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Chasing my Heart Star life Update – Thursday 21st March 2019

  THURSDAY UPDATE CHASING MY HEART Raghav argues with Naina. She shouts I have come for Dadi, not you, we had a deal, look into your...

Chasing my Heart update Tuesday 19th March 2019

  TUESDAY UPDATE ON CHASING MY HEART Pam saying Naina is after Veer, do you both have competition. Sudha says we thought Raghav is charity case...

Starlife: Chasing my Heart teasers May 2019

  CHASING MY HEART APRIL 2019 TEASERS Naina and Raghav love story takes a tragic finale as Raghav is shot and Naina has to live with...

Chasing my Heart Starlife Tuesday 19th February 2019

  TUESDAY UPDATE ON CHASING MY HEART The Episode starts with Naina getting a shock seeing Amit with a girl Hazel. Amit explains his wife Hazel...

Chasing My Heart Starlife: Plot Summary, Full story, Casts and Teasers

  Chasing my Heart tells the story of Naina and Raghav who find love in a foreign land but are fated to lose their love...

Starlife: Chasing My Heart teasers February – March 2019

  Chasing My heart is a new series premiering on Starlife channel by February 16th. It's a story about Naina and Raghav; and it will...