Can you see me update Monday 28 March 2022

Can you see me 28 March 2022: Pihu runs and emotionally hugs Suchi. They both share their emotional bonding. Gopal plays flute doing his leela/magic. Pihu says she returned and does not want to go away from her. Suchi says even she does not want to go away from her. Pihu says Gopal gave her new shirt and she was bored with her white shirt. Suchi smiles. Gopal reaches Anandita’s hospital room and speaks that a mother can go to any extent for her child, he had 2 mother Devaki and Yashoda, similarly Pihu has Anandita and Suchi. Anandita calls Suchi and asks if she distributes toys and sweets to orphanage children. Suchi says no, she was stuck in some work and says she is very happy today as she got something and wants to share her happiness with her.

Anandita asks her to come over as they can distribute sweets and toys to children outside temple. Suchi agrees and searches Pihu.Pihu sees Aarav in a car shirtless and says shame shame, wear shirt. Aarav sees his car and happily runs towards it. Pihu says she hid it by mistake, so she herself hid in a doll. Aarav reads an apology note on car window and thinking Suchi wrote it wipes it. Pihu thinks of bullying him and ties his shoe laces. He falls. Suchi enters and if he is apologizing this way, then fine. Aarav fumes.

Suchi with Pihu reaches hospital. She asks Pihu stand at a distance and don’t go anywhere and walks to Anandita. They both greet and chat happily. Pihu looks at Anandita emotionally. Suchi then reaches outside temple and searches children. She sees a boy and asks where are other boys. He says he does not need anything as that uncle gave them a lot, pointing at Aarav. Suchi sees Aarav taking selfies with children and walks to him. Aarav asks why she is following and spying him. She says she came to distribute blankets and toys to children while Aarav smiles. Anandita in hospital sings Mai teri maa…song..

Suchi returns back to hospital. Anandita says she has one more request and says she is getting well and is discharging form hospital in a day or two, so she wants to come and stay with Suchi as she has Pihu’s memories in that house. Subodh enters and says she cannot stay there as he sold that house to Aarav. Anandita shatters hearing that and cries what kind of human he is, he sold house to their daughter’s murderer’s brother. She continues that good they are divorcing in 6 months, it is difficult to stay with him even for 6 minutes. Subodh says she can curse him and will miss him when he will be no more. She says there is nothing let to remember, she needs divorce from him. Suchi cries seeing her parents crying.

Suchi takes Pihu from hospital to home and asks her not to cry. Suman comes and takes her in. Suchi walks in. Pihu reminisces Anandita asking divorce from Subodh. Gopal enters and calls her. She hugs him.Pihu cries and tells Gopal that she feels like crying when her parents fight. Gopal says even good boy and girl fight like she fights with him. Pihu says her mamma and pappa never used to fight, he told they are a small fight and will patch up, but why are not they patching up again. She continues crying.

Suchi sees her and tries to cheer her up with gifts. Pihu says she will become santa this time and will gift all her friends. Suchi gets her ready as Santa. Gopal smiles and thinks at least Pihu’s attention diverted from her parents. Pihu hears Gulgule crying that he needs santa gift. She silently keeps gift for him. He gets happy. Suman comes and thinks thief gave Gulgule this gift and gets worried. Pihu with Gopal goes and keeps gifts outside all her friend’s houses.

Pihu gets sad and tells Gopal that she is missing her mamma, mamma used to become her santa every year and give her gifts. Gopal does his leela and says she will get gift from world’s best santa today. Anandita walks in wearing santa’s dress. Gopal smiles at Pihu. Pihu gets emotional seeing her mamma. Suchi comes out and looks at Santa confusingly. Anandita removes her beard and moustache and reveals it is her, says her Pihu used to love Santa Claus a lot. Pihu gets more emotional. Anandita asks Suchi to call Pihu as she wants to give her gift. Suchi says her Pihu was someone’s gift and went back, she can give gift to her brother Gulgule. Anandita says okay and asks if she can keep a gift for Pihu in her room. Suchi agrees.

Anandita walks to Pihu’s room emotionally reminiscing time spent with Pihu. O meri maa….song…plays in the background… Pihu cries loudly seeing her mamma touching Pihu’s bed and then holding photo. Suchi walks in and sees Pihu cries. Anandita says she forgot to tell that she has shifted to opposite house and can come here whenever she wants to. Suchi happily looks at Pihu. Pihu jumps in happiness that she can see her mamma daily.

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