Curse of the sands update Monday 23 August 2021

Curse of the sands 23 August 2021: Siya hears sound from Rana’s ICU room and walks in, but doesn’t see anyone. Gopika hides with Mann under bed and holding scissors warns him to keep his mouth shut or else she will kill Ram/Rana. Siya apologizes Ram for leaving him alone and walks out to call nurse. Mann frees himself from Mohini and escapes warning Mohini that he will not let her harm Baba/Ram. He walks to Siya and asks her to take Baba home. Siya says they can’t. Guruji walks to them and says Siya should accept Mann’s request as Mann is not a normal child and can sense upcoming trouble, she has karvachauth vrath tomorrow anyways. Siya with Mann takes Ram home. Gopika gets stuck in morgue and gets afraid seeing flickering lights. Peon walks in and she acts as ghost. He gets afraid, but then realizes she is human and shoos her away.

Siya returns home with Rana and Mann. Gopika fumes for failing to kill Rana and feels good Mann didn’t reveal her truth. Siya discusses with Mann that she will karvachauth fast for Ram’s life and he asks details about it. She explains about karvachauth in detail and says she will prepare sargi/fast food at 4 a.m. Mann says he will prepare sargi for her and he will also fast for Baba’s life and wants to go on vacation with Baba once Baba gets well.

Gopika continues her overacting and thinks Rana’s time has ended and she will give him permanent peace. She walks into Ram’s room, but hides seeing Siya coming. Early morning, village women visit Siya and thank her for inviting them to have sargi with her. They asks her where is her sargi. Mann brings sargi. Women pray god that mother and daugther’s bonding should be strong forever. Mann says even he will fast today for Baba’s long life.

Gopika disguised as village woman walks in with women to celebrate karvachauth with Siya. Jhumri greets them and says Siya will meet them soon. Gopika thinks she will kill Ram while Siya is busy performing Karvachauth. Siya walks to Ram’s room and tells unconscious Ram that she always performed karvachauth for his long life and he always broke her fast from his hands. She applies sindoor on her forehead with his hand and chants a long poetry. She then says she will not have anything until he himself feeds her. She walks towards door and stops seeing her pallu being held, emotionally thinks Ram is trying to stop her, but then turns and gets disappointed seeing Ram still unconscious and walks away.

Gopika enters Ram’s room and delivering her usual overacting dialogues pulls knife and is about to stab Ram when Mann enters and asks who is she and what is she doing here. Gopika hides her face under pallu and asks if she is searching washroom. Gopika nods yes. Mann takes her away saying there is no washroom here. Gopika angrily walks behind him. Mann sees only 6 women instead of 7 and thinks where did 1 go. Gopika walks back to Ram’s room fuming on Mann for failing his plan. She raises knife to stab Ram again when Mann returns. Gopika drops her knife and runs away. Mann finds knife on floor and thinks how did it come here.

Siya performs pooja with women and signs devotional song. She then asks Jhumri where is Gopika. Jhumri sasy Gopika didn’t return home from hospital. Mann thinks if 7th woman is maa and runs to Ram’s room. Siya runs behind him and asks what happened to him. Mann says he came to see Baba. Gopika thinks whatever Mann tries, she will kill Ram. After sighting moon, Siya tells unconscious Ram that auspicious time has come and she will perform rituals alone, but Ram has to break her fast. Gopika enters and mixes poison in Siya’s food. She hides when Siya turns back. Siya walks to Ram and asks if he took oath to trouble her, if he is stubborn, she is more stubborn than him. She picks poison mixed water glass and holding his hand on the glass breaks fast. Gopika continues her overacting.

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