Broken Bonds update Friday 27 January 2023


Broken Bonds 27 January 2023: Shubhra’s cousin comes to ChaandRani and tells her how she fought for her pension. ChaandRani recalls how Tripathi gave her cheque and said a girl fought with him. She calls Kuldeep. Kuldeep says even biji found out?

Shubhra can’t find her degree. She says what should I do? Everything is at stake. Sanjana says you have to start it by divorcing him.

Kuldeep comes to the office. Samaira says you’re late for meeting again. Kuldeep says Rishi called. Samaira says yes I told him you’re busy. Kuldeep says no you said I left them. Samaira says no he misbehaved with me. He shouted why did I touch your phone. Kuldeep says rishi can never talk like that. Samaira says you mean I am lying? It’s my mistake I didn’t tell you.

Your son misbehaved with me when I came for lunch at your place. I can’t continue like this if I am 100% loyal but for you, your family is first priority. I feel insecure now. He says it’s not like that. You know I love you. Tell me what should I do? She says divorce Shubhra so I know you love me only and will be with me always.

Aaju calls Shubhra. Shubhra is shocked. She says it can’t be him. It must be ai calling from his phone. She picks the phone and says aai you’re calling from baba’s phone? He says it’s me baba. Come home. Shubhra says I will come. He hangs up. Shubhra is shocked.

Scene 2
Shubhra comes to Aaju’s home and recalls how he shouted at them when she came there with Kuldeep. Shubhra says kaka can I come in? Aaju comes and says daughters don’t need permission to come home. Shubhra enters the house and hugs him. Shubhra hugs him. She cries. Aaju says you don’t have to worry about anything. Your baba is alive. He says everything will be fine.

Roli says to Rishi mama didn’t make papa call me. He says she must not have gotten time. Roli says I am his princess. He didn’t video call me. This isn’t fair. I will be mad at mama. Rishi says in his heart can’t tell Roli. Roli says I will be mad at you as well. Papa called today, you didn’t let me speak to him. If I asked him to come home he would. Rishi says I forgot. Roli says stupid. Roli says idea.. We can go to Mumbai to papa. Rishi says what?

Aaju shows divorce papers to Shubhra and says sign them. You will be free of it. Samaira says tell me Kuldeep will you divorce her? Aaju says I know it’s not easy for you. Take them home and sign when you’re ready. Then you can come here with your kids. To your aai and baba. This is your house. You don’t have to live there.

Shubhra says thank you baba. He says don’t be emotional like your aai. Be practical like me. Kuldeep says no Samaira, I can’t take such a big decision. If it was about Shubhra only I would but Rishi and Roli, I have to think about them. they’re my kids. I am sorry but I don’t want to take a hasty decision. She says I understand but don’t take too long to decide.


Rishi says how can we go to Mumbai. Aai won’t let us go. Roli says we won’t tell her. Roli says yes we won’t. When we go there we will bring papa with us. Papa will never say no to me. Rishi says let’s go.

Scene 3
The kids come home. Shubhra says what’s in your hands Roli? She says nothing mama. Shubhra says take out your toys and books. We will go to Aaju ba’s place and live there. Roli says okay mama. They are packing things. Shubhra says you like baba’s place so we are going there. Roli says you’re right Rishi. Mama papa are separating, why would we live in Aaju ba’s house. Rishi says we will have fun with Aaju ba. Shubhra says pack your things. Shubhra looks around the house. Roli says can we go downstairs to play? We will pack later. They go downstairs. The kids sneak out of society.

Kuldeep packs things. Samaira says are you going somewhere? He says yes have a meeting with Mr. Varma. Will stay there at night. She says can we have a cup of coffee? He says sure. He goes out to get coffee. Samaira calls Varma and asks him about the meeting. He says there’s no meeting. She says oh I misunderstood. Samaira says what the hell. He is going to Pune to meet Shubhra. Kuldeep brings coffee. Samaira looks at him in anger.

Shubhra looks for Rishi and Roli. She says I told them we have to go. Where are they. Aaji comes. She says I came to help you pack. Shubhra says did you see the kids downstairs? Aaji says no. shubhra says they went to play. I told them to come back. Aaji says they must be around. Where would they go? Shubhra calls all their friends but they are at no one’s place. Shubhra says where did they go? Sanjana says they are not in parking. Her husband says I checked till signal. They are nowhere. Shubhra runs out. Sanjana says they must here don’t worry. Shubhra says but no one has seen them. Aaji looks outside. Sanjana’s husband says let me inform police. Don’t worry. Watchman says they are nowhere.

Aaji finds a letter they wrote. Rishi wrote, Dear aai, Roli and I are going to Mumbai to bring papa back. We will fix your relation. We will be fine. Don’t worry. Shubhra is shocked. Shubhra says my kids went to Mumbai? Alone? They don’t know how to cross the roads. Aai.. Where should I look for them?

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