Curse of the sands update Sunday 26 September 2021

Curse of the sands 26 September 2021: Amar kneels in front of Sunanda and shares that he has been unable to bear Shiv’s powers, and his love for Ananya. He has to kill Shiv. Sunanda says she needs to see what she can do. Amar leaves. Jalebi warns Sunanda to be cautious, a powerful Amar will be uncontrollable. Sunanda says she is aware of the fact that Amar can never belong to her. Shiv will kill Amar and that will turn Shiv to a devil.

Curse of the sands 25 September 2021

Ananya speaks to Shiv that she doesn’t like Amar’s behavior. Shiv takes a promise from Ananya that Amar is his brother, she will never misbehave with Amar. Amar advocates Ananya in front of him. Shiv leaves to washroom. Ananya opens the door and finds Sunanda outside. Sunanda says it felt Ananya needed her help. Ananya was upset and hugs Sunanda. She says Shiv isn’t ready to hear anything about Amar. Sunanda suggests about action rather than words. She must do something to bring Amar’s truth to Shiv.

At night, Ananya wonders how she can speak to Shiv. She recalls Sunanda advised her to talk at the right time and in right situation. She decides to take food for Shiv.
Sunanda comes to the room. Jalebi inquires what game Sunanda has been playing with Amar and Ananya. Sunanda explains through the cards. She says Ananya is Queen and is vital to the play, Amar is Joker who would do anything that Sunanda says. He is intended to stay between Shiv (A card) and Ananya (Q).
Ananya brings the food tray and knocks at the door. She peeks through the window that Shiv is asleep. She decides not to disturb him during his sleep.

Sunanda says she can’t let Ananya and Shiv get as close as to cause any hurdle in her dreams. Neither can she bear their distance. Ananya and Joker both have to die one day because when Shiv is Mann, he is only an angel of death. The day he kills them, Sunanda will get what she has waited for past five hundred years. She will be the Queen of black powers and will rule the world.

The next morning, Jalebi wakes Mohini up. She says that in past twenty years, the family is afraid of her for the first time; she wants to enjoy. This time, Mishra ji moves her blanket. He offers gloves for her soft hands. Sunanda whispers to Jalebi that sometimes you are helpless about some people. Mishra ji leaves, singing a song. Sunanda and Jalebi laugh together in joy.

In the kitchen, Ananya prepares breakfast for Shiv. She notices Shiv was leaving the house. She decides Shiv will have to listen to her, otherwise she will go and speak to him in his office. Amar thinks he must do something and take advantage of the situation.

Ketki was asleep and wakes up in fright. Amar was in her room and stuffs her mouth shut. He says it’s time to tie a knot. Ketki denies as she only loves Shiv. Amar says he is interested in Ananya. Ketki doesn’t take his hand of friendship and inquires the secret of the night they had been injured. Amar thinks Ketki isn’t Ananya and won’t love Shiv after she would know Shiv’s truth. He says it was just a fight between him and Shiv over Ananya. Rekha watches them through the window and wonders what’s wrong with her daughter.

Amma ji was badly shivering and calls Rekha towards herself. Rekha was concerned that Amma ji has fever. Sunanda comes outside and winks at Jalebi that she will take all her past revenge. She comes to Amma ji and dances with her saree’s pallu. Amma ji was terrified, as Sunanda mocks Amma ji calling her as witch. Amma ji runs across the hall. Sunanda enjoys the scenario.

Kamal comes to Amma ji. She shows Kamal the mosquito bites and complains that Sunanda doesn’t clean the house well. Kamal cautions what if Sunanda hears this, and the witch comes out of her. Ketki and Amar hear this. Ketki suggests about hiring the mosquito spray team and takes money from Amma ji. Kamal leaves for shop.

A lady in veil comes to Shiv’s room. Shiv offers her a seat while he was busy with a mail. The veiled lady tries to hold his hand and walks towards his side of the table. Shiv was cautious and tells her to stay away, he is married and dearly loves his wife. Ananya now removes her veil and asks why Shiv doesn’t say this to the wife then. They hug each other, sharing a good smile. Ananya sits on the table.

Shiv notices everyone’s stare. Ananya says she needs to speak to him about Amar and its important. Shiv looks towards the door and finds Amar on the entrance. Amar asks Ananya if she came for complaining about him. He says he told Ananya that Shiv and Ananya have no future together. Shiv loses the grip on Ananya’s hand.

Amar tells Shiv that he told Ananya they have no future together. Shiv was called by his boss. He tells Amar and Ananya to wait here. Ananya leaves the office. Amar smirks and calls Ketki, inquiring about the status of preparations at home.

On her way back, Ananya thinks she must not upset herself because of minor acts of Shiv. He is afraid of the devil inside him, she needs to work to get rid of his inner devil. She prays to God to help her.
At home, Ketki calls Amar that Ananya is back home. The room was smoky when Ananya enters, and a man stood with his back. Ananya hugs Amar from behind. She tells him all about Amar, his intentions and his offers of marriage. She says I love you so much Shiv. Shiv calls Ananya from the door. She was taken aback as Amar turns to her.

Shiv moves forward and slaps Ananya hard on face. It wasn’t Ananya but Amar who had been slapped. Shiv pulls Ananya to his side. He says he wouldn’t trust Mahadev even if he himself comes down against Ananya’s character. He can see the innocence in her eyes. He doesn’t want to know anything from Amar anymore, he knows his intentions.

He had been disappointed on Amar and tells him to leave this house. He didn’t want to see Amar’s face again. Ketki watches this from the door. Shiv says Ketki has similar share in whatever Amar did, she must also leave. Ananya hugs Shiv and cries.

Sunanda comes out of her room, annoyed over Amma ji for filling the house with smoke all over. She says it’s now time they show off their powers. Mishra ji comes from behind, rubbing his hand over her arm. Sunanda turns to Mishra ji, and kicks him. Mishra ji flies high in the air and lands in the roof. Amma ji and Rekha were at once terrified of the witch. Sunanda walks upstairs and laughs loudly.

Ananya happily comes to the temple corner. She prays for a way out for Shiv to get rid of his black powers. She turns around and at once feels sindoor falls in his hairline. She smiles towards the temple corner.

At night, Kamal was still awake while Sunanda was sleeping. He recalls how Sunanda had converted to multiple beings. He cautiously leaves the room. Jalebi comes to Sunanda and asks if Kamal has an affair with someone else. Kamal comes to Amma ji who lay on his bed, still shivering of fear. He lay his head on Amma ji’s lap and sleeps there. Sunanda watches through the window and thinks she can’t get manipulated by them again and must do something.

Ketki comes to Amar’s room. Amar was packing the bag. She convinces Amar not to give up but he wasn’t ready to hear anything.
Amma ji, Mishra ji and Rekha sat in a floral circle, wishing the witch can’t pass the line. Kamal brings a Tantric Baba. Tantric Baba shouts for the witch. Sunanda spots them from the terrace upstairs. Sunanda comes downstairs and laughs that they have again invited a Baba. Amma ji explains that he is only here to take measurements of the new anklets they have ordered.

Sunanda picks up a lemon and green chilli from the floral ring. She minces the green chilli and blow it towards the Baba. He cries out of pain. Sunanda says next time, she won’t spare anyone if they attempt any such thing.
Amar was leaving the house when Sunanda watches him. Amar complains he can’t fight back as Sunanda isn’t his side. He must leave. Sunanda thinks she needs to stop Amar anyways.

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