Codeine: The New Musical Diet

Not long after the controversy surrounding the release of ‘science student’ by Olamide, another musical release is set to take the controversial spotlight. ‘Codeine diet’ is an Afro pop released just this week by DJ Enimoney featuring Tiwa savage and Slimcase.

The rhythm took on the popular street beat while the reoccurring chorus of “I’m on a codeine diet” blended in. Tiwa’s part to the song was stylishly replaced with ‘protein diet’, probably as a tactics to tone down the implication of the song, especially to her reputation as a mother and Pop singer.

With this release one can’t help but wonder if this is going to be the new trend in the musical industry –  a blatant glorification of substance consumption/abuse. Is this going to be another ‘listen to the beat and not the lyrics’

song? A party banger with no one caring about what the song is really saying? Though the NBC is yet to raise any smoke concerning this song, It is still saddening to note that while the Nigeria audience seem to enjoy a good beat, a few or no one is paying attention to what is been said underneath.

The flaw in this is that younger or teenager adults who are still vulnerable to pressure and external influence may interpret this songs the wrong way, making the fight against drug abuse and consumption remain constantly at a standstill.

We can only hope that musical artistes sometimes try to preach healthier lives through their songs and not sacrifice it all at the altar of popularity and fame.


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