Curse of the sand update Monday 27 September 2021

Curse of the sand 27 Sept 2021: Shiv lay with his head in Ananya’s lap. Ananya feels sorry that Shiv had to leave his brother for her. She says she realizes how it feels when one’s own relations betray. She is lucky that she got Mummy after she had lost her real mother. Shiv thinks he fears what if Ananya loses herself after knowing her Mummy’s truth.

She convinces Shiv to decide about their wedding as soon as possible. Before Shiv could reply, Sunanda knocks at the door. She was worried that Amar is leaving the house. Shiv replies he doesn’t care. Ketki tries to stop Amar but Rekha pulls Ketki behind as it’s none of their concern.

Amar walks to the main door of the house. Ananya holds his hand right at the entrance and announces he won’t leave. She thinks about Amar’s apology video shared by him on Shiv’s phone.

Amar smirks that his trick played. Ananya says these brothers create much hype of every matter and takes Amar inside. Rekha takes Ketki upstairs to speak to him.
After everyone had dispersed, Mohini looks for Kamal. Jalebi whistles that she is feeling much love for her husband. Sunanda says she only had to give him medicine of hypnosis. She can’t afford to lose him in her game.

Shiv was waiting for Amar in the room and hugs Amar. Shiv says he is his elder brother, he can be angry sometimes but this doesn’t mean Amar leaves him. He says nothing is more than Amar in the world. He requests Amar not to do this again.

In the room, Rekha asks Ketki why she is changing her choices of love so frequently. Ketki says Amar is just a friend.

Amma ji asks Kamal if he met the Baba who had seen Sunanda’s hand. Kamal says he is no more, and a witch killed him. Amma ji says they must find out the truth of Sunanda. Kamal was also convinced that they will need to save their family from Sunanda. Jalebi appears behind a Chunri and thinks Mohini’s doubts were right. What if she gets minced between Mohini and Kamal?

Shiv goes downstairs looking for Ananya. Ananya hides deliberately and was irked that Shiv considers Amar as the most precious one. She finds a gift on the table and Amar behind it. She was angry that Amar won’t understand. She unwraps the gift and finds a photo of Shiv-Ananya in wedding attires. Amar apologizes Ananya for always being wrong. He wish that one day she and Shiv will get married. Ananya forgives Amar. Both were reluctant initially, then hug each other. Amar smirks devilishly, Sunanda joins him in the hall. She says Amar’s face tells her otherwise. Amar agrees to Little Mummy. He says he only intended to win Ananya’s trust, now she is on his side. Sunanda asks Amar why he didn’t share his plan with her earlier. Amar says Sunanda has bigger plans to handle, can’t he manage a minor plan like this. Sunanda was worried. The Chunri falls off Sunanda’s face, and Jalebi speaks from it. She says Amar isn’t trustworthy, and her husband also wants to know her truth. Sunanda says its good she had killed that Pandit, who had also warned her of her defeat before he was stabbed. She decides to take each step with utmost care.

Amar prepares the kite thread in his room, coating it with sharp powder. He had Shiv and Ananya’s photo in front of him. He says till he lives in Shiv’s life, Ananya would surely be hurt. He wants Ananya to value him till he is in their lives, and a little blood-shed is needed. Amar tears their photo and ties Ananya’s photo with the thread.

Shiv comes to the room while Ananya gets ready in front of the mirror. She looks the other way. Shiv sits beside her and asks if she is angry. Ananya replies no, she only is in no mood to talk to him. Shiv pulls her closer. Ananya is unable to retain her smile as he holds her Chunri. He asks if she is angry because of Amar’s return. Ananya reminds Shiv she had brought Amar back to the house; Shiv knows better why she is angry. Shiv touches her face and says he would have made her up by now, had he known why she was angry. Ananya was disappointed on him. By the way, why would he understand her; his brother is everything for him? She leaves the room. A sharp thread cuts her neck.

Amar tightens the sharp string across the walls. Ananya’s neck hits the string, marking blo*dy cut. Ananya shivers in pain and trembles. Shiv day dreams of himself as the devil who licked on her blood. He looks away from Ananya. Amar comes to help Ananya and inquires how she got injured. Sunanda reaches them. Amar helps Ananya stand. Shiv had left for his room, reading the Mantra. He tries to stop himself and wipes Ananya’s blood droplets off his face.

Ananya comes to Shiv’s room and asks why he ran away from there. Shiv says her neck is bleeding, how he could stay there. Ananya says it’s just a small injury, why he is afraid of her. Ananya says he got the Rudraksh, then why he is tensed. Shiv regrets not being able to stand with Ananya when she is in difficulty. Ananya says she will handle herself on her own. She asks why Shiv didn’t find it strange that the kite string was placed in the midst of corridor.

Amar played with the blood of Ananya and recalls planning this. Sunanda comes asking how Ananya was hurt. Amar says he did this, he has to ignite the devil inside Shiv. Sunanda says if someone from the house see this, none of their plans would be accomplished. Amar says he doesn’t care. He needs Ananya at any cost, even if he has to hurt Ananya. After he had gone, Sunanda speaks to Jalebi that she needs to bring her to the house formally, so that she can control Amar.

Ananya comes to Amar’s room and questions if he tied the kite string in the corridor. Amar asks why he would do this, when Ananya brought him back to the house with so much trust. Ananya recognizes the cuts on his fingers. Amar smirks and pulls Ananya closer, agreeing that he did so. Ananya hits his bottom with her knee and shouts at him to pack his bag and leave her house right away.
In the room, Shiv was packing his bag.

Mishra ji was in the terrace upstairs, shaving in front of the mirror. Sunanda comes to him. A cut was marked on his face. Sunanda applies the anti-septic and requests him to get her a maid, it’s quite difficult for her to manage the chores of the house. Mishra ji notices a yellow chunri fall on the floor strangely. He apologizes as he is penniless, and Amma ji won’t pay him any. Sunanda says she has found a maid, and she won’t take any salary; just a place to live in. Mishra ji dreams of dancing along with Sunanda.

Ananya comes to the room and tries to stop Shiv. He wasn’t ready to live in the house anymore. Ananya allows him to go, but he will take her life along with him. Shiv says Ananya would be safe if she lives away from him. Ananya asks if he wants to save her from the danger, then he must marry her on the Valentine’s day. Shiv asks if she has lost, and turns to leave. Ananya calls from behind that whether he stops, or she would jump off from the roof. Shiv looks up finding her stand on the edge of the roof’s gallery. He turns to leave with his bag anyways. Ananya threatens Shiv would see her dead face if he doesn’t stop in three seconds. Everyone from the family gather in the hall. Kamal and Sunanda requests Ananya to come down. Ananya threatens to kill herself if Shiv crosses the door. Shiv steps ahead. Ananya begins the countdown. Shiv walks out of the house. Ananya just counted three and jumps off the terrace. Amar had jumped in and doesn’t let Ananya fall down. Ananya opens her eyes to find Amar. Shiv thinks he is unable to protect Ananya in any danger, but Amar always saves Ananya. He is the right choice for Ananya.

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