Curse of the sands update Tuesday 24 August 2021

Mann says she is his mother Mohini and not Gopika and she is the one who sent him here to become king and reveals all her sins from killing 8Dayimaa and others to trying to kill Ram repeatedly. Gopika says good her son described her story and revealed her true identity.

Curse of the sands 22 August 2022

Siya asks Gopika what she needs. Gopika says Siya’s life and continues venting out her anger and reveals how she tried to kill Rana repeatedly. Mann apologizes Siya and says he couldn’t change his mother. Gopika continues her overacting and heavy dialogues. Siya warns her to leave, else. Gopika asks what else.. until her goal is completed, she will not go fromm here. Siya asks what is her goal tghen. Gopika says her death.

Mohini sword fights with Siya. Siya asks why she wants to kill Ram. Mohini says Rana didn’t give her anything, so she wants him dead. Siya says she never loved Ram then. Mohini says she is going to kill many people and Siya and Ram are in her hit list. Siya injures Mohini’s hand, and Mann feels it. Mo[hini overpowers Siya.

Guruji says how much ever powerful evil is, it cannot win over goodness. Siya overpowers Gopika next and injures her again. Mann gets injured again. Gopika laughs that she and Mann are connected to each other and if she is injured, Mann will also be injured. Siya ties Gopika to a sofa, calls inspector and asks her to arrest Gopika in attempt to murder case. Gopika says Siya is lying. Inspector says without evidence she cannot arrest Gopika and either ways woman cannot be arrested at night.

Rana walks down and says he will give evidence, Gopika tried to burn and kill him. Inspector arrests Gopika. Gopika challenges that she will return to this house and will take revenge from Rana, Sautan, and her betrayer son Mann. Siya slaps her and warns to dare not think of that. Inspector drags Gopika away. Ram hugs Siya and says he is alive again because of her . Mann joins them.

Ram and Siya perform Karvachauth rituals and Siya breaks fast seeing Ram’s face. Mann says he didn’t perform rituals yet and looking at moon prays god to keep his mother and father always happy and smiling and he will punish whoever troubles his parents. Ram happil hugs him and Siya says Mann did lots of good deeds today and will be rewarded. Siya feeds Mann. Mann reminisces Siya’s love and care for her and says he will call her maa from hereon and not rasgulla. Siya emotionally hugs her, then feels stomach ache and vomits black residue.

Guruji notices it and says chudail had tied Siya’s womb, so she couldn’t become mother, but today with Mann’s true love, she is free from the black magic and can become mother again. Ram hugs Mann emotionally. Gopika is thrown behind bars and she shouts to get her out of here. She feels Siya is out of her black magical spell

Mann touches Siya and Ram’s feet and takes their blessings. Ram then throws water balloon on Gopika’s photo. Gopika in jail feels it and thinks how to escape from jail. Guard warns her to stop her drama. Gopika gets an idea and provokes intimates, but they overpower her. She slits her palm and starts chanting black magic mantars. Jailer warns her to top her drama. Inmates taunt er.

In haveli, Ram tells Siya that Gopika has gone away form their lives, so now its time to have their own baby. Siya hesitates. Ram asks if she is worried about Mann, he is their elder son always and they will not differentiate. Siya says people will badmouth that they are concentrating on new child and ignoring stepson. Ram says nothing of that sort will happen. Says says she is speaking truth and continues her explanation and decision that she will not bear child. Mann walks to them.

Gopika starts acting as speaking to ghost and fools inmates and jailer. Jailer falls in her trap and opens door. Gopika locks her into lockup and escapes holding her gun to kill Ram and Siya.

Ram gives London flight tickets to Siya and asks her to shift back to London with Mann, he will come after defeating Gopika. Siya insists not to send them, but Ram gets adamant. Siya says she has decided that she will not leave him and says she is Rajput and will fight with Mohini. Ram says he is worried about Mann’s future her. Siya gives her a long moral gyaan and says Mann will decide what he wants to become when he grows up. Mann says he will serve baba/Ram. Siya’s moral gyaan continues.

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