Curse of the sands update Monday 16 August 2021

Curse of the sands 16 August 2021: Principal takes Mann and Gopika to classroom and introduces them to class students, saying they both will study with them. Students laugh and ask if aunty will also study with them. Teacher says yes and walks away. Students surround Mann excitedly and say they are honored to study with prince. Mann reminisces Siya’s words and says all are equal in school and they are all friends. Students get impressed.

Gopika sees a boy sitting aside angrily and thinks this boy hates Mann and she can use him to convert Mann back to evil child. She walks to boy and asks what is his name. He says Bheem. She asks why he did not go to meet Mann. Bheem says he was everyone’s favorite and now Mann took his place, so he hates Mann. Gopika provokes Bheem to take revenge and she will support him.

At home, Siya eagerly waits for Mann to return from school and thinks its only half day. Ram enters crawling with milk bottle in his mouth and tries to cheer her up as baby. Jhumri and Maya enter laughing. Ram gets embarrassed and hugs Siya. Siya also laughs out loudly.

Gopika in school thinks she needs to convert Mann back to evil child school. She slips and falls down. All students laugh on her. Teacher enters and asks Gopika to stand up. Mann calling her maa asks her to come and sit next to him. Teacher asks Gopika why is Mann calling her mother.

Gopika says she doesn’t know. Teacher warns whoever she is to Mann, she should behave in class and orders to go and stand behind. Gopika thinks Mann is not supporting her at all and she will get him punished and get his evil side out. She provokes Bheem to bully Mann. During lunch break, Bheem eats Mann’s lunch and tries to hit him.

Mann stops reminiscing Siya’s advice not to fight at school and stands silently. Gopika fumes seeing Mann not counterattacking. Bheem tries to hit him again when a girl holds his hand and pushes him away to dare not touch Mann. Students cheer her up. She scolds them for being a spectator and letting Bheem bully Mann. Bheem tries to hit Mann again, girl cross legs him and make him fall. Everyone laugh on Bheem. Teacher enters and asks what is happening. Girl says they are playing and getting back to her seat warns Bheem dare not to touch Mann again, else she will complain against him. Mann gets impressed with the girl.

At home, Siya misses Mann. Mallika says Gopika is always with Mann as if she is her real mother. Siya gets angry hearing that.

Siya gets suspicious when Mallika says it looks like Gopika/Mohini is Mann’s mother and Ram is his father. She reminisces Ram bringing unconscious Gopika home, Mann calling her mother, Gopika trying be with Mann always, etc. She says she is Mann’s mother and is letting Gopika near Mann as Gopika is a nice woman. Mallika says of course and thinks Siya should find out Gopika’s truth.

Siya eagerly waits for Mann to return from school. Mann returns with Gopika calling Siya as Rasgulla and says he is very hungry. Siya takes him along. Gopika says even she is hungry and thinks Mann is still angry on him. She walks into Mann’s room while he is busy munching food and tries to speak. He says she didn’t let him call her as maa in school. Gopika says everyone were there,

so how could she. He says he doesn’t want to talk to her and asks Siya to get laddoos. She taunts him that he couldn’t beat Bheem at all and provokes him to fight and defeat his opponents always. Siya walks in with ladoos and asks why she was provoking Mann to fight and teach him wrong things. Gopika says she doesn’t know all that, she just wants her son to win. Siya asks what does she mean by her son. Gopika nervously says she means our son, Mann is everyone’s son and walks away silently.

Siya returns to her room and Ram clashes with her busy looking at mobile. Siya makes him sit and expresses all her concern regarding Gopika’s overpowering Mann and her plan to cope up with it. Ram says her plan is good, but he feels she is jealous of Gopika. Siya asks to stop taunting her.

In the morning, Siya gets Mann ready for school. Mann says he got a best friend Mansi at school and is eager to meet her. Ram enters and taunts Siya that Mann already found her bahu. Siya shyingly stops him. Mann reaches school with Gopika. Gopika provokes Bheem to punish Mann. Mann calls Gopika as Maa. Students are shocked to hear that. Gopika says she is Mann’s mother’s best friend. Mann says she is not. Bheem tries to hit Mann again. Mansi interferes and warns Gopika to stop provoking Bheem against her and she knows what is her plan. Gopika asks what.. Mansi says she wants to become class monitor being so elder, but she will not let her do that. Gopika twists Mansi’s ears. Mann stops her and says he is really bad. Mansi makes children throw paper balls on her and one of them cross legs her and makes her fall. Siya enters as their new teacher.

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