Chasing My Heart Update Thursday 21 January 2021

Chasing My Heart 21 January 2021:Naina is about to hit kalash. She looks somewhere. Harjeet asks are you okay. Naina says I think I have seen something there. He asks where. Harjeet asks what did you see, why are you scared. Naina says maybe I m tired. Dadi asks her to come and then rest in room. Naina hits kalash. Some spirit enters Naina. Dadi asks Naina are you fine.

She moves Naina. Naina starts shivering. Dadi asks what happened. Naina says I m fine, don’t know Dadi, my body got cold, I felt like someone…. Harjeet asks what happened. Dadi says maybe she is tired. Harjeet asks them to rest, we did not do any preparations.Dadi says its like contract marriage, so Khurana and Naina should not sleep in same room, what do you think, do you have less rooms. Harjeet says we have numerous rooms, we have guest rooms that side, you can rest there.

Dadi asks Naina to come. Naina stares at them. She says I m a newly wed bride, so why will I go with you. Dadi gets shocked. Naina says I will stay with my husband. Khurana and everyone get shocked. Dadi asks what are you saying. Naina says he is my husband. She goes to Khurana and holds his hand, saying we will go to our room.

Khurana says Naina, leave me, what are you doing. She says I m asking my husband to come to room. He says fine, I don’t want to argue, come. They go. Dadi says we will also take a room and goes with baby.Harjeet goes to baby at night and says I m not your Dadi, I wanted to kill you before your birth, why are you laughing. She tries to kill baby and says why is anything not happening to you. She sees the toy instead baby and gets angry. She asks who has done this. Lights come. She turns and sees Dadi. Dadi asks did you want anything. Harjeet says no, I just came to see baby. Dadi says this is old way to fool people, baby sleeps seeing toy, its good trick right. Harjeet asks where is baby. Dadi says baby is in my room, he slept by now. Harjeet says its so good, you did right, I m going to sleep.

Dadi asks her is this pillow hers, what were you doing. Harjeet says actually, I got this for baby, I felt he will not sleep off the bed. Dadi says I think you forgot baby sleeps in cradle, not bed. Harjeet says yes, I forgot, I got mad in happiness. Dadi says yes, even new bahu came. Harjeet goes.

Khurana comes from bath and sees Naina sleeping on bed. He asks why is she here, what’s this problem, where will I sleep now, she forcibly married me. Naina gets up and sees him. She asks what are you doing here. He says its my room. She says if this is your room, what am I doing here. He asks do you have forgetting disease, you said you want to stay with your husband. She asks what, did you forget we married for baby. He asks really, this is called post pregnancy symptom, you don’t remember what you said. She asks him to wear clothes. He apologizes. She says I won’t stay here. He wears clothes and asks her to leave. She says fine, but if I go at night, Dadi will get disturbed, I will stay here tonight. He asks her to keep things in cupboard.

She keeps her stuff. Spirit enters Naina again. She talks to him. He asks her to keep her things anywhere she wants, I don’t care. She says its fine, I came and will make everything fine, finally I came back home, its good to be back. She smiles and shows Ahana’s pic.

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