Can you see me update Friday 29 April 2022

Can you see me 29 April 2022: Shona wearing Pihu’s school uniform with her street friends fools snack vendor and steals snack and runs away. Pihu thinks Shona is spoiling her name. Vendor runs Behind Shona. On the other side, Bobby mops floor. Barbie passes by. He yells if obese woman cannot see, blood baby elephant. Barbie angrily spoils floor. Bobby says he will complain. Anandita walks in and praises Bobby for cleaning her room well. Sooraj also praises Bobby for cleaning kitchen. Barbie leaves crying. Bobby thinks if this obese woman is helping him.

Shona hides under cardboard cartoon box. Pihu notices her, but cannot do anything. Vendor finds Shona and punishes her. At home, Vikram gives money to Mohini and says they have to be rewarded, else they will be lazy again. Mohini snatches money and takes credit of work. Vikram asks to teach some work to her brother also and leaves. Mohini leaves with money. Barbie confronts Bobby that he worked hard, but his sister took all the credit, he should realize truth who is dear one and who is acting. He says she did all the work. Barbie says she did it for him.

Shona returns home. Pihu says she did a mistake and was punished by vendor. Anandita asks Shona what happened to her how did she injure herself. She says she fell in school. Pihu says Shona got punishment for stealing, so she is lying. Anandita scolds Shona and leaves. Snona tells Pihu that her mad mother will listen to her and Pihu should not put unnecessary effort. Anandita asks Shona to get ready for shopping as tomorrow is her birthday. Pihu gets happy that tomorrow is her birthday and jumps in happiness.

Shona says it is her birthday and not bhootu’s/ghost’s, she will spoil party tomorrow. Pihu picks Gopal’s idol and asks what he is doing, what Shona will do on her birthday. Shona returns changing clothes. Pihu asks Shona what she will do on birthday. Shona says she is not a fool, Pihu troubled her, now she will punish her and her mother. Pihu pleads not to spoil her birthday. Shona says bhootu has boothuday and not birthday, Pihu is dead and she is alive.Anandita walks around swinger and hears someone weeping, but does not find anyone.

Pihu cries sitting on swinger. Gopal walks in and says in sometime, her birthday starts. Pihu says Bhootu has bhoothday and not birthday. Gopal says Shona’s words are not true she should ignore them. Pihu says yes and says Shona is bad and makes her cry. Gopal says Shona knows her weak nerve, so should not be sad in front of her. Pihu says how cannot she, evil Shona has taken her place, her pappa is no more, why only bad happens to her. Gopal says sorrows make us more strong and she should learn a lesson from them and suggests her smile always as it will make her strong and crying makes one weak. Pihu says she will smile and defeat Sohna.

She sees 12 midnight on clock and dances. Gopal gives his flute to her as gift and says she can ask 3 wishes. Pihu holding flute says mamma used to feed her laddoos at 12 exactly, hope today also happens same. Anandita brings laddoo and greets her happy birthday.Anandita brings laddoos for Pihu and pampers her. O meri maa…song.. plays in the background…Pihu falls asleep. Shona wakes up Pihu in the morning calling her chuiya and takes her flute. Pihu snatches it back and says it is Gopal’s gift, reminiscing Gopal gifting it with 3 wishes.

Shona yells her mad mamma forced her to wear pink frock. Shona says mamma bought it for her. Shona says she will enjoy what Pihu is entitled to and will spoil her party today, she can wait and watch. Anandita walks in and says tonight she has arranged Pihu’s birthday party and has called all her friends. Pihu gets happy hearing that. Shona yells her friends are babu bhai, aslam bhai..etc.. Anandita asks who are they. Pihu says goons. Shona says she will not celebrate her birthday without her friends and says party theme will be bollywood and she needs gifts for her friends. Anandita agrees and walks. Shona pushes her and asks Pihu to lift her mad mother.

Damroo orders Bobby and Mohini to finish household work properly as tonight is Pihu’s birthday party. Mohini yells at him and says don’t know why Vikram punishes them with household chores. Bobby says he finished cleaning and now it is Mohini’s turn to mop floor, if she is fine now. Mohini asks if he is doubting him and emotionally blackmails him. He gives broom and leaves. Mohini bribes Neelam and gets work done. They all decide which bollywood actor’s character they will play.

Vikram drops Shona in her old area with gifts and leaves. Shona meets her friends and they all dance. She then distributes them gifts, says this is all her look-alike Pihu’s, she is inviting them for tonight’s party, they can steal whatever they want as they are very rich and fool. Another boy silently hears their conversation standing nearby and thinks even he will attend party. Shona thinks she will teach Pihu a lesson in her own birthday so that Pihu does not interfere again.

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