Bridal Material update Saturday 16 April 2022

Bridal Material 16 April 2022: Vivan continues yelling while Amaya laughs and says for the first time, he got someone of his caliber. Vivan continues fuming.

Laali feeds sweets to Biji and says it is worth 1200 rs. Biji says she is happy that she did not mind about Sumer and Meera’s wedding in 10 days. Laali says it is for Silky and Vivan’s wedding. Dolly asks what is she talking about. Laali says she spoke about it already to Biji and warns Biji to fix Vivan and Sily’s alliance within 10 days, then do blame her for breaking Sumer and Meera’s alliance. Meera enters. Laali asks her convince Vivan to marry Meera.

Vivan walks down to living room speaking to someone and asking to find out details about his mom’s bangles at any cost soon. Lights go off. He shouts what happened to lights now. Meera also comes down and they both clash and fall down rolling on floor. Their eyes lock

Meera and Vivan fall on each other in dark and roll on bed. They yell at each other as usual. Amaya’s dupatta rolls around them. Amaya walks in and excitedly looks at them. Meera asks to free her from this mental.

Vivan shouts she is big mental. Amaya enjoys their nok jhok. Daadi asks who is it. Amaya says it is her. Daadi asks what happened. Meera says mad cat entered home. Daadi asks to hit him with stick and shoo it away. Meera says she will and asks Amaya to free her soon. Amaya does. Vivan and Meera’s nok jhok continues. Dolly watches everything and scolds Meera that Vivan is owner of this house, she cannot misbehave with him. Meera says she is quite thinking that, else she would not let Vivan even Hoshiarpur.

On the other side, Vivan fumes that he will kick out Meer from this out. Amaya says Meera stays with her family. Vivan says he will kick everyone out. Amaya says they took care of our property since years, he should be thankful to that family. Vivan calms down and says she is right, he should get angry much like this. She leaves to sleep. He picks his mom’s bangle and hopes he finds this woman tomorrow to prove Amaya that their mother was wrong.

Dolly continues scolding Meera. Prince walks in singing song. Dolly scolds him that he is not good at studies and fit for nothing, he knows about his father’s health condition, even then he does not want to study or work. Prince goes and sits sadly. Meera cheers him up with halwa. Prince asks who will serve him halwa, she should not go. He emotionally hugs him.

Next morning, Meera’s friend informs her that coach told their kabbaddi match sponsor backed off and they need 50,000 rs. Vivan passes by and fumes that he saw Meera’s face in the morning. Meera asks her friend not to worry, she will arrange money somehow. Vivan thinks she is a gold digger and will do something.

Meera’s family is busy enjoying evening snacks and tea when Sumer’s mother informs that they are coming. Family hurriedly makes Sumer and his mom sit in Vivan’s side of house. Mother says she wants Meera and Sumer’s engagement tomorrow, so she brought ring for Meera to check its fitting, even they can check their brought ring for Sumer. They head to car to get ring. Vivan walks in and yells at them. Bittu says their side of house was dirty, so they made Meera’s fiance and his mom to sit on his side.

Pavan apologizes him and says they will not do any mistake from hereon. Vivan says it is okay, but they should inform him beforehand. Sumer’s mother gifts solitaire engagement ring to Meera. Silky excitedly says it is solitaire worth at least 7-8 lakhs. Meera looks at ring and thinks what is special in this stone, she is tensed to save 50,000 Rs. Vivan looks at her and thinks Amaya should see sparkle in Meeera’s eyes and know she is gold digger. Sumer’s mom asks to show Sumer’s ring. Pavan says it did not come yet. Once they leave, he looks at ring and thinks it is not even worth 70,000 rs, forget 7 lakhs, how will he gift this to Sumer.

Meera tensely thinks how she will arrange 50,000 rs now and thinks of calling Sumer. Dolly stops her and warns not to increase her problems…

Meera gets worried about wedding expenses seeing Sumer’s mom buying her diamond engagement ring. Dolly warns her not to create any problem and let her father and her worried about expenses. Vivan sees his mom’s bangle missing and doubts Meera must have stolen it to fund her kabbaddi match. Silky calls Laali and informs her about Meera’s 8 lakhs diamond engagement ring. Laali gets jealous and asks Silky to lure Vivan and convince him to marry her. She writes notes and sticks on walls for Vivan. Vivan reads them to smile, coffee with her, etc..

Vivan fumes thinking Meera must have written them. He sees Meera passing by and grips her. She warns to leave her. He asks if she entered his room sometime ago. She says no. Their nok jhok starts.

Silky thinks Vivan is thinking Meera wrote those notes, interferes and says she wrote those notes for Vivan. Vivan asks what rubbish and leaves.

Vivan next sees Pavan telling Bittu that they cannot give cheap ring to Sumer and has to present precious ring like his mom gifted diamond ring to Meera. If Meera marries in a good family, their other daughters will also be married in a good family. He says he arranged money and don’t ask how. Vivan notices that and thinks family is so greedy and they can go to any extent for money.

Silky informs Meera that she wrote notes for Vivan. Meera says Vivan is not a good boy. Laali asks why she does not want her sister married to Vivan. Meera says Vivan is very arrogant and will spoil Silky’s life. Silky says Vivan is rich and full of attitude and she likes him. Silky warns Meera not to interfere.

Meera’s friend calls her and asks if she arranged money. Meera says yes. Friend says thank go, else she had planned something, now go and pay coach soon. Meera thinks she has to get out of house somehow soon. Vivan notices and thinks she stole bangle for sure. Sumer calls Meera and insists her to introduce him to Vivan. Meera says Vivan is very arrogant and he is unfit for friendship. Sumer says Vivan is rich and is very useful, he wants to befriend him at any cost. He walks in. Silky asks where are they going. Sumer says to meet Vivan. Silky says even will she will join them then. Meera walks first. Vivan stops her and asks to accept she did it.

Meera thinks he is talking about notes and says she did not. He grips her to wall. Their nok jhok continues. Sumer with Silky walk in and apologizes him for last misunderstanding and says he came to invite him for his and Meera’s engagement and befriend him, extending his hand. Vivan says he will think and walks in fuming if they had not come, he would have forced Meera to accept truth. Meera angrily leaves. Sumer walks behind her telling Vivan is rich and attitude is obvious.

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