Chasing My Heart Update Tuesday 26 January 2021

Chasing My Heart 26 January 2021: Naina makes list of things which matters to Khurana and says I will snatch all these and ruin you. Dadi claps. She says I m like your courage, I get scared seeing you with Rehaan. Naina asks her not to worry, she is not weak. Dadi reads the list and says one thing is missing, money, its Rehaan’s weakness, if we attack on his money, everything will shatter, his life will get full of problems, then his family, respect will shatter, do you have any idea to do this.

Naina says yes, I have an idea.
Armaan asks Khurana what did I ask you. Khurana says we are showing loss to save tax, if we buy car, we will get attention, I m not buying the car for you. Naina comes. Armaan asks her to get tea. Naina throws the cup. She says I m your Bhabhi, not maid. Armaan asks Khurana to see how she treats him. Naina asks him to get out.

Khurana thinks what’s her problem, what happens to her, maybe I should meet pandit once. Zeenu asks Naina not to worry, she will succeed. Dilraj asks Zeenu not to make Naina sad. She apologizes to Naina and says Rehaan is happy in his life, he should get punished. Naina asks their help. They join hands.
Khurana meets pandit and asks what nonsense, I don’t believe in ghosts. Pandit says everything is possible, go to any doctor and take advice if you don’t believe.

Khurana says I came to ask you thinking there is some logic, you just wasted my time. Pandit says there are many things which can’t be explained to everyone, can you do small work for my sake. Khurana asks what. Pandit gives him a lemon. Khurana asks what shall I do. Pandit says its not ordinary lemon, keep it where your wife stays, if this lemon turns black, think there is some spirit in your house. Khurana says whatever and goes.

Armaan says I like that car, book the car, I will send booking amount. Dilraj and Zeenu come in disguise of IT officers. They make video. Armaan talks to them. Zeenu says you have hidden black money. Armaan says no, you are mistaken, talk to my elder brother. Zeenu says no, we will raid today itself. They get the cash from Armaan and asks is he giving them bribe. Armaan says no, this is gift. Zeenu and Dilraj take the money and record him.

Khurana thinks to hide lemon where Naina does not see. Naina comes and asks did he lose anything. He says no. She says I m making drink for me, will you have it. He stops her and asks how can she drink, when she feeds baby. She argues. Spirit leaves from her body. She asks him what is he doing, our marriage is just for baby. He asks are you mad. She asks were you feeding me wine, I feed baby, how can you do this, disgusting man, stay away. He says what, you were…. She goes to change. He keeps the lemon under her pillow.

Dadi asking Naina what happened. Naina complains of headache. Dadi gives her tea. Naina asks for newspaper. Armaan says newspaper won’t come. Servant gets newspaper. Armaan says its not fresh. Khurana asks why is the argument happening. Naina gets shocked and shows the news to Khurana. He sees the video of Armaan bribing IT officials. He gets shocked. Naina reads the news. Khurana scolds Armaan and asks what’s this, you are there in this video. Naina and Dadi smile.

Harjeet asks what happened, what did Armaan do. Naina shows video to Harjeet. Harjeet gets shocked. Khurana gets angry. Naina says its big crime to bribe IT officers, think what will happen of Armaan now, there will be raid, factory will get locked, we have to face storm, money will go, but respect will also go away. She acts and asks Khurana to see what happened, his respect got ruined. Harjeet asks Naina to calm down. She asks Khurana to come. They go. Dadi gets glad.Khurana scolds Armaan. Arman defends and shouts. Khurana slaps him. Harjeet stops Khurana. She asks did I raise you two for this day. Armaan says our dad left business for both of us, Khurana is step brother. Khurana raises hand. Armaan asks him to beat him.

Khurana says you had no shame in saying this, you did mistake and talking of division. Harjeet cries and asks Khurana to forgive Armaan. Khurana says I always ignored his mistakes, Armaan thinks he has grown up, now he will manage this problem. Armaan says fine. She asks how will Armaan manage alone. Khurana says I don’t care and goes. Harjeet scolds Armaan.Khurana sits sad and says what did Armaan say me, he is arguing with me. He goes to see lemon. Dadi comes and looks for diapers. She says I got a lemon here. He asks did you get lemon here. She says yes, in between mattress, I have given lemon juice to Naina. He asks what did you do. Dadi asks was it special, Naina was having vomits, there was no lemon in kitchen, lemon was black, it was fine inside. She takes diapers and goes. He says lemon got black.

Harjeet and Armaan look for imp papers and argue. He says we will get papers. She says if IT gets the property papers, they will get everything. She says we will transfer property to Mehras. Armaan says Pam got really upset with me, Ira got annoyed, they won’t help us. Naina comes there. She says I will be upset if I don’t support you in tough time, I m your bahu. She pours hot water in bowl. She asks Harjeet to put her hands in hot water, she will get relieve. She says you look stressed, take rest. Harjeet says I think this water is much hot. Naina puts her hand and shows its not hot. She puts Harjeet’s hand in hot water. Harjeet screams.

Pandit asks what, she has eaten the lemon. Khurana says yes, my wife has drunk the lemon juice, I heard it got black, what can be the meaning. Pandit says if the spirit has eaten that lemon, she will get more powerful. Armaan asks Naina to leave Harjeet. Harjeet cries. She asks Naina did she go mad. Naina pushes Armaan away. Harjeet’s hands burn. Naina gives her towel. Naina goes. Armaan cares for her hands.Harjeet says what powers did Naina get. Dadi comes to Naina and says I got breaking news, Khurana’s factories got raided. Naina says see what I do next.

Armaan comes to Dadi and asks her to help, Ira is not talking to her. He apologizes. Dadi says give me some time to think. He asks why is she worried. She asks did anything good happen in past few days, I m worried for Naina, she is doing strange things, I feel she is not my Naina, who won my heart. He says Naina is here, I m stuck, please help me, then I will also help you. Dadi agrees. He asks her to come fast.Pandit checks Shastra. Khurana asks whose spirit is it. Pandit says it can be anyone whose wish is not fulfilled. Khurana jokes. Pandit asks him not to joke always. Khurana apologizes and says I can’t believe this illogical thing, how will I identify the spirit. Pandit says you have to think, if any woman wanted to become mum and died before seeing baby, will she not come back to meet her baby. Khurana gets shocked and thinks Ahana just wanted her baby, she died before seeing the baby.

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