Chasing My Heart Update Tuesday 2 March 2021

Chasing My Heart 2 March 2021: starts with Khurana gifting bangles to Naina and thanking her. She asks why. He says I was living in a lie, truth is they never loved me and were using me for their motives, when you said to Ira that you can’t hear a word against me, I was genuinely happy and wanted to say thanks, sorry I don’t know to express feelings in words, its expensive gift but I wanted to buy this to say thanks. She says everything stops on money for you. He asks did you not like this. She says just a rose would please me, this costly gift was not needed, don’t feel bad, you know what was I seeing in my phone and smiling, it was my memories with Raghav.

She recalls Raghav. She says he used to hate me, but he used to care for me so much, I should thank Lord to give me chance to make such beautiful
moments with Raghav. He says fine, I will return this. She says I did not wish to hurt you, I m a simple girl and can’t accept this, I won’t be comfortable, I will see baby, you said thanks, so you are welcome. She goes. He says when will my comparison with Raghav end, he is no more.Pam asks the man to take her catering service. She tells Sudha that people are so miser, they are not paying us. Sudha says we can’t give up, come. The man says they are opening hotel in our area, they will have all our customers. The owner says no, I won’t et this happen. Sudha gives them discount. She gets to know the man is the hotel owner. She says you can’t stop us from doing business here. The man says I will not give you permission to open hotel here.

Sudha and Pam joke on him. Sudha says we will do business here, what will you do. Pam says we will go home now. Tai comes there. They do ad of their hotel food. Tai tears the pamphlet.Naina says I can’t manage these responsibilities. Dadi tells Khurana that Naina is offered MD post in Raghav’s company, she is not agreeing. Naina says I can’t do this, I can’t go there alone, you accept this post, you are Raghav’s Dadi, you take over it. Daid says no, Raghav would have not started this business without you, Raghav would have wanted the same, you manage it. Naina says I m not Raghav’s wife, I m Khurana.

Dadi says fine, I will ask Rehaan. She asks him does he have any problem if Naina joins Raghav’s company, your terms with Raghav was not good but Raghav would have supported Naina if he was is your place. He says I will not stop Naina, she can join Raghav’s company. He goes out.Naina and Dadi act. Naina says I have many memories there, I can’t separate Raghav from my soul, Raghav was the one who was mine, who has sacrificed everything on me, I can’t separate those memories, I will never get such love and trust in life, I m trying to move on. Khurana hears her. Tai argues with Sudha and Pam, and twists their hands. She says I m don of this area. They apologize to her. Tai asks why did they come here. Sudha says charity. Tai asks them to get lost. Sudha says you did wrong. Pam says we are Mehras, Khuranas are our relatives, we will see you. They leave. Tai thinks about them.

Khurana asks Naina to sit and close eyes. He gives her roses and thanks her. He says I m trying to understand you, we should take care of our likes and dislikes, if you like this, will you do such thing for me. He asks her to sign on power of attorney. She asks what. He says it will give you authority to take all decisions related to assets.Naina smiles and acts. She asks why are you doing all this. He says because I trust you, I can’t let anyone else give this POA, I want you to stop feeling lonely, I m with you, you help me in managing the responsibilities. She signs the papers. Dadi says you made this possible. Naina says male ego is a weakness, just compare a man with someone, they can go to any limit to show they are better. Dadi says woman attraction is a dangerous thing, you acted like helpless woman and won. Naina says Khurana is seeing me as a support of his life, he has given me the POA, now he will get ruined.

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