Can you see me update Tuesday 1 March 2022

Can you see me 1 March 2022: Pihu cries reminiscing her mother and calls mamma and Bhurbhuri to come and take her home. School bell rings and all students leave school. Pihu knocks door and pleads everyone to open dthe door, but nobody listens to her. She sees Anandita going and calls her, to no avail.Sheetal calls her mother and informs that she did a lot of drama to get Suchi’s room, but Sarita did not budge. Mother tells Suchi is like a cow and will accept her request without drama. Suchi comes home and sees Gulgule sleeping, wakes him up and asks if his school was let off soon. Gulgule asks if she will drop her school again tomorrow. She calls Pihu and does not find her.

Sheetal stops her and says her room. Pihu asks to tell soon or tell later and walks away. Sheetal yells she is so arrogant, now she will definitely snatch her room.Anandita comes out of school and sees someone tampering her car. She runs and catches him, but he runs away. She calls driver and scolds. Goon speaks to his boss and says he will shoot Anandita next time.Suchi’s boss calls her number. Gulgule speaks and says Suchi has gone out and he can call after 1-2 hours. Boss fumes. Pihu rushes to school and requests guards to let her in as her child is in. Guards let her in after a bit of hesitation. Pihu hears her voice and calls. Suchi hears voice from room and opens it. Pihu says her mamma was here. Suchi realizes her phone is missing and her boss must have called, so she will search Pihu’s mamma some other day.

Sheetal drops things in her room, applies sauce on her forehead and acts as unconscious. Gulgule sees her and informs family. Drama ensues. Family rushes to her and call doc. Doc checks and says her child is fine and she does not have any injury on forehead. Suchi and Pihu reach home. Sheetal cries that she saw a big back ghost with horns. Pihu ask Suchi if she is black and has horns. Suchi says she is not talking her. Pihu says Sheetal lies so much. Gulgule gives Suchi’s phone and ays her phone was running so much. Suchi sees her boss’s missed calls and messages and rushes to office. Sankalp sees sauce bottle and scolds her.

Suchi reaches office and boss scolds her. She says she finished he task. Boss says that is because client came 1 hour late and scolds her not to make any mistake again. Pihu confronts Gopal and asks when can she meet her mamma. Gopal says her wish is fulfilling soon. Boss asks Suchi to go and meet her new team leader. Anandita meets Suchi as new team leader. Gopal smiles.Pihu shows dresses to Gopal and says she used to wear new dresses and go to mela with her friends. Suchi enters and asks how did she reach her clothes, she has to go to school. Pihu says today is durga pooja holiday and hugging her requests her to take her to mela. Suchi promises. Gopal smiles. Suchi asks why did she take out all her clothes.

Pihu says her mamma used to wear 9 color saris on 9 days of durga poooja, even she should wear 9 color dresses on 9 days. Suchi says she has to reach office and asks what color she should wear today. Pihu says pink, red, yellow white, all 4 at once.Pihu reaches office wearing 4 color combination dress. Boss sees that and asks her to go and change her dress as he does not like color incoordinated dress and has obsessive compulsive disorder. Suchi says she is paid for work and not for color coordination.she will complain that he is emotionally harrassing her. Boss says one more mistake, he will fire her.

Suchi sits on her desk. Pooja asks why did she wear so weird combination. Suchi says to please a kid and says she does not know what Bengalis wear during durga pooja. Anandita hears that and says she should wear white sari with red border as her daughter used to like it a lot and wanted her to get one for her. Suchi says she will get same for Pihu.Pihu happily walks around house thinking she will go to Durga pooja. She hears Sheetal over phone telling her mom that she is uploading Suchi’s profile in matrimonial website. She thinks of informing Suchi and asks Gopal to get a phone. She forgets what to tell during conversation and scolds Gopal that he purposefully made her forget it.

Suchi’s boss asks Anandita if Suchi can handle important project. Anandita says Suchi can. Boss walks to Suchi and says she has to send gifts to NGO students and if she fails she will be terminated. Suchi does her job. Boss returns and says she did not do her work, so she is terminated, asks Pooja to prepare Suchi’s termination letter. Anandita pleads boss unsuccessfully. Suchi angrily leaves.Pihu waits for Suchi. Suchi returns sadly and says her boss played a game with her. Pihu says she will punish her boss, who is she/he. Suchi says she wants to be alone for 2 minutes and goes to washroom. Pihu sees white sari for her and gets happy. Suchi returns.

Pihu says she is bhootu and cannot change her dress. Gopal blesses her and Suchi changes her dress to white sari with red border. They reach mela. Pihu says she needs gol gappa. Anandita also reaches mela and prays durga maa. Suchi gets icecream for Pihu and gets busy in a call. Anandita passes closes to Pihu and drops her ice cream. Pihu is surprised to see her mother and shouts mamma.Pihu enjoys ice cream when her mother passes by and her pallu drops icecream. She is surprised to see her mamma and runs behind her. Gopal is seen playing flute. Mamma/Anandita turns and calls her smilingly. She runs towards her, but people come in between. Mamma leaves with her friend. Pihu gets disheartened that her mamma cannot hear her. She searches Bhurbhuri/Suchi. Suchi is busy speaking to Sarita over phone who asks why did not she take Gulgule along. Suchi says she will tomorrow and realizes she left Pihu. Pihu cries searching Suchi. Suchi also worriedly searches Pihu and finds her. Pihu says her mamma is here. They both search.

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