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Curse of the sands 14 May 2021: Dayimaa stands fuming while Moohini walks to servant room. She looks at each item in palace reminiscing her past in palace. Bhooli bisri ek kahani…song..plays in the background. She reminisces doing Rana saa/Ram’s pooja, their love story, etc.

Curse of the sands 13 May 2021

Ram’s stepbrother clashes with her and tries to touch her saying she so beautiful and anyone call fall for her, she should not slip. She scratches his cheek with her hair and leaves. He thinks she is so mesmerizing. Jalebi watches that and thinks Mohini is trapping everyone with her beauty. Mohini sees Dayimaa passing by and thinks she won. She orders her ghagra paltan to start destroyal and disappears. Jalebi finds her in her room and scolds to get back to work, she did not come here to rest. Mohini shows her chudail face and asks what did she say. Afraid Jalebi says she did not say anything and runs away. Mohini laughs.

Ram walks to Siya and thanks her for supporting him. Siya says then why is he divorcing her; he saved a stranger and brought her home, then what wrong did she do that he wants to get away from her. He stands silently. She says its okay, just go and apologize Dadimaa and Dayimaa as he rudely spoke to them. She opens door. He walks away. She closes door. Mhare ek pal chain na aave…song…plays in the background. Ram stands near door sadly. Sikya thinks Ram used to worry for her so much, no he does not care about her pain; he gave shelter to a stranger, b ut wants to divorce his wife, it is better she do what he wants.

At 3 a.m., Mohini wakes up haurriedly and thinks she forgot important task in lieu of meeting Rana saa. She runs to living room and disintegrates herself into sand and then gets back to normal thinking she will look as Rana saa saw her. Her ghagra team greets her and says they knew she would come at 3 a.m. Mohini says she would come for sure. Ghagra team says wherever she is, there will be her Rana saa. Mohini takes lamp and does Ram’s previous life’s portrait’s aarti saying she does not have habit of being awake at midnight, but she is for him, so when she is there, there is no place for other person/Siya. Siya packing her suitcase cries looking at Ram and her phohto. Mohini thinks when only she has right on Ram’s body and soul and his each breath.

She applies Ram’s feet’s soil on her forehead and says if she thinks of anyone else instead of him, she should burn into ashes. She draws curtain between Ram and Siya and leans on Ram saying she will not leave even a space for breaths between them. Siya dreams pleading Ram to not go away from him and wakes up. She is shocked to see Mohini on Ram.

Mohini leans on Ram saying she will not let even a bit of space to pass air between them. Siya dreams about Ram going away from her and wakes up calling Ram and checks Ram. She sees sand on bed and thinks how did it come here, maybe due to wind. Mohini disappears and thinks it is her.

Siya thinks she has to leave at night before Ram sees her. Dil Hooon Hoon Kare….song.. playhs in the background. She keeps signed divorce papers on table and mangalsutra. She removes her and Ram’s named braclet and keeps it also on table and leans on Ram to kiss him last time. Mohini fumes in jealousy. Siya backs off thinking when Ram has removed her from his heart, she should not go close to him. Once she leaves, Mohini comes near Ram and thinks she was hidden under soil and after 500 years her dream has come true to touch him, now their body and soul will be one. Siya walks away with her bags reminiscing Ram telling it is not necessary that relationship should sour to end, he does not love Siya anymore and wants divorce from her. She thinks she wanted to come to Ram’s ancestral haveli since she married him, but now is going like this. Mohini leans next to Ram and thinks she will unite with Ram now.


Siya walks out of haveli and seeing climate changing prays god to protect her Ram. Mohini hears temple bells and unable to bear sound runs out shouting. Her ghagra paltan team also runs pleading Mohini to save them. Siya gets into car and tries to leave, but Dayimaa stops her. Siya comes out of car and asks if she is hurt. Dayimaa says hurting her heart, she is asking if she is hurt physically and says she is Kunwar rani saa and cannot go like this. Siya says Ram treats her like shoes and does not respect her anymore. Dayimaa says she is Ram’s dignity and should be with him always. Siya says Ram wants to divorce her.

Dayimaa says Ram’s life is in danger and she needs to protect Ram. Siya asks what she means, she is repeating same since she came here. Dayimaa says chudail’s shadow is on Ram and only Siya can protect him. Siya says she cannot and walks away. Mohini thinks nobody can stop her from getting Ram, Siya has to go at any cost. She continues..

Mohini gets happy seeing Daimaa returning sadly after trying to stop Siya smirks thinking old woman’s plan failed and thinks she is in Rana saa/Ram’s heart since generations and nobody else has place in it. Siya returns reminiscing Daimaa’s words that only she can protect Ram and should not divorce him, she should bind Ram in her love. Mohini fumes seeing Siya returning. Ram sees Siya’s signed divorce papers and mangalsutra and thinks at last she is gone. Siya returns and burns divorce papers. He asks what is she doing. She says he did what he liked and asked her to divorce him, she will do what she liked and will not divorce him, she will make sure their marriage lasts forever, Siya and Ram are one.

Mohini coughs up blood and fumes that Sautan/Siya did not do right. Siya lures Ram and gets intimate with him. Mohini cries that Devaki played trick and did not do right. Devaki Daimaa enjoys liquor with Saroj Dadimaa. Dadimaa praises Daimaa’s plan. Daimaa says this is her place and she decides what happens here, Ram and Siya cannot do whatever they like.

Siya kisses Ram. Mohini starts disintegrating into sand slowly and thinks what is happening to her. Ram pushes Siya away and asks what was she doing. She says she was showing that she can lure him even now. Ram walks down. Siya watches from balcony smiling. Mohini pushes her. She falls down calling Ram.

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