5 things your relationship should do for you

  1. Make you a better person

It is very possible that a previous liar, cheater or thief can be transformed through being in relationship with the right person. A significant other should be one who wants you to be the better version of yourself; who is willing to help you through breaking off habits and addiction that are detrimental to your health.  But if your partner is the champion consumer of hard substance or ruthlessness, then you should simply know that you are in a wrong relationship. No one can be your savior, true. But they should be willing to advice you otherwise and go out of their way to help you change things about yourself that isn’t right. They should motivate you to finish up a course, finish up a book, seek better job opportunities, begin that startup and lots more. This is one of the reasons they should be in your life and if they aren’t fulfilling that, then you are better off being alone.

  1. Be your fallback support system

In times when you are at your wits end, a healthy relationship should readily be your support system. Through loss and grieving, a good partner should provide moral and emotional support most importantly, finances may be additional support when needed. (For this is not an encouragement for gold-digging or manipulative relationships). There’s nothing like a listening ear and opened arms when life has dealt one of its blow to you. Your partner should be a strong presence for you to seep support from and get back on your feet.

  1. An avenue for you to be vulnerable and open

No man is an island on its own; neither is anyone a repository of strength. If you cannot share your fears and insecurities with your partner then it is a sign that trust and love are lacking. However, it is disheartening to note the frequency at which people switch through relationships; and this has made it impossible for people who are in one to fully open up to each other without fear. But then again, this article isn’t about such kind of ‘flings’, the premise is on relationships meant to last and not based on physical parameters alone. In such relationship your partner should be able to see you at your best and worst. Ladies it is okay to let him see the stretch marks on your back; and guys it is fine to tell her when you are broke, for this shouldn’t be issues in true relationships.

  1. Be where you can have 100% fun.

A healthy relationship means you guys have your private jokes, favourite spots, favourite dissension topics; it means you can have fun with yourselves, not necessarily only when clubbing or partying. It doesn’t matter how serious one partner is, there should be a meeting point born out of mutuality, understanding and compromise. A healthy relationship means that you can enjoy the company of yourselves and be free to unleash the fun side of each other.

  1. Take you to the ultimate goal of marriage

I mean, that should be the long term goal right? A relationship of one or more years should settle easily into the long term knot.  This is usually the case with relationship termed as ‘serious’ and yours should be too. If not, what would be the essence of sticking with a person through thick and thin, opening yourself to them, helping each other to be better version of yourselves, if they would still go on to be with someone else? Leaving you to start the whole process again? That assuredly can be emotionally and physically draining, so it is advisable both partners should be open about discussing what they want out of the relationship in the long term before committing into one.


There you have it, if you are presently in a relationship with two or more of these lacking, then maybe it’s time for you evaluate if you’re in the right one, if you should be in the lookout once again or if single hood is the better option for you.

Either ways, don’t commit your life and time to something that is adding no value to you.


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