Can you see me update Monday 18 April 2022

Can you see me 18 April 2022: Bobby in kindapper’s voice speaks to ACP and asks to send 25 lakhs and jewelry via a woman and don’t dare to inform police. Pihu shows this to Anandita and tells Bobby and Mohini are thieves and they have hidden Barbie in a godown. Anandita says let us inform everyone. Gopal warns Pihu that nobody will listen to Anandita. Pihu warns him not to call her mamma as mad, else she will beat him. Anandita asks whom she was speaking to. Payal says no one and asks her not to tell them directly. ACP agrees to pay 25 lakhs and jewelry and get back Barbie. Bobby tells Mohini that old man agreed to pay them finally.

Anandita comes ands says she will go with money bag to get back Barbie. Bobby yells not to trust mad woman and let Mohini go. Neelam also backs Bobby. Anandita says she is also a mother and knows ACP’s pain, she will bring back Barbie safely, he can trust her. Vikram says it is dangerous and she should not. Anandita says she does not mind. ACP says he trusts Anandita and gives her jewelry money and jewelry bag.

Anandita leaves with Pihu and Vikram. Vikram drives car and says why she is taking risk, anyone would have gone. Anandita asks why he cares for her so much, she sometimes feels she knows him. He stops car, holds her hand and asks her to be careful. She walks out with bag. Mohini tells Bobby that she does not trust Anandita, so she ordered her goons to kill Anandita after getting bag. Anandita walks in to godown with money bag. Goon takes it, frees Barbie and throws Anandita on other side. Pihu gets out Barbie. Barbie asks if she saved her. Pihu says mamma saved her and asks where is mamma. She rushes in and sees goon trying to kill Anandita. She beats goons and rescues Anandita.

Goon informs Mohini that Anandita escaped. Mohini asks if bag is safe, to keep it with him until she comes and takes it. ACP comes and asks what happened. She gets tensed, but says their Barbie is back. ACP happily rushes down and sees Barbie and Anandita. He thanks Anandita for bringing back Barbie safely. Mohini tells Bobby that they will escape with money and jewelry soon. Pihu plays prank with them and throws color on them.

Barbie’s mom pampers her and feeds her food, then ties tantrik’s taweez. Pihu tells Barbie that Bobby andMohini are thieves and are behind her kidnap, etc., how she exchanged money bag with another bag with stones, etc., but Barbie cannot hear now. Mohini calls them down for holi celebrations. ACP drinks bhang and dances on Amitabh Bachan’s Holi song.. Whole family dances with him. Bobby/Barbie and Sooraj/Neelam’s romantic moments start. Pihu continues playing prank on Mohini and Bobby.

Holi celebrations continue with whole family dancing and applying holi to each other. Mohini tries to apply holi on Vikram, but he stops her and leaves. He goes and applies holi to Anandita. Mohini signals Bobby to come out. They both walk out holding money bag. Pihu plays prank on them and throws color on them. They both open bag and find papers instead of money. They return to godown and scold their goons. Goons return to holi celebrations venue and shoot Barbie. Barbie collapses. Vikram runs and trashes goons. Family rushes towards Barbie. Barbie gets up and says she is fine, it was just holi water.

ACP Hukumchand asks Vikram to find out why goons attacked Barbie even after giving money. Bobby as kidnapper calls ACP and warns why did he send papers instead of money. ACP says he did not and asks who did it. Pihu says she did it and asks Barbie to speak. Barbie does not hear her due to tantrik’s taweez. Anandita comes and says she wants to say something. Mohini slaps Anandita and shouts she is behind Barbie’s kidnap and did it for money. Anandita says she is innocent. Pihu shouts at Mohini why did she slap her mamma. Dumb ACP believes Mohini and says he has to check Anandita’s room. They all check Anandita’s room and find money bag. Pihu says her daughter has kept it, she does not even about it. Mohini continues yelling at Anandita.

ACP says Anandita is an insult on motherhood, he trusted her blindly. Bobby calls police and asks them to arrest Anandita. Even Vikram does not utter anything. Anandita pleads that she is innocent and wants to stay with her daughter. Police drag her away. Mohini yells to stop her mad drama. Barbie thinks if Anandita can see Pihu, why can’t she hear her.Pihu runs to her room and holding Gopal’s idol asks what is he doing, her innocent mother is arrested by police. Gopal asks her to extend her hand and gives her bhang tablets and asks her to go and drop them in thandai/cool drinks.

In kitchen, Neelam’s jokergiri continues and Sooraj says he cannot believe memsaheb can do this. Pihu silently drops bhang tablets into thandai.

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