Curse of the sands update Sunday 22 August 2021

Curse of the sands 22 August 2021: Siya sadly says that she trusted Mann and considered her as son, protected her from everyone’s hatred, but he betrayed her by hiding the fact that he is chudail’s son, she has to end Mann’s evil side even if she has to end her motherhood.

Guruji sharpens trishul and prays devimaa to help him end evil. Siya digs land praying Devimaa to not let her divert from her decision. Jhumri with Maya sees Siya digging ground and thinking she will bury Mann in it rushes to inform Ram. Ram looking at Mohini’s photo reminisces Mohini promises to leave him forever if he consummates with her. He angrily burns her photo saying she betrayed him and proved that chudails never change. Jhumri walks to him and requests to protect Mann. Ram says he cannot do anything as Mann is paying for being chudail’s son.

Gopika walks to Mann and tries to free him. Guruji stops her. She nervously blabbers. He says any good human would do this unable to see a child in pain. Gopika says he is right, how can a small kid be evil, she will free him. Guruji stops her again and says Mann is a kid but is a very powerful evil and can harm anyone, so she should stay away till he ends Mann’s evil side. Sumri drags Siya out and locks her in a room.

Siya walks in next and wiping protective barrier takes Mann out. Guruji asks why did she do this. Siya says she wants him to end Mann’s evil side and not Mann. She tells Mann that her mother was evil and did wrong, now he has to end his evil side with her support. Siya tells Guruji that she will not let Mann’s biological side overpower her motherhood and is even ready to risk Mann’s life to end his evil side. Mann returns to his room and reminisces Gopika brainwashing him and Siya’s love for him. Guruji asks Siya what if Mann chooses evil side. Siya says she is confident. Mann shows his evil side reminiscing both Siya and Gopika’s words.

Guruji continues performing pooja. Mann walks to Siya and calling her rasgulla says he is a good boy and loves rasgulla a lot, he knows rasgulla fought with even khajoor/Ram for him and he will never let her go away from him. Siya emotionally hugs him, and he pinky promises her that he will never leave her. Gopika locked in room thinks she has to stop Siya from ending Mann and once she is freed from here, she will not spare Siya. Siya tells Mann that she will end Mann’s evil inside him and tells him they will perform pooja until his evil side ends. Mann agrees.

Ram drags her aside and asks why she is not speaking to him, he cannot stay away from her. She shouts to let her go. Gopika thinks Siya killed Mann, so Ram is confronting her. She cries loudly and thinks her black magic ended with Mann and she is very helpless now. She continues shouting and crying.

Ram tells Siya that she has to kill Mann as he is evil child and will never reform. Siya shouts enough, how can he think of ending his own son, what kind of a cruel father he is. She continues shouting at him. Gopika realizes Mann is alive and thinks how to protect Mann now.

Siya gets ready for pooja and Mann joins her and sits outside protective barrier. Guruji asks if she knows that Mann’s life can be in danger with this pooja. Siya says she knows and starts Mahishasuramardini’s pooja and sings to end her son’s evil side. GSiya continues praying devimaa to accept Mann by ending his evil side and give him a chance to change. Mann calls devimaa. Siya walks to him and asks to hold her hand and cross protective barrier, but he falls far away. Siya asks him to try again. He tries and falls far away again. Siya pleads devimaa that a mother is praying another mother to accept her child. Devimaa’s light falls on Mann and he enters in calling rasgulla. Siya emotionally hugs him. Jhumri hears Gopika knocking door and opens it. Gopika runs out and panics seeing Mann doing pooja and thinks his evil side has ended forever. She says his evil tattoo vanished and gets more tensed.

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