Chasing My Heart Update Wednesday 3 March 2021

Chasing My Heart 3 March 2021: Khurana celebrating Naina’s new post. He says my everything is on Naina’s name, don’t kick me out of the house, I will be your puppet, your hardwork got you here. Dadi says you have a big heart to give business to Naina. He says no, I gave it to someone dear. He holds Naina and says life gave me a reason to live again, I want to live with my perfect life partner, my fate is good that Naina came in my life. Naina says I will see baby. He holds her and says now Naina is not alone, I m with her always, so I named everything to her.

Dadi says Naina did right to marry you, you both need each other, how to celebrate this evening. He says this is my relaxing time, ask Naina. Sudha and Pam talk about Tai. Pam says I will never go there now. Sudha says you can’t do this. They have a talk.
Dadi prepares things for the dinner. Ira asks why this celebrations, what’s the reason. Dadi says its celebration time, Naina got POA from Khurana. Ira gets shocked. Pam asks Balraj to massage her heapam d. Harjeet massages her head. Pam sees Harjeet and gets shocked. Harjeet asks why are you hiding the secret from me. Pam asks what secret. Harjeet says Sudha and you are cooking something, tell me the secret.

She fills Pam’s ears against Sudha and convinces her to say the truth. Ira calls Pam. Ira says Khurana named everything to Naina. Pam gets shocked. Harjeet asks what happened. Oam says Khurana named POA to Naina. Harjeet gets shocked.
Tai asks the man why did those women come. He tells everything. She says why did they come here, they are rich women, I understood Sudha and Pam can make plans with Harjeet and Khurana to trouble Naina. Sudha gets Raghav’s call, who asks her to save him. She screams. Pam and Harjeet come. Pam asks her why did she scream. Sudha makes an excuse and sends Harjeet. Sudha says Raghav called me, he is alive, don’t tell me you said this to Harjeet. Pam says no, but she is clever woman, she will find out our secret. Sudha says none should know Raghav is alive.

Harjeet hears this and says what, Raghav is alive. Khurana praises Naina. She asks him to stop it now. Tai calls Naina. Naina goes and answers. Tai asks about Sudha and Pam. Naina says yes, they are Raghav’s aunt. Tai tells everything. Naina says what were they doing there. Tai says they are clever I think Harjeet is along, I will manage here. Sudha beats up Pam. Pam says I won’t go with you, we have to save Raghav. Sudha says its dangerous to go in that chawl, we should know self defense, do you want like a coward on seeing Tai. Pam says I m ready to fight, none can stop us. Sudha twists Pam’s hand. Naina says what was Sudha doing there, I have to find out. Khurana asks what happened. Naina says nothing. He asks what did aunts do, its fine you don’t want to say.

Khurana telling Naina about Sudha and Pam. Naina thinks to find out what are Sudha and Pam upto. Naina says I maybe getting overconfident, I did not know things will happen so soon, Rehaan will feel guilty, its happening as per plan, my mind is playing a game, nothing else. She gets a blank call and says what’s this joke, don’t call me again. She hears some sound and worries. Khurana comes to her. He asks whose call was it. She says nothing, it was from Raghav’s office. He says maybe they called you in meeting, don’t worry, I trust you, you will manage everything fine, its just a matter of first step, control your fears and then see, world’s happiness would be waiting for you, trust me, I feel you are not happy, you can share things with me, its
okay, I feel you are still hiding something. She asks is it so necessary. He says I gave everything to you, its good if you react.

She says you did this so that I do something in return. He says no, I m handing over my life to you, I never trusted anyone, I m expecting your smile. She says you are right, I know I should share my feelings with you, but I wish situation was different, I m happy, I will never let your trust break, I can’t express my feelings, trust me. Khurana says you don’t know how much you relieved me. He holds her. She gets angry and cleans her face. Its morning, Khurana asks Naina to manage both companies. Harjeet comes and taunts Khurana. She says I came to take my rights. He asks what rights, your rights ended when you called me stepson. She insults Naina. He asks her not to say a word against his wife. Harjeet says you joke well, Naina can never be your wife, she has someone else in her heart, better change in time else you will regret a lot. He says I regret loving and respecting you, you ruined my life, why do you want to make Naina away.

Harjeet says Naina will burn you one day. He asks her to stop it and leave. She says you will see Naina’s true face, when you get ruined, don’t come to me. He asks her to get lost. Harjeet tells Naina that her destruction is very close. She goes. Khurana gets upset with Harjeet’s words. Naina pacifies him. Naina thinks why did Harjeet say my life will change. They leave. Khurana’s car breaks down. He says maybe someone can help us, I need a coolant. A car comes. The man greets him.
Naina greets the man. Khurana says he is CEO of Raghav’s company. Khurana asks him to help.

Naina worries that Khurana can know about me. She refuses to take help and sends him. She asks Khurana to try car again. Khurana checks ad car starts. He asks her to come. Naina think to find some permanent solution.
Dadi and Naina talk. Naina repeats her plan and says Rehaan did not doubt on me, he is changing a lot, he talks of wife always, he does not know anything. She tells about Sudha and Pam. Dadi says reason will be imp. Naina says Tia will help us. Ira hears her. Sudha says we have to wear something that people don’t say anything.
Ira calls Pam and says Naina lied about job offer. Pam gets shocked. Ira says Naina did drama to fool Khurana, she wanted POA to become owner of Khurana company, I heard Dadi saying you went to come chawl, why. Ira says I had to inform you, someone is helping Naina, some Tai is there. Sudha and Pam get shocked. Ira asks her to be careful. Sudha says Tai is Naina’s friend. Pam says we can’t get saved from Naina’s eyes. Sudha says I have a perfect disguise.


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