Can you see me update Wednesday 18 May 2022

Can you see me 18 may 2022: Anandita is shocked to see Vikram speaking to her as Subodh. She starts shouting at Vikram how dare he is to cheat her and act as Subodh, where is Subodh and what did he do with Subodh. Daadi stops her, she complains Daadi. Daadi says they were helpless. Anandita shouts even she lied, why her whole family is lying, what happened to Subodh. Daadi says Subodh has gone missing. Anandita panics why did not they inform her, if Subodh is safe, let her go and file police complaint. Daadi tries to stop, but she gets adamant.

Daadi asks Mohini to take Anandita to her room and give her medicine. Anandita continues resisting while Mohini takes her from there.Vikram confronts Daadi and asks why did she lie, now Anandita will hate him more, how will they tell about that Subodh is dead. Daadi says he should reveal it to Anandita. They stop seeing Anandita. Inspector also comes. Daadi introduces inspector and says he is handling Subodh’s case. Inpsector tells Anandita that they are trying all the can to find out Subodh and came to take her statement. Anandita calms down.

Pihu takes almond milk for Shona. Shona yells as usual why did she give her Avni’s house and pushes milk glass. Pihu says it is for her mamma, mamma gives her milk always. Pihu drinks whole milk and continues yelling reminiscing Avni insulting her. Avni comes and apologizes Shona saying she did not know that she came to ask for charity and misunderstood her as thief. Shona gets emotional. Avni invites her for dinner as compensation and leaves smiling. Shona gets more emotional, but fumes reminiscing Avni insulting her again.

Daadi calls Mohini and asks to get more voice CDs of Subodh. Mohini asks if she wants to make Anandita mad completely now. Daadi says more than that.Shona goes and sleeps next to Anandita, but continues getting angry reminiscing Avni insulting her and gets out of bed. Pihu disguised as Yashoda maa sings yashoda ka nand lala, dances and feeds butter to Gopal. She pampers Gopal like a child. Shona gets emotional thinking of Avni.

Pihu shows Shona a new dress and asks how is it. Shona yells not to disturb h er, what is it for. Pihu says she has to meet her mamma tomorrow. Shona throws dress and warns her to go back to her mamma. Pihu says she will go back, but mamma cannot see her at all, so Shona should not lose opportunity of meeting her mother and insists to meet her mother tomorrow.Anandita gets a call where Subodh’s voice over says he is in trouble abnd she should save him. She gets tensed and asks where is he, who kidnapped him. Subodh says his younger brother Vikram.

Anandita panics and walks to Vikram’s room to find some clue. She sees Vikram sound asleep and searches room. She finds car keys and walks out thinking she may find clue in car. She gets into car and finds Subodh’s spectacles. Mohini and Daadi watch hiding and smirk, revealing they called with Subodh’s voice.Gopal comes to Pihu and insists to accompany him. Pihu says she is busy. He plays stone hiding game with her and says if he wins, she has to accompany him. Pihu agrees. He wins and takes her along to Avni’s house. Avni waits for Shona eagerly.

Maid says looks like she got emotionally attached to the girl in just 2 meetings. Avni says yes, she does not know how they are related, but she feels deeply connected to the girl. Pihu says Shona and Avni are mother and daughter. Avni says Shona came to ask for charity and when she alleged her as thief, she just looked at her with teary eyes, she is a good girl and hopes she comes.Anandita walks towards door. Daadi asks where is she going. Anandita says to police station to ask about Subodh. Daadi asks her to have medicine and go and gives medicine to change her mental state. Anandita taes medicines and leaves home.

Avni eagerly waits for Shona. Pihu eagerly looks at door and hopes Shona will come. Shona enters wearing Pihu’s given pink frock. Avni gets happy.

Can you see me 19 may 2022: Avni serves food to Shona and asks her to have it. Shona gets emotional seeing her mother’s love. Pihu excitedly tells Gopal to see mother and son’s love. She does magic on Shona who also pampers Avni. Avni also gets haappy, but then once magic evades, Shona as usual arrogantly yells and verbally abuses her and runs away. Pihu asks Gopal to do something.Pihu returns home and seeing Anandita sleeping thinks she will reunite Shona and her mother Avni soon.

Can you see me 18 may 2022

Once she leaves, Anandita wakes up remembering Subodh and searches number from which she got Subodh’s call. Vikram returns home and tells Daadi he finished his dinner during client meeting and will go and rest now. Daadi shows him gunny bag and asks him to keep it in store room. He drags bag to store room and keeps it there, but gets his hand injured. He walks back to living room. Daadi acts as worried. Mohini does his overacting as usual and rushes to Anandita’s room and asks where is first aid box, Vikram never tells where he keeps things, he got inujured while carrying a bag to store room. She then takes first-aid box and does Vikra’s dressing smirking at Daadi.

Shona looks at book reminiscing Avni showering love on her. Pihu enters. Shona yells at Pihu this is a worst book and throws it on her. Pihu picks and says it is good book and tries to calm her down.Anandita walks into store room and checks gunny bag. She is shocked to see Subodh’s blood stained shirt and knife in it and panics that Vikram killed Subodh. She further finds letter in which she reads by the time she gets letter, Vikram would have killed him. She determines to kill Subodh’s murderer and walks to Vikram’s room holding knife and raises hand to stab him.

Anandita angrily raises raises knife to stab Vikram when Daadi stops her and drags her out. She shouts what was she doing. Anandita says Vikram kidnapped Subodh and killed hm. Daadi acts and says she is lying. Anandita says she is telling truth and saw Subodh’s blood stained clothes in store room. Daadi says she knew this would happen. Anandita asks to speak. Daadi says Vikram is a bad man and wanted to snatch Subodh’s wealth from before; when Subodh wanted to marry Anandita, Vikram warned Subodh to back off, but Subodh did not. Seeing both brother’s fight, she sent Vikram away from this house.

Vikram needed money and came back during Pihu’s birthday and demanded money from Subodh, but Subodh did not and kicked him out. A few days later, Subodh went missing and now she is hearing his murder news. Anandita asks why did not she let her kill Vikram. Daadi says she should think of Pihu’s future. Anandita drops knife. Vikram opens door and says he knows everything now. Daaadi nervously asks what? Vikram says if Anandita is not in her room, she will be found here, last time he searched whole house except daadi’s room.

Avanti remembers Pihu/Shon and thinks why she is remembering her so much. Gopal plays flute and does leela. Shona’s childhood scarf falls on her. She looks at it and thinks why she is remembering her daughter so much.

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