protect Rajeshwari and asks him to go on hunting with peaceful mind. Durgeshwari walks to Mohini and asks why was she spying in Rana Bhanuprataph and Durgeshwari’s room. Mohini says she loves Bhanuprataph. Durgeshwari warns her that she is just and maid and should stop dreaming about king and dare to think of taking queen Rajeshwari’s place.

Siya asks Mohini how did she become chudail. Mohini takes her to desert where she cries expressing her ordeal. A lady emerges and asks her to become Ret ki dulhan/desert bride with her help to end her ordeal and get what she desires. Mohini does not agree. Lady pierces her long nails into Mohini’s hand and sheds her blood.

Mohini shouts in pain and asks who is she. Lady says she is chudail and Mohini will also become chudail now, she is doing this since 1000 years and now Mohini will carry her lineage. Siya asks Mohini if the lady made her chudail forcefully. Mohini says nobody can force her and asks to just watch what happens next.

In haveli, Dadimaa cries seeing Ram’s stone body and Siya unconscious on sofa and pleads Raj jyotishiji to save them. Raj jyotishiji says Mohini has Siya back to 500 years old and she is not dead yet. Mallika pleads to save her son Vivian and starts her overacting. Raj Jyotishji says Mohini used Vajra against Ram himself, so he cannot do anything now. Tears fall from Ram’s stone monument. Dayimaa is surprised to see that. Raj jyotishiji says Siya and Ram’s pure love will protect them.

Siya sees Rana Bhanuprataph riding his horse and enemies showering arrows on him and runs to save him. Mohini stops her and says she cannot help Rana Bhanupratap as someone else is there to save him. Mohini reaches on horse and kills all enemies. She then takes Rana Bhanuprataph to safe place and treats him.


Soldiers inform rani that Rana Bhanuprataph went missing on the way and they doubt enemy has kidnapped him. Rajeshwari orders them to find out Ranasaa soon and herself gets ready to go on a search pulling her sword. Dayimaa stops her and says she is pregnant and has to take care of herself. Mohini tells Siya that they thought Ranasaa is under enemy’s grip, but did not know he was with her for 1 month. After 1 month, Raj Purohit asks Rajeshwari to take over Behramgarh’s crown as Rana Bhanuprataph may not return. Rajeshwari warns him and says Rana saa will return for sure. Rana Bhanuprataph enters safely. Rajeshwari emotionally runs and hugs him and asks wher was he for 1 month.

Mohini enters and says Rana saa was with her. Dayimaa gets angry hearing that and warns Mohini that she will finish her for daring to eye on Ranasaa. Rana Bhanuprataph stops her and says Mohini saved her life and he is alive because of her. Dayimaa asks Mohini where did she keep Ranasaa for 1 month. Mohini says in a jungle hut as enemies were behind them. Rana Bhanuprataph warns everyone to respect Mohini instead for saving his life. Mohini gets happy thinking her plan is working.

Next day, Rani Rajeshwari with Dayimaa meets Mohini’s ghagra paltan team and tries to touch Mohini’s feet. Dayimaa stops her and warns that a queen cannot touch dancer’s feet. Rajeshwari says Mohini saved her husband and her child’s father and wants to thank her for her favor. She offers jewelry equal to Mohini’s weight and even offers her mother’s last gifted necklace. Mohini stops her and asks her anklets instead. Dayimaa gets more angry and keeping knife on her neck asks if she knows what is she asking. Rajeshwari says a suhaagan has 7 jewels and naming each says anklet is one among it, so she cannot give it. She breaks Mohini’s ghungroo instead and says she can come and stay in her palace now with pride. Mohini smirks seeing her plan working while Dayimaa angrily fumes seeing Mohini’s cunning nature.

Rana Bhanuprataph meets Mohini at night and promises that he will protect her whole life and even after his life. Mohini says she wants to make an important announcement and says while he was with her for 1 month, he got intimate with her in a subconscious state and she is pregnant with his child now. Rana Bhanuprataph is amused to hear that.

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