Can you see me update Wednesday 2 March 2022

Can you see me 2 March 2022: Suchi is busy speaking to Sarita over phone who asks why did not she take Gulgule along. Suchi says she will tomorrow and realizes she left Pihu. Pihu cries searching Suchi.

Suchi also worriedly searches Pihu and finds her. Pihu says her mamma is here. They both search. Anandita sees Suchi and waves her hand. Suchi fumes that she lost her job because of Anandita and ignores her. She tells Pihu that her mamma must have left, they will return home as she needs to bring Gulgule also. Pihu asks her to go and bring while she searches mamma here. Suchi leaves.

Pihu seeing Gopal says he told she will meet her mamma, where is she. Gopal says she saw her mamma. Pihu says then why did not she meet her, he is bad. Gopal says if she meets mamma in 1 go, there won’t be any excitement. Pihu says when she will become god, she will complain his mother. Gopal says she can meet her mamma in dreams at least and hugs her. Pihu imagines her mamma hugging her. Pihu wakes up and asks Gopal if it was her dream. Gopal says she wanted to meet her mama like this, right? Pihu requests to let her dream again.Suchi returns home lifting Pihu on her shoulder. Sheetal over phone speaks to her mom and says she filled matrimonial site with Suchi’s data, stops seeing Suchi. Suchi asks what is she about her. Family joins.

Sheetal shouts Suchi’s termination letter to family and says she was not following rules and drawing cartoons during meetings. Suchi angrily walks in followed by others. Pihu asks Suchi if she lost job because of her. Suchi says she lost job because of her Aarav/Anandita. Pihu says her Aarav is bad, she should not work with her. Suchi says she has another job interview tomorrow and will get that job for sure.

Next morning, Suchi attends interview. Her Aarav reaches there and greets interviewer as his friend and says Suchi is not punctual and does not follow time. Pihu picks pen and throws ink on his back. Pihu says when her Aarav has praised so much, she also wants to tell something about, he is workaholic and after work stares at women on matrimonial websites and stares at female employees’ dresses.

Their argument starts. Interviewer enjoys their nok jhok.Aarav returns home and sees his mother checking grils’ pics for alliance. Anadita calls him and informs that she had given wrong address to Suchi and it was not Suchi’s fault, she requests him to take back Suchi to work. Aarav says Suchi’s chapter is closed now. She requests again. Suchi returns home and fumes at what Aarav did. Anandita calls her and requests to meet her once at cafeteria. Pihu shouts not to meet monster boss. Anandita insists. Suchi meets her at cafeteria and apologizes her and requests to rejoin job. Suchi says she will never forgive her and asks not to meet her. Anandita gives her resignation letter and leaves.

Suchi checks it and rushes behind Anandita and sees a truck speeding behind her. She saves Anandita and says that truck was purposefully speeding towards her, if she has any enemy. They see a car speeding away next. Drama continues.

Pihu rescues Anandita from a speeding truck and says it was not an accident, someone wanted to kill him, if she has a doubt on someone. They see even a car speeding away. Anandita asks if she is fine. Suchi says yes and says let us file police complaint. Anandita says she already did and asks if she forgave her. Suchi says she already did and requests her to become her team leader again. Anandita smiles.Pihu searches her mother’s pic in whole house and thinks where is Gopal, he can help her search pic.

She reminisces Gopal’s moral gyaan that whoever tries will not fail in life. She draws her mom’s sketch reminiscing her eyes, hair, etc. She happily thinks that Suchi will see it and search her mamma. Suchi returns. Pihu excitedly shows drawing. Suchi carefully looks at drawing and laughs seeing rough drawing. Pihu looks at Gopal’s idol and scolds that he always tricks her. Suchi consoles her. After sometime, Suchi reminisces rescuing Anandita and thinks who wants to kill Anandita. Pihu makes another sketch and shows it to Suchi. Suchi says it is not up to the mark still.

She gets a message and informs Pihu that she can join job tomorrow. Pihu says no. Suchi says she always wants to opine on her work and dresses, she is a kid and should study instead of doing all this. Sarita passes by and Suchi acts as speaking over phone.Aarav enters office and sees kulche chole in all staff members’ desk and asks what is it. Pooja says his mom sent this to everyone and even offered sweets if they have it on desk. Aarav angrily calls his mother. Mother says she used reverse psychology to make him call as he does not even after requests. He says he will give her 2 seconds.

She breathlessly tells that she selected a girl after checking hundreds of photos and she is a best match for him. He disconnects call angrily. Pihu enters. Aarav says he hired her back on Anandita’s request and one more mistake, she will be dismissed forever.Pihu sees Gulgule troubling his mother and warning not to prepare bottle gourd and bitter gourd sabjis. She then sees Sheetal walking to her room with laptop and fixing cord for charging and walking out. She excitedly opens laptop and sees Suchi and Aarav’s pics on matrimonial site. She thinks Aarav is troubling Suchi even now and tries to delete page roughly when Aarav’s request gets accepted.

Sheetal shouts at Gulgule from outside not to touch her laptop. Pihu runs stepping on power cord. Room catches fire. Sheetal beats Gulgule.Suchi is busy with Anandita during break. Anandita gives her laddoo and asks her to give it to her Pihu. Guglule calls Suchi and asks her to come and save him from Sheetal as she is hitting him when her room caught fire. Suchi realizes Pihu must be afraid seeing fire and tells Anandita that she has to run as her daughter needs her. Anandita permits her. Aarav calls Anandita and asks to give project to Suchi. Anandita says Suchi left as her daughter needed her, so she will work on Suchi’s behalf.

Suchi rushes home and consoles Pihu. Their bonding. continues. Aarav returns home and gets angry seeing his and Suchi’s pic on wall. Servant says she is their new would be maalkin/Aarav’s would be wife.Aarav fumes seeing his photo with Suchi’s photo. Mom says she selected this girl for him, if he knows her, she is 23-year-old unmarried girl. Aarav is shocked hearing that and thinks why did she lie that she has a daughter. He calls Suchi’s number. Gulgule picks call. Aarav says Suchi did mistakes repeatedly and took leaves in lieu of her fake daughter to meet her boyfriend. He disconnects call before Gulgule could speak. Confused Gulgule yells he cannot even play game on mobile.

Suchi calls him and asks if he took mobile. He deletes last call details and keeps phone back. Suchi picks back her phone.Suchi sees Pihu’s food plate intact and pampers her to have food. Pihu says her mamma used to take her opinion before preparing food. Suchi tastes food and says it is not that bad. She pampers Pihu and makes her finish food. Pihu says she loves having her mamma’s prepared laddoo. Suchi remembers Anandita gives her laddoos and asking her to give it to Pihu. She gives laddoo box. Pihu tastes laddoos and says emotionally says this is made by her mamma. Suchi says all mamma’s food tastes same.

Anandita prepares laddoos and says even Suchi’s daughter Pihu likes having laddoos like her Pihu, so she is preparing laddoos or Pihu. Commissioner calls her and informs that biker who attacked her is caught and he is telling someone gave money to attack her, he suggests her to leave city and go to her husband. Anandita says she does not want to and requests him not to inform Subodh. Commissioner says he doubts her close one is behind this attack. Anandita is shocked to hear that.

Next morning, Sarita informs Suman that she has kept their father’s shanti pooja and she should not use garlic and onion in food. Suman asks Gulgule to note down groceries. Sheetal gets a call that Suchi’s alliance is accepted and boy wants to meet her today itself. Seeing her drama, Sarita asks what she is doing. Sheetal silently slips off. Pihu follows her.Suchi reaches office. Aarav calls a meeting and asks Suchi to tell her truth in front of all colleagues. Suchi says Aarav dismissed her from job and when she went to other company for interview, he spoilt her interview, so she threw ink on his back. Aarav asks what did they speak last night.

Suchi asks if he called her. He says yes and spoke to her. She asks what did they speak. He says she did not. She says he is lying. Anandita says let us get back to work. Aarav thinks he will expose Suchi soon. Suchi challenges that she will not leave this job easily. Their nok jhok continues.

Sheetal at a restaurant waits for a man for Suchi’s alliance. Pihu sits in front seat. She sees someone eating fish and gets tempted. She silently pulls man’s grocery bag with nonveg and keeps it next to Sheetal’s bag. A man comes and starts misbehaving with Sheetal. Sheetal runs holding nonveg grocery bag. Pihu shouts this not their bag, to no avail. They reach home. Pihu calls Pihu and asks her to bring fish asks Sheetal to give her apple. Sheetal checks bag and finds chicken packet. Suchi returns and loudly says she brought fish. Pihu runs and sees live gold fishes in a water bowl. She tells Sarita that she felt like having fishes at home and brought them. Sheetal silently takes chicken packet out. Suman scolds Gulgule to go and have bath. Gulgule says he just now had bath and says smell is coming from Sheetal bhabhi and asks what is she hiding.

She says nothing and argues. He pulls packet and chicken pieces fall. Family stands in a shock. Pihu shouts chicken pieces won’t bite. Drama continues.

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