Can you see me update Tuesday 22 March 2022


Can you see me 22 March 2022: Anandita is being treated by doctors. She starts losing pulse. Docs give her defibrillator shock, but she passes away. Pihu cries and pleads Gopal to save her mother, she does not want her mamma to be bhootu/ghost like her. Suchi sees Pihu and asks what is she doing here, why is she crying. Doctor drapes bedsheet on Anandita’s face, pronouncing her dead.Gopal does his leela/magic, playing flute and says now fate on Pihu’s side, she has to decide if she wants moksha with her mother or send her mother back to the world.

Anandita’s soul gets up and walks to Pihu. Pihu gets happy seeing her. Anandita lifts her and pampers. Pihu sees Subodh crying and asks Anandita how can she touch her. Anandita says t hat world is not for us, now they will stay together. Pihu says she wants her to go back to pappa as he is alone and missing her and needs her. She picks her doll and runs away.Pihu goes to Gopal and pleads him to cure her mamma with his magic as papa needs mamma; she has Suchi, doll, and Gopal with her, but papa does not have anyone.

Gopal says mamma can stay with her forever. Pihu says papa needs mamma more, she can stay as bhootu. She pleads that she does not know to pray, but wants him to do magic and cure mamma. Gopal does magic and revives Anandita.Suchi sees Anandita’s vital sign monitor working and informs doc. Doc rushes to Anandita’s room and says it is a miracle. Suchi happily informs Pihu that her mamma is alive again. Pihu says she knows, she prayed Gopal to revive her mamma. She speaks to Gopal and thanks him. Suchi silently watches Pihu. Pihu tells Suchi that her mama was about to become bhootu like her, but she prayed Gopal to send her back for her papa. Suchi says she is lucky to see her and emotionally pampers her.

Anandita opens eyes after Gopal revives her on Pihu’s requests. Subodh asks how is she now. Anandita tells her daughter Pihu revived her, she met Pihu who sent her back to life, she calls herself as Bhootu. She says Pihu is even worried about her papa and sent her back as she does not want her papa to be alone. Subodh gets emotional. Anandita emotionally says her daughter is unique. Suchi enters and says she is right, Pihu is unique and smiles. Anandita smiles.Aarav buys Suchi’s house via agent and asks to finish formalities by tomorrow. Agent agrees.

Suchi shows Pihu Anandita’s video and says her mamma is recovering well. Pihu emotionally touches mobile screen. Suchi asks her to go and meet her mamma. Pihu says no, she has promised Gopal she will not. Suchi says her mamma isthriving for her and forcefully takes her to Anandita’s room. Anandita seeing Suchi calls her. Suchi says mamma is calling Pihu. Pihu walks a bit aand then says she will not meet mamma for her safety and walks away.

Subodh dozes off sitting on hospital bench. Aarav comes and stand in front of him. Subodh sees his shadow and gets angry seeing him, holding his collar shouts his sister killed Pihu and tried to kill Anandita. Aarav holds his collar and says he is equally responsible as he had an affair with Maansi even after being married, he will destroy him for ruining Mansi’s life.Pihu kisses Suchi and asks her to give it to Mamma. Suchi with Pihu returns home calling Suman and sees Aarav sitting on sofa, asks what is he doing here. He says he wants to ask same, what is she doing in his house.

She asks what he means. He shows property papers and says he brought this house and Suchi is his tenant. Suchi stands in a shock and says this house was Subodh Bose’s. Aarav says it is his now, this house will be like jail to her, she will feel the torture in this house which his sister is bearing in jail. Suchi says he loves his sister, but he cannot change truth by trying to frighten her, she will lave this house by morning. Gopal looks at them standing in balcony and says this game is getting more exciting and Suchi cannot leave this house as destiny brought her to this house.

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