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Raghav argues with Naina. She shouts I have come for Dadi, not you, we had a deal, look into your heart, you are running after someone and making fun of yourself, its not me, you win, I will not wear this mangalsutra, congrats. He says why should I win, you wear this. He makes her wear mangalsutra. Naina sees Dadi at the door.

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Dadi smiles seeing them. Kal ho na ho….plays…… Naina thinks so this is to show Dadi. She hugs Raghav and he gets puzzled. Dadi goes. Naina gets away from Raghav. She says you made me wear mangalsutra as Dadi was seeing us, I also wanted her not to hear our argument, we did acting for Dadi. She goes. He says I was just making you wear mangalsutra, I did not see Dadi, mad woman, you always scold me.

Its morning, Naina sees the room messed up and cleans the bed. She says why is he annoyed and sitting in bathroom. She asks Raghav to come out, she has to get ready as well. Julie comes and says I need a parcel from Raghav. Naina asks Raghav about parcel. He asks her to give it, its in wardrobe. Naina checks the parcel and sees shorts. She thinks shall I give this to Julie. She says Raghav I got the parcel, are you sure I have to give this.

Raghav says yes, there is one bag there, give it to Julie, I got it for her, it will be for her comfort, if she wears it, it will comfort her. She asks what. He says even you can wear it every morning for comfort. He takes shower. She asks him to give it to Julie himself. He comes out and asks can’t you do this, I had to leave shower and come, what’s this, can’t you give parcel to Julia. She asks why are your eyes red. He says soap went in my eyes, what’s this. She says it was in wardrobe.

They argue over wardrobe’s right and left. She calls him mad to put blame on her. He says this is the parcel, this is lower back belt for Julie, she has back ache, I got this for her, she gets comfort by this parcel, give it to her. He takes his clothes and goes to bathroom. Naina smiles and thinks what happened to him. She says sorry and gives parcel to Julie.

She gets Raghav’s passport and smiles seeing his funny pic. She says its Raghav’s birthday today, why is he angry today, people get happy on birthday, of course his family won’t remember and won’t wish him, he loves them, but they just give him orders, I should do something for Raghav. I will make cake for him, perfect. She cleans room and goes.

Veer asks Madan will I need to ask money now. Madan says go and ask Dadi, I don’t have money for Sanjana, ask some money for me too. Veer says impossible. He goes to Dadi and says I m excited, all VIPS are coming in sangeet, I want some money for Sanjana’s outfit. Dadi says sure. Raghav gives her purse.

Dadi says you can ask money, Sanjana should look good, have this. Veer says I will manage, I will see you, thanks. Dadi finds Raghav upset. She asks him to get some good outfit for Naina, she will be happy. He says no, I will get it later. She asks him to take money from her.

He says I will take what I can afford. She asks why are your eyes swollen, were you crying. He says no, why will I cry, its better to forget past, don’t hurt yourself. He goes.

Veer asks Sanjana to give his money back. Sanjana says Dadi gave money for me. He takes money. She says I will tell Dadi that you did not give me money for sangeet outfit. He asks how could you blackmail me, I thought you love me. She says I love you, but sangeet outfit is necessary. He gets angry and keeps money on table. He goes. She smiles.

Veer collides with Raghav. Raghav says sorry. Veer asks him why did you not do arrangements. Raghav asks was it necessary to do function today, you always think for yourself. Veer asks why, what’s imp than my sangeet. Dadi comes and sends Veer. She says I know it well Raghav, you have to come out of past, you can’t live this way. Raghav says I can’t forget it, I want to forget my birthday, you know I broke Dada ji’s hope today. She says no, I get hurt seeing you this way every year. Naina comes and hears them.

Dadi says it was not your mistake, listen to me, forget the past, live in present, don’t punish yourself. Raghav says I m not able to forget past, its relation of past, how did you allow them to keep sangeet today. Naina misunderstands him and thinks so Raghav is annoyed for this, I thought he is annoyed that none wished him, his mood is off that its Sanjana’s sangeet today, I m stupid.

She says he does not value me, I will not make cake for him, if Raghav is thinking about Sanjana, why do I care, we will get divorced in two days, then I should not care if he thinks of anyone, he did a lot for me, Rajeev is out of jail because of him, none cares for him in this house, I should make cake for him, let Sanjana go to hell.

Naina prepares cake for him. Sudha and Pam come to taunt and asks whose birthday is it. Pam says let me think, is it Raghav’s birthday today, he is not from our family, Naina is leaving him and even then cares for me, so sweet. Sudha says Raghav loves cake, make it well. Sudha and Pam leave.

Raghav comes to room. She asks him to get up, he sat on her saree. He asks her not to keep things on bed. She does not argue and cools down. She pulls her saree and asks him to move. He gets up and she falls back. He holds her and they have an eyelock. Kal ho na ho…..plays………… Naina asks him to forward hand. He asks why, will you beat me. They argue. She gives him a stress ball in hand and says you need this, you are always in stress. He says I don’t need this, I don’t want to talk to you, leave me alone. She says I was trying to make your mood good, I know why are you upset. He asks really, tell me why.

Naina saying I want to see you happy, I have to change and get ready for sangeet, go out. Raghav asks her to change in bathroom. He says you took long shower and made floor wet, I can’t change there, go out. Raghav says fine, going. He thinks everyone will pull my leg and says I can’t go out, go to bathroom and change. She says my saree will spoil there, I won’t go, do you want to sit here and see me changing. He says no, I turned away. She says you think I should trust you. He says you have no option, change clothes, its your wish, I said I won’t turn. She asks him to promise. He promises. She shuts the door and changes clothes.

She asks is everything fine, why did you leave bathroom like that. He says I did not realize, what will be in bathroom if not water.

She says problem is I could not dress up in saree there, its tough thing to wear saree, its an art, you won’t understand. She removes her dress and realizes she forgot something there. He asks what. She asks him to turn other side, there is mirror, don’t act smart to see me. He asks are you serious, I m not interested in you and your body. She says I know in whom you have interest. He asks what do you mean to say, I was seeing you. She says I know what you want. He says you know but can’t say it unfortunately, just be clear what you want. She asks for petticoat. He asks what’s petticoat. She says its there, grey color, satin one, don’t look in mirror. He walks to her facing other side and passes the petticoat.

She holds his hand. She says sorry, give blouse too. He asks can’t you ask everything at once. She says this would have not happened if you went out of room, don’t look at mirror, turn that side. He asks oh really, I did not see mirror, where is blouse. She says on bed. He gets it and gives her. He says its bad day, what’s happening with me. She says yes, its tough day.

She gets dressed. He asks how much time more. She says some mins, don’t know, don’t disturb me. He steps on her saree end lying on ground. She moves and falls down. He holds her in arms. They have an eyelock. Tere naam…..plays…………..

She teases him. She calls him fallen man and asks her to get off. He says I know I m fallen man, I don’t deserve anyone’s love, you don’t like my touch, just say it. She says I did not mean it. He goes. She thinks he is already upset with Sanjana and I teased him, I should make cake and cheer him up.

Madan gives medicine to Dadi. Dadi asks Shaurya to call Naina. Madan says you sleep now, talk to Naina later. Dadi asks him to call Naina, she needs to know something imp. He says fine, don’t get hyper. Dadi asks Shaurya to tell Naina not to do anything for Raghav’s birthday, ask her to do as Raghav says, no need to make cake. Madan says I will tell her, take rest now. Dadi rests.

Raghav says seating arrangements are wrong. He tells about Mr. Mehta and Mrs. Khanna’s affair, those families can’t sit together. Sudha asks were you on break to do changes now. His phone rings. He asks the maid to put it on speaker. He tells problem of some people again. Naina says I just wanted to know, are you free. He says no, I m busy. She asks him to come to room for some time. He takes the phone and says fine, I will see. He ends call.

Sudha asks him to go, its wife’s call, we will do work. Pam says we are here to manage, go. He goes. Sudha says this arrangement is really wrong, it will be so much fun. They laugh. Raghav goes to his room and sees the candles lighting. He switches on the lights. He sees beautiful decorations. Naina says surprise, happy birthday. She thinks he looks angry, not surprised. He breaks the decorations and throws cake.

She says stop it, what are you doing, you spoiled everything, why. He takes wine bottle and goes to bathroom. She says why is Raghav behaving this way, what happened. He comes drinking. She asks are you fine, I m asking something, answer me, how can you do this, I did preparations for your surprise birthday party, you don’t value my efforts, I want an answer, why did you do this. He throws the bottle and holds her angrily.

He asks what answer do you want. She asks what are you doing, leave me, you are hurting me. He asks what about you hurting me, you always called me cheater and liar, I did not say you anything, I knew its my mistake, now you crossed limits. She asks what did I do. He says you act innocent knowing everything, you always hurt me and never realized, you don’t care, you are taking revenge for what I did with you, congrats Naina. She cries and asks what did I do.

He says you broke me down, you wanted divorce, you will get it, I will make papers ready tomorrow, happy, leave me. She gets shocked. He throws the cake piece.

He falls down. She asks are you fine, get up. Kal ho na ho…..plays……….She makes him lie on the bed and thinks why is he reacting this way, he is blaming himself in anger. She cleans his face with a towel. She thinks of Sudha’s words and thinks it means Sudha knew Raghav will get upset seeing cake, she did not tell me and encouraged me intentionally, but why is he upset.

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