Complicated Love Update Tuesday 2 February 2021


Complicated Love 2 February 2021: Kunal remembers that Nandini left him because Mauli was pregnant and lied about it. He fell faint at another blurred vision of Nandini now getting clear. Later, Kunal walks outside the apartment. He wonders what this all is, who is Nandini and why he is thinking about her. His head banged badly. Mauli comes to stop Kunal and insists that he isn’t well and can’t drive right now. He shouts at Mauli ‘Just Stop It Nandini’.

Kunal screams in agony that who is this Nandini. Mauli thinks she must put him in little more trouble to help him regain his memory. She asks Kunal to think again who this Nandini is. Kunal was unwell and asks for water. Mauli gets worried that he doesn’t seem well and goes inside to get water for Kunal. Kunal felt weak and gets into the car. He shuts his eyes and remembers marrying Nandini. He drives away. Ishaan and Mauli come downstairs and notices Kunal’s car wasn’t there. Mauli was tensed and curses herself in tears. Ishaan suggests that he and Mauli should go in opposite direction to look for Kunal.

In the car, Mauli calls Radhika and asks if Kunalhas returned. There, Ishaan thinks he can’t let Mauli blame herself for a lifetime and must find Kunal. He gets a call from Radhika and tells her that they are looking for Kunal, he is quite enraged. He assures her that they will soon find Kunal. Mauli was about to catch Kunal’s car and hurries to driver to overtake and stop this car. She runs towards the car, but it wasn’t Kunal inside. Mauli apologizes the stranger and gets into the car again.

Kunal’s car was stopped by a traffic warden. He demands his license. Kunal’s was drooling over. The warden asks if he is drunk. Kunal pushes the warden away in an attempt to control himself. Mauli had reached behind Kunal while he walks ahead on the road. A van approach them from the front. Mauli was able to push Kunal aside by was herself hit. Kunal turns around to find Mauli lying on the floor, her head bleeding badly. He calls the crowd for help and requests a car driver for help. Mauli was unconscious when Kunal takes her to hospital. Kunal calls Radhika out of tension and tells her about Mauli’s accident. Radhika calls Ishaan and tells him about Mauli’s accident. She tells Ishaan that Kunal has taken Mauli to the hospital. Ishaan blames himself for leaving Mauli with Kunal all alone. Dida cries and prays for Mauli.

In the hospital, Kunal brings Mauli and shouts for help of hospital staff. Kunal shouts at Mauli to get up, open her eyes; no one will come between them anymore. He wasn’t allowed to come into the OT. He stood outside when Radhika and Dida reach the hospital. The console Kunal that Mauli will soon be fine. Kunal takes the blame as he had a fight with Mauli. He left in spite of head ache. She followed him and had an accident herself instead. Ishaan reaches the hospital and asks about Mauli.

Kunal strictly tells Radhika that Mauli is in operation theatre and he doesn’t want any drama; she must ask any stranger to leave. Radhika nods towards Ishaan, pleading.
Mauli was treated in the operation theatre.
Kunal stood in front of temple and prays for Mauli’s life. There, Ishaan also prays for Mauli as she is a mother and Mishti might not be able to live without her mother. He was ready to offer his own life for Mauli instead. Radhika cries that Mauli always thinks for others and sacrificed her own life for their happiness. She left a happy future life, only for their Kunal. Here she is fighting for life today. The doctors come out of the operation theatre. They move their head in negative. Kunal was aggressive and wanted to meet Mauli. The doctor tells Kunal he is a doctor and must understand the situation. Mauli’s operation was successful but her heart is not pumping blood, her condition is critical. They bring Mauli’s stretcher out. Kunal cries and asks Mauli to show them how big her heart is, she needs to recover.

In the room, Kunal prays for Mauli’s recovery as he sat beside Mauli. He begins to regain his memories of Nandini. He recalls he claimed to love Nandini and not Mauli. He stress his mind wondering why his vision is blurred. Mauli’s concerns and cries echo in his mind, about what she didn’t do for Kunal. Kunal holds Mauli’s hand and asks her to recover soon, they will then take a new start of life.
The next morning, the doctor says her condition will get better. She is a little stubborn and angry, she didn’t sleep well for days as well. After the doctor has left, Kunal requests Mauli to wake up. He suggests about a new beginning of life, forgetting everything from their past. He was ready to change himself and be what she wants him to. Mauli moves her hand over Kunal’s grip. She begins to move weakly. Kunal was excited and goes to call Maa and Dida. Mauli opens her eyes.

Ishaan was also there. Mauli asks for Mishti and Pari. The doctor inquires how she feels now, she welcomes her back and allows her discharge from hospital as well. Kunal and Ishaan at once asks Mauli to go. Kunal was strict and tells Ishaan to stay away, he doesn’t want any drama in the hospital. Mauli is his wife, Ishaan must stay away. Mauli sits up, removes her canula and wants to speak to Kunal. Kunal held her hand and requests her to understand, they can start their life over again. Mauli replies she can’t forget Mishti and Pari. Kunal pleads that he can’t live without her, why she wants to break their marriage then. His mind was again stressful, he loses his balance and wonders who this is. He feels dizzy and gets unconscious. Mauli calls the doctor.

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