Can you see me update Thursday 10 March 2022

Can you see me 10 March 2022: Suchi apologises to Pihu saying that inspite of her best efforts,she couldn’t catch up with the car and bring back her mother.She explains due to heavy work load at the office ,she got late and kept her waiting.Pihu ,still annoyed snaps at Suchi and tells her not to touch her and sleep on the other side of the bed.After Suchi is asleep ,Gopal comes to Pihu and tries to console her saying that it wasn’t Suchi’s fault not to bring back her mother,he says that he himself tried his best ,but destiny is not allowing her to meet her mother and no one ,including God ,can change the destiny.

Pihustarts crying and says that no one cares about her feelings as she is no longer alive and asks him why he visits her frequently ….is it to see how she is missing her mother?As Gopal looks on ,Pihu says that she doesn’t want to talk to Burburi anymore as she started telling lies to her and she knows that Aarav is Suchi’s best friend now.As she starts crying ,Gopal comes and sits beside Pihu and tells her that today he can grant any one wish of hers but she should n’t ask for her mother.Pihu accepts his condition and says that she wishes that she should neither be seen or heard or touched by Burburi.

Gopalasks her to think again but as Bhootu is firm on her decision ,he grants her wish by saying ‘Tadhastu’.Bhootu asks Gopal to wait till she checks whether her wish is really granted,She goes to Suchi’s bedside and stands watching her.Suchi wakes up to see Pihu is not sleeping by her side.As she keeps calling Bhootu ,Gopal appears ,Bhootu tells him she is happy her wish is granted ,Gopal disappears.In the morning Suchi gets up and calls Pihu to get up and get ready for the school ,when there is no response ,she turns back and finds Pihu is not there.

She looks beneath the bed and starts searching,Pihu gets up and forgetting that from now onwards she can not be seen or heard by Suchi ,says that she doesn’t want to talk to Burburi .As Suchi can not see her now ,she thinks that Pihu is outside and goes out calling her. ,inside the room ,Bhootu thinks that she is throwing a tantrum ,still Burburi doesn’t care.Outside the room Suchi keeps calling Bhootu ,her mother asks her who she is calling ,Suchi replies she is calling Gulgule Her mother replies that he has already left for school, Suchi thinks that Bhootu might have gone to school as well.She comes back into her room and starts getting ready.Bhootu tries to draw her attention ,completely forgetting that Suchi can not see her now.

Gopalcomes there and reminds her that her last night’sepisode wish is granted .Pihu first feels bad that she can not talk to Burburi now ,then she gets angry again and says that Burburi should miss her.In the evening. Pihu ,forgetting her anger ,sits in the living room looking at the clock waiting for Suchi.When Gopal taunts her ,she says she is n’t waiting for anyone,it is good that Suchi can n’t see her now ,no tensions neither to her nor Burburi .The phone rings and Pihu runs shouting excitedly Burburi ,then remembers her anger and comes back saying that she doesn’t care whoever is the caller.

Anandita gets surprised to see her husband in the doorway, when Subodh asks how she likes his surprise, She stares at him and asks how he got to know her new address.After coming to the office ,Suchi checks her mobile and gets Intrigued to find Aarav’s number in the missed calls list.Some one comes and informs Suchi that Aarav is calling her for a conference.When Anandita confronts Subodh that she never told him her new address and how come he is here,he gets irritated and asks her what is her problem.He is here because he is worried about the attacks on her lifeAnandita shouts at him and says that problem is with him because he has hidden the truth that Pihu was murdered.Subodh gets stunned.

In the conference room. Aarav is seen not concentrating on the presentation.When he is asked how is the presentation,he looks at Suchi and says beautiful to the amusement of everyone present there.Pihu awaits eagerly for Suchi’s return ,when Gopal smiles at her ,she says she is n’t waiting for Burburi.We see some light moments between Pihu and Gopal.Anandita shows the police file to Subodh and asks him if he knew their little girl was murdered. Why did he keep her in the dark all these days and how could he be so callous.Subodh says that he is sorry for hurting her but he had to do it as the truth would have hurt her very badly.When she asks him who is Pihu’s killer ,he says that he will make every effort to catch the culprit as early as possible.With ths the episode ends.

Aarav calls Suchi repeatedly and thinks why she is not picking his call. Mother comes and Aarav scolds her why did she send message to Suchi. Mom apologizes him. He asks to stop her melodrama, Suchi will leave job with her mistake. Mom says she knows he loves Suchi. He says she is his colleague. He gets Suchi’s call, asks mom to go as he got important calls and excitedly picks call. Suchi asks why did he call her at this time. He says he wants to meet her and clear misunderstanding. Suchi says she did not misunderstand him and everything is fine between them. They both develop feelings for each other.

Next morning, Suchi takes Pihu to office. Pihu says she is smelling laddoo. Suchi says even she is smelling laddoo. Arav’s mother comes and starts pampering Suchi and kisses her cheek. Pihu asks why did she kiss Bhurburi. Mom asks if she did not identify her, she is Aarav’s mother. Suchi says of course, how are you aunty. Mom says Aarav selected such a beautiful girl. Aarav comes running and says they keep employees seeing their biodata and not their face. Mom asks Suchi when is she coming to her house, fix date and time. Aarav forcefully takes mom to his cabin. Pihu runs behind mom excitedly for laddoos. Mom asks Aarav why don’t he express his love for Suchi, she is putting effort instead.

Pihu runs to Suchi again and shouting Aarav loves Suchi. Suchi asks what. Pihu says aunty was telling. Suchi asks what. Pihu acts and then says khadoos boss loves Suchi, she will go and tell that Suchi loves only her. Suchi develops feelings for Aarav and reminisces their meetings.Pihu returns to Aarav’s cabin and sees mom giving her oath and asking Aarav if he loves Suchi or not and if he will make Suchi her bahu or not. Pihu says if he loves Suchi, Suchi will leave job. Arav folds his fingers and says he does not love Suchi. Pihu picks laddoos. Mom gets sad and asks if he is sure. Aarav thinks if he says yes, mom will print wedding cards by evening and says Suchi is very borning and if he had loved her, he would have taken her out for coffee. Mom leaves sadly.

Pihu says her friend is not boring and ties Aarav’s laces together. Gopal comes and smiles and says if Pihu was not there, Arav and Suchi would not have united and they are needed for Pihu’s future.Inspector pampers his daughter and sends her for school. Anandita comes and lifts baby pampering her. Inspector gets angry and warns to lift down her child. She resists. He tries to slap her. Other police officers see that and warns him to behave. He gets embarrassed. Anandita says her child was of same age and pleads to reopen her daughter’s file. Inspector shows his arrogance as usual. Anandita says she knows what he needs, she will pay double than he is getting from murderer and giving money bundle says if he needs more, she will get him more money.

Inspector calls Arav and informs that Anandita is trying to buy him. Arav asks not to sell himself and do his duty. Suchi enters with file. Pihu says Aarav khadoos called her boring and he cannot even go for coffee with her. Suchi asks did he say that. Arav says he did not say anything. She says she needs his signature on file and walks towards him. He gets up and falls on her. They both fall on floor. Gopal blindfolds Pihu. Aarav’s mother walks in and gets happy seeing them together on floor. They both gets embarrassed and get up. Drama continues.

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