Can you see me update Sunday 27 February 2022

Can you see me 27 February 2022: Pihu wakes up in the morning. Suchi wishes her good morning, getting ready. Pihu asks where is she going. Suchi says office. Pihu says she told she resigned. Suchi says she is starting afresh. and leaves. Pihu asks what does she mean, even she wants to start afresh.Anandita reminiscing last night’s incident about goons attacking her and thinks who were they. Her friend Rakhi asks her till when she will sit alone, she can join her school as consulting faculty, it is best city’s best school, SK School.

Anandita says her Pihu also wanted to join that school and they were getting her admission next year, she will not go to that school now. Rakhi asks her to rethink again.Suchi’s boss walks in to his cabin. Pooja gives him Suchi’s letter and praises Suchi for bravely taking her side. Boss reads Suchi’s letter thanking him for giving her a new start and kicking out Mr. Sharma for his heinous act. She also comments boss that even he came 15 min late today. Boss angrily tears letter and says he will show her what new start is. Peon gives parcel to Suchi. Boss orders her to deliver it to client within 20 minutes. Suchi thinks how can she. Pooja laughs that she should not have written such a letter.

Pihu rushes towards client’s place. Boss calls and orders her to hurry up. She delivers parcel. Boss calls and asks why she took 40 minutes. She says there was huge traffic jam. Boss says exactly, people delay due to uncontrolled circumstances. She murmurs he made her run just to make her realize her mistake. He asks what. She says nothing. He says happy new starting.Pihu looks at Gulgule playing with his friend wearing school uniform and tells Gopal that she also wants to attend school and play and should not have died. Gopal says something new will happen.

Suchi returns home and sees Pihu sitting sadly. Pihu shows Suman feeding Gulgule and says she wants that life, why did she die, if she cannot relive and attend school like other children. Suchi hugs and consoles her and says she will go to SK School with Gulgule wearing uniform and return home with other students. Pihu asks what about admission. Suchi says she does not need admission. Pihu happily informs Gopal and says this is her new start. Gopal asks her to fold her hands and ask him that. She laughs and says he should ask instead. Gopal asks to do as he says and says Gopal please bring my mother to me. Pihu gets emotional and requests. Gopal smiles.

Subodh calls Anandita and asks why did she call. She asks if he has any enemies. He asks if she is still at Rakhi’s house and if she is doing any job. She says Rakhi wants her join her school. Subodh says she should, else return to him to Singapore.Pihu wakes up hearing Suman waking up Guglule to go to school and drops water on Suchi to wake her up. Suchi wakes up and says she would have dropped her in school bus after 1 hour. Pihu sadly says she forgot she is bhootu and not her mamma’s Pihu. Suchi cheers her up and gets her ready to school with imaginary uniform.

Anandita on the other side informs Rakhi that she is ready to accept teacher’s job.Suchi gets Pihu ready for school in school uniform and gives her school bag. Pihu asks where is her lunch box. Suchi asks what she wants to have. Pihu says sandwich. Gopal says malai burfi for him. Pihu says same. Suchi goes to bring sandwich and malai burfi. Pihu shows bag to Gopal and says she is going to school,, but her bag does not have fairytale pencil or books. Suchi comes. Pihu asks her to lock door, else Suchi will take her pillow. Sheetal sees Suchi locking her room door and gets jealous, determines to snatch room from Suchi. They both got to scooter and see Gulgule sitting on Pihu’s side car.

Pihu asks Suchi she needs her seat. Suchi tells Gulgule that side car has lizard.. Gulgule leaves seat. Pihu sit on it smilingly. Suchi drops them to school. Anandita also comes to school with Rakhi. Gopal plays flute. Suchi throws flying kiss to Pihu and asks to return school in school bus. Pihu does not notice her mother. Gulgule is surprised that his didi is showering so much love. Gopal hears Sheetal’s drama and reaches home and sees her acting as possessed by ghost.Suchi reaches office. Pooja says boss gave her most trusted assignment and she has to finish it within 15 min and got an assistant.

Boss walks in slowly. Suchi gets happy that the man she fought with is her assistant and laughs on him that by god’s grace, he is her assistant now and gives him files. Everyone are shocked seeing that. Assistant comes. Suchi thinks him as boss and asks boss to greet him. Pooja thinks Suchi will get her also into trouble. Assistant greets boss. Suchi gets embarrassed and apologizes him. Boss scolds Pooja why did she hire Suchi and walks in.Sheetal acts as possessed by ghost. Her puppet baba comes and after a bit of acting asks Sarita to give Suchi’s room to her bahu.

Suman asks Sarita to give it. Sarita asks why should she give Suchi’s room. Gopal does leela and Suman says she knows how to ward off evil and beats Sheetal with broom. Sheetal shouts ghost is gone and fake baba runs away. Gopal smiles and says he is guarding Pihu’s room here.Suchi shows her presentation to clients. They get impressed and praise her. Boss’s anger calms down and he tells Suchi from hereon, they will work as team. Suchi say she got this job by her merit and interview and she deserves it. Boss challenges he will make sure to make her realize she does not deserve this job.

Suchi drops juice on her dress by mistake. Boss says it is his good fate, clients will come in 1 hour, she will pick and drop them to hotel and then finish presentation, she should not let her dress’ stain on company. Suchi accepts challenge.Pihu goes to class room and asks students to give her a seat. Nobody hears her. She finds a seat and sits. Teacher gives fairytale pencil and says whatever they draw will come true. Suchi draws her mother’s eyes and says she is missing her. From next classroom, Anandita sings her song while teaching students. Pihu hears that and runs towards next room, but her room her locked. Drama continues.

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