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Broken Bonds 19 march 2023: Kuldeep shoves the glass and injres his hand. Shubhra says bring the first aid. Kuldeep walks away. Shubhra pulls him and makes him sit. The song kitni batain plays. Shubhra dresses his wound. Kuldeep looks at Shubhra. Shubhra says it’s good, you can go now. Shubhra says and yes, always remember I won’t stop you from meeting your kids because you’re their father. But a stranger can’t come near my kids, I won’t tolerate that. From now on, Rishi and Roli will live with me. Kuldeep is shocked. Shubhra leaves. Kuldeep goes to his room in anger. Kuldeep recalls his moments with Shubhra.

Broken Bonds 18 march 2023

Rishi recalls seeing Kuldeep hugging Samaira for the first time. He recalls how Kuldeep hit him and kids teased him. Kuldeep looks at Rishi. He says Rishi beta.. Rishi walks away. Kuldeep says listen. Rishi keeps running, Kuldeep runs after him. Samaira calls him but he ignores him. Chandrani sees them and runs after both on them. Rishi runs to the kitchen. The chef says you can’t go inside. No one can go there. Kuldeep says my son is inside. The chef says you can’t go there. Kuldeep sees Rishi cutting the vegetables in anger. Kuldeep says Biji, my son hates me. Am I such a bad father? Chandrani says everyone question can’t be answered with a yes or no. Sometimes are a test in relationships and you need support more than words in those times.

Samaira calls Kuldeep. She says why weren’t you picking my call? I want to talk to Roli. Give her the phone. I got her favorite sweets, I am waiting for her. Kuldeep is silent. Samaira says why are you silent? Kuldeep says Roli isn’t with me right now and we haven’t left.

Samaira says what? What are you doing there? I am waiting for you here and you. He says I have to stay here with my kids. I can’t say anything more than that. Kuldeep hangs up and looks at Rishi. Chandrani says kids are ropes that tie relationships, you cut it yourself and now you’re tying it. You are on the right path. Don’t step back. Samaira says he didn’t say anything? Biji has done all this. She is old and very smart. She knows your life is in Roli. So she took Roli first and then you. But she doesn’t know no one can play it better than me. I will win and my trophy would be Kuldeep.Kuldeep comes inside the kitchen. Rishi cuts the vegetables in anger. Rishi says papa doesn’t love us. Anger out out out.. Papa doesn’t live with us, anger out out out. Papa wants to ake Roli, anger out out out.

Papa slapped me, anger out out out. Kuldeep says papa made a mistake and you can be angry at papa. But I promise you he will convince you. Until you are happy. Rishi leaves. Rishi is sitting upset in the garden. Shubhra says see what I got you? I went to the kitchen and spoke to the chef very sweetly and told him my son loves poha. Let me make it and he did. And I made aai special poha for you. Rishi says I don’t want to eat. Shubhra says not even the poha I made for you? So much anger? Rishi says aai, please call Harsh. I want to talk to him. Shubhra says but he’s in Pune and he has work. How will he come here? If he can’t come here, I can call him. Rishi says no I want to meet him. Shubhra calls Harsh. She says sorry for video calling at this house. Shubhra says but friends aren’t bound by time. He says yeah you would call me during college days any time for assignments.

Shubhra says we are talking about your new friend. He’s very sad and isn’t even eating. She gives the phone to Rishi. Harsh says why are you sitting like a pumpkin? Eat the food before aai make our vegetables and eats us. Rishi laughs. Shubhra makes him eat. Rishi says friends come to meet every day. I miss you. Harsh says you are always in my heart and I meet you whenever I miss you. Kuldeep sees them. Harsh says am I not in your heart? Rishi says no no you’re in my heart. Sorry, I won’t forget that nw. When I miss you I will knock at my heart.

Kuldeep says Rishi has only that memory of me hitting him. I have to make him realize I am not that person and that he always lives in papa’s heart. Harsh says I was driving and she shouldn’t speak while driving. Rishi says you’re right. Harsh says bye, I love you. Rishi says bye. Kuldeep sits with Rishi. Kuldeep says you look so happy. Who were you speaking to? Rishi says aai I am full. Let me get water. He leaves. Shubhra leaves as well. Kuldeep stops Shubhra and says I wanted to say something, I am sorry. For what I have done to all of you. I didn’t know me sapping Rishi would hurt him so much. I shouldn’t have done it. If I knew I would have helped you with it. Rishi and Roli are our responsibility. I am sorry. Shubhra says the father is a hero in kids’ eyes. Your choice was clear, sorry shouldn’t be a word, it should be an action. We have learned to live without you, you don’t have time. At least for the kids.

Anyways, I will solve their problems. Healing Rishi and Roli’s misbehavior. I told you I am both their mother and father from now. Shubhra says I will handle everything. I am their father and mother both. Kuldeep says then who am I? I am their father. I have some right on them. Shubhra says with the same right you hit Rishi? With the same right, you let Roli be so spoiled? Mr. Kuldeep the most irresponsible father? Do you have any solution to Rishi’s anger? Do you even know how am I handling all this? If you can’t do anything good for them don’t aggravate their anger. Don’t come in front of them. She leaves.


Madhura and Chandrani run after Roli. She has a chocolate jar. Roli this is for kids, not old people. Madhura and Chandrani are shocked a the way she’s speaking. Chandrani says that’s not how you talk. And you can give it to Rishi. He shares everything with you. Roli says this is for me only. Samaira aunty sent it for me. I won’t give it to anyone. Madhura says what’s wrong with her? Aaju baa says all because of Chandrani. Chandrani says listen Roli, this isn’t good. Saying no to sharing. My Roli has good manners. Let’s share with Rishi. Roli says leave it. She tries to snatch it but it breaks. Roli says you are all bad. I hate you all. You all broke it because Samaira aunty sent it.

Has anyone of you ever given me such an expensive gift? Everyone is shocked. Shubhra comes there. Roli says she’s cool aunty, not Ravan. She’s very nice. She gives me what I want. You break her gifts. I won’t talk to anyone. Dadi you are very bad. Very bad, she cries. Shubhra says Roli, what is this behavior? Aaju baa says it’s not her mistake. She was with you and had your manners, for a few days she stayed with her father and dadi, she became like this it’s their mistake. Shubhra says Roli say sorry to dadi. Roli says it’s her mistake. She broke my gift. Shubhra says quiet. Say sorry and then go wherever you want. Roli says I will go to Samaira aunty. You all stay mad at me. You don’t get me anything good. She gets me everything. She loves me a lot. You don’t love me. You are very bad mama. You say no to everything, she never says no.

You are bad. Very bad. Roli leaves crying. Shubhra is shocked. Roli goes to Kuldeep. Kuldeep picks Roli and says Roli what you did is very wrong. Say sorry to mama, or papa will be upset and won’t take you with him. You listen to everything papa asks right? Say sorry. Roli says sorry to Shubhra. Kuldeep elaves. Shubhra hugs Roli. Shubhra sits outside and recalls what Roli said. Aaju baa comes and says waiting for the shooting stars? What’s the wish today? Shubhra hugs him and says it was so easy to wish for things in childhood. And you would fulfill them. Aaju baa says your baba is here to fulfill them now as well. Shubhra says my wishes will never be fulfilled. He wipes her tears and says my Shubhra is brave and can fulfill her own wishes. I know you’re hurt about what Roli said.

But once she’s out of Samaira’s shadow, she will become your daughter. It happens but the relationship of kids and parents is so strong that its roots never weaken. Shubhra says sorry that Kuldeep came suddenly. He says don’t say sorry for him. He isn’t part of our lives. He says let’s go have dinner. Shubhra says I don’t want to eat. He says I will have to make you eat like you make Rishi eat. Shubhra says let’s go.

At the dinner table, Aaju baa says order whatever you like. Madhura says a lot of food would be ordered. He says no restrictions today. I won’t let the day be ruined anymore. He looks at Chandrani. Kuldeep comes there. He sits at a different table. Roli says papa come eat with us there. Kuldeep says I am okay here. Roli says okay then I will also eat here. Bring my food here. Kuldeep looks at Rishi. He holds the menu in anger. Kuldeep says Roli, let’s go eat with everyone there. He comes to the same table. Chandani says if God wants, they can come close. The food is served. Everyone starts eating. Aaju baa makes Madhura eat. Roli gives the first bite to Kuldeep and Rishi to Shubha. Samaira keeps calling Kuldeep but he doesn’t pick. Roli says Samaira aunty is calling.

I want to talk. Everyone is shocked. Kuldeep cuts the call. Aaju baa says Shubhra try this. Roli says mama should I taste it? Shubhra says yes. Roli makes Kuldeep eat. Shubhra holds her and hand and says papa is allergic to cashews. Chandrani says to Madhura allergies can give you beautiful moments as well like these. Harsh comes to the same resort for a conference. He asks for the other doctor, the receptionist says he’s waiting for you in the cafe. Rishi asks Roli what will you eat in the desert? Madhura says I don’t want to eat anymore. Aaju baa says order something I will also have 2 spoons.

The waiter says hurry up, the restaurant is closing. Chandrani says my son can order desserts in 2 minutes, he’s an expert. Kuldeep says sugar-free almond cup for baba, ice cream for aai, kulfi for biji, tripe chocolate sundae for both kids, one creamery for me, gulab jamun, and rabri for Shubhra. Roli says those are mama’s favorite. Shubhra says don’t bring gulab jamuns. I caramel custard. Chandrani says you love gulab jamuns. Shubhra says people change with time.

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