Chandra Nandini Update Monday 8 February 2021

Chandra Nandini 8 February 2021: Chandra says come fight me,let me see what strength the future king has,and what kind of you king you will be who raises his hand on a woman,Bindusara says and you,who didn’t love my mother and allows her murderer in and let me be raised by the lady who killed my mother,thanks to Helina ma who raised me,I will kill her,chandra says your mother was my best friend and I loved her a lot and I don’t need to give you proofs,and Bindusara come fight me let me crush your anger,Bindusara says yes I will fight.

Chandra and Bindusara get into sword fight,chandra defeats Bindusara and then both get into wrestling,Chanakya steps in and stops them and says you are presenting a wrong example in front of Magad,chandra says I’m testing Bindusara,attack me Bindusara.Chandra almost chokes Bindusara and remembers him as his kid and leaves him and looks at him with love but Bindusara when chandra turns around attacks him with sword from behind,chandra says good one,don’t stop you have a chance to be king,kill me but not behind right on my face,kill me Bindusara,Bindusara shouts in anger and takes of his sword,Chandra with his blood applies Nandini sindoor,Bindusara hurt by this gesture,all others surprised and shocked.

Nandini and Chandra stare into each other,chandra holds her hand and says Bindusara blood relations can’t be broken so easily and so you couldn’t kill me and this is what I was trying to explain you,and my relation with Nandini is of souls and Nandini come let’s answer Magad.chandra says I know you all have questions,who this lady is,she is my wife and your queen Nandini.Bindusara leaves in anger.
Chandra says yes she is the same Nandini we thought was dead but is alive and with us now. Bindusara cries in pain,adornus says why didn’t you kill pitahshree,history has seen murders for throne,we can kill pitahshree for throne,why didn’t you,Bindusara says he is our father dare you think about this,I’m in pain because of this heart which didn’t let me attack.chandra says I’m a king,with emotions and my wife made me realise my emotions,where she taught me to feel my people’s emotion and act accordingly and she is Nandini the daughter of Magad,who always strived for this land and we all missed her,she was torchered in these years and it’s our duty to help her move on and is this how we will welcome her.

Helina walks to Bindusara and asks adornus to leave,Helina says calm down,Bindusara says how should I,you are his wife but again Nandini,why couldn’t I attack him,he never thought about my mother but still I couldn’t attack,Helina says but Bindusara look good you didn’t attack him see you aren’t ready for it yet,Bindusara asks when will I be,Purohits say sorry to Chandra and say how could we forget how queen Nandini always stood for us and served us and cheer for Chandra and Nandini and welcome her,dadi very happy.

Helina says Bindusara Magad loves Chandra Nandini and if you kill Chandra you will be treated as terrorist and will never support you but don’t worry, we will take revenge,just let this all happen as it is,once we show Nandini her true place we will kill her.nanidni walks to Chandra and says what have you done,don’t you know I’m married,what If my husband is back what will I answer,Chandra says what now,I have shared your personal details,Nandini says because I’m confused and what baba say you say, I don’t remember and breaks down,Chandra holds her and says just look into you Heart and ask it and remember till you won’t accept me by Heart I won’t dare touch you and the thing I did now is to stand for you and that no one should question your character. Nandini thinks god how long will I be tested,why do I always feel these emotions when I’m with him and why did baba lie me then,but as a married women all I know is I shouldn’t go ahead with him if he isn’t my husband.

Nandini looks at herself in mirror and about to erase the sindoor,dharma says ma stop,all These years you looked for yourhusband and today when you have one why are you backing off,he loves you to fullest,don’t you remember your flashes where strong when we were here for the first time,may be this is the future.Dadi walks in and says dharma is so right and gets gifts for Nandini and says your son Bindusara is marrying and his mother should dress accordingly and so this is all for you,Nandini says but how can I accept,it’s of Queen Nandini,dadi says and which means it’s you,Chandra stood for you,now please for me get ready,dadi and dharma dress Nandini.

Pooja begins,Nandini walks in queens outfit,she walks to Chandra and says dadi ma asked me to do so and for her,Chandra says I welcome you on behave of my family and since you were away from us let me introduce you to all. Helina says Apma ma,why isn’t Chandra understanding he is making fool of himself,Panditji says as per ritual rajmata should perform her arti and welcome her,mora walks disheartened and performing arti,Bindusara walks in funeral clothes,all shocked,Chandra asks where are your wedding outfits,Bindusara says I’m here to perform my dead mothers shok,she didn’t die till death but today she died in true sense, when you allowed her murderer back in life,Panditji begin the rituals,Panditji doesn’t, so Bindusara begins it on his own

Chandra says so this is what you want,Bindusara says you hurted my mothers soul,Chandra says before your mother she was my wife and more than that my friend,she knew me very well,these nuts In my hand were your mothers favourite and I always carry them with me this makes me feel as if she is around me,I was like a open book to her,she was my only friend and remember she was my most favourite and will always be,and looks at Durdharas sketch and says he thinks I don’t love you,but know one can take your place,he thinks Nandini killed you,but you told Nandini to take place Of his ma after you,and she did so,I hope you were here so we would try convince him.
Helina says since Bindusara is hurt,I think we should postpone the wedding,Chandra says Helina you raised Bindusara ,you gave him these teachings,he listens to you and so go tell him,this wedding will take place and yes if Bindusara doesn’t arrive, he doesn’t know who killed his mother,and I shall tell him who killed his mother and it’s Apma,and I was quite till now but not anymore,so go do your thing,we all will be waiting for you.

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