Curse of the sands update friday 3 September 2021

Curse of the sands 3 September 2021: At home, Sunanda was laboriously preparing bitter gourd juice. She and Ananya both sense the heavy breeze at Shiv’s arrival. Sunanda walks towards the door, and says it feels her Mann is here. Ananya walks to the terrace and wonders if this man reached her home behind her. Sunanda was happy and enjoys the feeling. She wonders where Ananya is headed to.

Dadi calls Rekha’s family, Sunanda and everyone to gather around and welcome the guest. Dadi tells Rekha that their Pandit’s predictions went outright. Had this guy not helped her, she must have died. She decided now that this young man will stay with them now.

Sunanda stops Ananya and asks what happened to her. Ananya was irked that this man has been following her and reached home. Sunanda thinks if someone is hitting the threads of Ananya, it has to be Mann. Ananya comes to Shiv and inquires what he is upto, she is the princess of the house and not an ant can pass by here without her wish.

Ananya comes questioning Shiv if he came in her house stalking her. Shiv replies she is taking it all wrong. Ananya boasts about being the princess of the house. She was about to push Shiv out but Dadi comes there. She says she got Ketki’s room vacated. Ketki was impressed and tries to recall where she met Shiv before. Ananya takes Dadi to a corner and convinces that Shiv is a stranger and a young man, why she brought him here. Dadi was convinced that Shiv has no ill intentions.
Sunanda brings the bitter gourd juice for Dadi. Dadi throws the glass away. Shiv clarifies to Ananya he has no intention to stay here and takes a leave. He murmurs some people are really the good one, but others are annoying like Ananya. Ketki follows Shiv in the street and asks if he is the one who hit Ananya the other day.

Mishra ji was beating Rahul with a shoe. Rekha comes to save her son.
Dadi comes behind Shiv. He joins his hand saying he can’t stay with her. Dadi recalls the warning of Pandit. Dadi requests Shiv with joint hands, and asks what if she was his real Dadi. Shiv holds her hand and accepts staying with her. They take him back home.

Mishra ji and Rekha wonder what they will do with Shiv in the house. Rekha was upset that their son Rahul turned out to be useless. Ananya comes upstairs behind Sunanda. Sunanda thinks this girl never leaves her, else she wish to jump off the balcony and make sure if this guy is her Mann or not. Ananya comes to provoke Sunanda go downstairs and give a good face off to Dadi. Sunanda lets go of it, as Dadi is their elder.

Ananya hugs Sunanda and says mothers like her only bear the harassment. She convince Ananya that it’s a daughter in law’s right to abide by in laws. She hugs Ananya and suggests about taking the breakfast for their new guest. Ananya says she let him go but Dadi had brought Shiv back. Sunanda thinks she can’t let Ananya make this guy leave, what if he is Mann.
Dadi and Ketki show Shiv his room.

They turn to bring something for him to eat. Ananya comes to Shiv and holds her hand to push him backward. Shiv holds her hand. Sunanda could sense her Mann was around. Her wait for past 20 years has finally ended. Ananya anyways pushes Shiv, who fells into Sunanda’s feet. Sunanda offers her hand in support. Shiv removes his hand with a thanks. Sunanda was sure this is Mann.

Ananya finds her lost earring on the floor. She blames him being a thief now. Shiv says he isn’t a thief, but Ananya is a liar. She ruined his Pooja that day in the temple. She left her earring, but took his upwaster. The accident was also done by her, and he went to jail because of her. Then on street, she wasted his time with her brother. Ananya tells Shiv to leave, if he dislikes her. Shiv says Ananya’s dadi brought him here, she must go and convince her Dadi to let him leave. Sunanda was happy as he is arguing with Ananya, and she can feel this is Mann.

Later, Sunanda dances with her lit Diya. She says her hard work, conviction and patience got fruits today. Her Mann is here with him once again. She stood in the balcony and thinks she laid this chess game, she can’t let Ananya ruin it. Mann will live here as Ananya’s husband.
Ananya reads domestic violence news to Kamal in his sweet shop. Kamal snatches the newspaper, and questions what this drama is. Ananya says this is the reality of today, and here Dadi brought a stranger home. Kamal was shocked to hear this, then tells her to go home and he will discuss the matter. Sunanda laughs and decides to tighten this girl’s reins.

Dadi comes to Shiv and asks why he didn’t unpack his bags yet. Shiv says her granddaughter doesn’t want him to stay here, he wish she lets him go. Dadi sits with Shiv, she says this house was gifted to her by her husband. She will now decide who lives here. She curses Sunanda to ruin her Ananya, since she was married into the house. Shiv smirks that fights between mother-daughter in law can never end. He pays the rent to Dadi for his stay. Dadi takes a minor amount only for Bhajan.
Sunanda opens a brick of wall as a drawer, and takes a box out. She was determined to play her next card. Shiv selects a suitable place for his parent’s photo in the room. Someone throws water over him, the photo frame fell off his hand. It was Ananya.

Shiv stares at Ananya as she breaks his parent’s photo frame. Ananya comes to the room and tells him not to decorate his belongings, he will have to leave this house within a few hours.

Sunanda comes to the room behind Kamal. She requests to speak to him. Kamal strictly says its no time to speak, he just returned from the shop.

Shiv aggressively repeats the Mantra. Ananya backs up, remembering his aggression with the goons. She was out of the room by now. Sunanda comes to Ananya and says Shiv isn’t leaving the house, he will stay with them. She turns to take Ananya, then spots the photo on the floor. Shiv picks the photo before Sunanda could reach. Sunanda reaches with a smile.

Outside, Sunanda tells Ananya this is her father’s decision and her Dadi’s as well. Let it be.

Ananya thinks she won’t let this happen.
In the room, Kamal comes to Sunanda and held her close to himself romantically. He didn’t like pointless talks at such a time. Sunanda had pushed Kamal on the bed, untied her hair while she lay with him. Sunanda laughed crazily, while she wasn’t ready to be trapped by this sweet talk.

Kamal says he listens to her, fulfils every wish of hers. She wants him to harass her in front of everyone, though he feels pain with every scream of her. Sunanda says she wish her husband is respected, and never disgraced by anyone else. Kamal asked if she wish that the guy leaves the house, he won’t be seen tomorrow morning. Sunanda convinced Kamal that the rent of the guy will help them monetary, as his worry is visible in his eyes because of loss in business.

Amma ji was happy with her daughter Rekha and Ketki. She says that Shiv is her protector, he must not have any problem in the house. Rekha curtly replies they will hold him in high esteem; as he saved her life.

Sunanda thinks it’s now time for one last step to make sure if he is her Mann or not. She place some salt near Kamal’s mouth so that he stays fast asleep. She then takes the box from her cupboard, and throws her hair in the air. She thinks it’s the last gift which will tell her if it’s Mann or not. She takes a sand bottle and says as soon as Mann’s blood is poured in this sand, the sand will turn black. However, any human blood, if touches the needle, will change this needle useless.

Shiv was restless because of Sunanda’s movement. He sits up in the bed and turns to a child. Ananya comes to his room as a bride, but someone murders her in front of him. Shiv wakes up from the nightmare. He wonders if Ananya is related to his past. He was determined not to let Ananya be effected by his curse. He wonders how he is related to Ananya.

Shiv comes downstairs to wash his face. A shadow moves towards him, it was Sunanda. Sunanda says she is his mother, he only made her suffer since he was born. Once its decided that he is Mann, she will play another trick. She will then get Mann married to Ananya, her Mann will kill Ananya and bring her powers back to her. She watches the restless Mann in his room and thinks how he can sleep while his mother is awake. Still, his mother will sing him a lullaby tomorrow. She only needs to confirm his identity. Shiv senses someone was outside and goes to check there. He hears Ananya tell Ketki turn the lights off. Sunanda thinks Mann’s prey is nearby, how he can peacefully sleep.

Ananya tells Ketki to turn the lights off. Ketki faked studying, but was matching names with Shiv. Ananya snatches the register and tells her to leave her room. They fight with the cushions. Shiv walks upstairs and peeks through the door. Ketki calls Nani for help, Ananya stuffs her mouth calling her a coward. She returns Ketki’s register. She leaves the room with her spare pillow.

Shiv stands at the balcony, watching the moon. Ananya goes to the balcony and make her bed on the one of the single beds. Shiv lay on the other one, invisible to Ananya because of the hanging clothes. Both stare the moon. Ananya happily turns her side to Shiv, while Shiv to Ananya; they were shocked to see each other.


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