Chandra Nandini Update Tuesday 9 February 2021


Chandra Nandini 9 February 2021: The wedding rituals arrangements begin, Bindusara in his room,drinking and is very hurt,Helina walks to him and says what nonsense is this,it’s your wedding day, I know you are hurt,your father has married when he should think about you,I tried asking him to postpone the wedding but he is the king,and I don’t want any more problems,I feel your pain and it’s hard for you,to have that lady in front of you on your happy day,and so come let’s get going.

Bindusara places his head on Helinas laps and says why badi ma why is pitahshree so selfish,he doesn’t understand our pain,Helina says it’s all Nandini not Chandra,Bindusara says this is why I hate love,Helina says yes yes I understand your pain but for your badi ma come it’s your wedding day and Helina ignores him and leaves,Bindusara burns in anger,dasi gets in and says we are here to dress you for wedding,Bindusara shatters everything.Chanakya walks to Chandra and says things that happened today wasn’t good,I’m telling you as a father,and not guru,these differences between you two are very bad,you challenged him on his wedding day,why,Chandra says this is not my foolishness,poor Bindusara knows only about attacking,he isn’t ready to be a king,he needs to learn to feel people’s pain and for which he needs to fall in love.

Bindusara burning in Nandini hatred and drinking. Chandra says Bindusara needs to learn lot of lessons,and only then he can be crowned,and don’t you remember even I use to say I don’t believe in love and then Nandini came into my life and she made me a king in true sense and so Bindusara will be turned to a good person only when he falls in love,only love can transform him.
Chanakya says I wish he falls in love with women he is marrying,Chandra says I have learnt love isn’t planned and when we fall into it,it’s the best thing and you don’t even realise.

Chandra walks in to his room,Nandini asks you here,I would like to tell you, you shouldn’t be here in dasi room,Chandra says if you stay here I will have to come here to see you,let me arrange you some room,Nandini says thank you but I cant leave dharma alone and did you hear anything about baba,Chandra says here is this, as Bindusara mother you have to tie his on his wrist,and in past you had promised you will do all this,Nandini says but this is Queen Helinas right,Chandra says actually it was durdharas wish that you should do all these rights,that will make her soul very happy,Dasi informs guests have arrived,Chandra says let’s go.
Charumati gets upset over her dasi,Chitra Elis go to help her and start teasing her and make fun of her, Kartikeya and adornus together,adornus
says today all shall look at me,Kartikeya says it’s brides and grooms day and all will look at them.

Charumati says this dress god,I had taught of so many things but this dress is making me upset,Elis says who asked you to eat all those sweets,Charumati says I’m marrying my love,so I had them in happiness,Chitra says now you see the results and make fun of her. Bhadra says when in past Magad had functions,maharani Nandini would tie mamashrees pagdi and it was so perfect and was a sign of their love and being perfect couple.Kartikeya thinks now dharma will tie me pagdi,adornus says come let’s go see bhaiya,Kartikeya says I shall join you later. Kartikeya pulls dharma,she asks what are you doing,Kartikeya says I want you to tie me this turban,dharma says this isn’t good,Kartikeya says why not you are my would be wife,Elis walks to them,Kartikeya says Elis good you are here ask her to help me tie this pagdi,Elis says dharma he is our guest,don’t deny him,Elis says I love marriages,dharma tying turban,Kartikeya says me too,many love stories begin in weddings and best thing about this wedding is Chandra Nandini unite,what do you think,Elis says I think you will begin your love story in this wedding and blushes.


Chandra introduces everyone to Nandini,guests start gossiping about it,Nandini says maharaj why are all starring at me,Chandra says Nandini all are confused are you alive or it’s your guest and you stay away from this king he has bad digestion system you know why,and makes Nandini smile,Madhav calls Chandra,Nandini says don’t leave me alone how will I manage,Chandra says don’t worry you will.

Panditji calls Charumati for wedding. Kartikeya and others see Bindusaras room a mess and he is missing and start looking for him before all learn about it,Nandini is greeted by a lady and she remembers Chandra saying she has her aunt aid and talks loudly with her which disturbs guests and others,Chandra walks to Nandini.
Chandra asks what are you doing,Nandini says you said she has hearing problem,Chandra says it was her and not this lady,Nandini says this is why I don’t want you to leave me alone,Charumati walks in,Nandini says she is looking so beautiful.Kartikeya Bhadra adornus looking for Bindusara. Charumatis wedding pooja begins,Chandra and Nandini participate in pooja,he remembers his wedding day,Panditji asks Nandini to place her hand on Chandras,Helina very angry,Nandini awkward but does so,Panditji asks to get Bindusara,Helina leaves to call him,on learning about Bindusara she slaps adornus and says nonsense and thinks you did what I wanted you to. On delay,Chanakya asks to look for Bindusara and Helina.

Helina says since Bindusara isn’t in mahal and this means he won’t arrive and so you get ready and dresses adornus as groom,adornus very Happy,Helina is informed all are waiting for them,Bindusaras father in law warns Malayketu that he shall attack Magad if his daughter is hurt,Malayketu says I’m a father too I shall support you if your daughter is hurt. Adornus says wait wait if pitahshree learns about it he will kill me,you love Bindusara more then me and so you are doing this to save him,Helina says if you don’t I will kill you,adornus says but Charumati,Helina says look I always wanted you to be on this position and this is golden opportunity and this will show how responsible you are then Bindusara,Chandra asks dharma to go look for Bindusara she meets Kartikeya he informs Bindusara is missing,dharma says what will I answer,Kartikeya says you handle out,we will look for him once more,in mandap it’s informed Helina will be here with Bindusara soon.

Nandini walks to dharma,dharma says Bindusara isn’t here,Nandini asks dharma what is this, will you do me a favour,it’s very important and tough, do anything but get Bindusara, dharma says no way,he keeps insulting you and you want me to help him,Nandini says he is in pain,and it’s because he misses his mother,I don’t know am I his mother but I feel his pain and so I don’t want him to make mistake and think about Charumati and maharaj too,this all will be a mess,I beg of you please do,dharma says ma your wish is order don’t beg,I promise I will get Bindusara,and hugs Nandini and leaves.

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