Bridal Material update Tuesday 5 July 2022


Bridal Material 5 July 2022: Silky walks to Mahi’s room and gets afraid seeing blood stained doll. She shouts and tries to run. Parminder/Sunny calms her down. Mahi stands smiling, hiding. Silky says Mahi must have done this mischief, she will teach her a lesson. Mahi prepares soup.

Meera rushes to kitchen asking her why did she come here, if she needed soup, she would have her or someone else. Mahi says she prepared soup for Meera as she kept her in this house against Vivan and others’ wish. Meera gets emotional and helps her prepare soup. Vivan notices that and walks away. Mahi notices him and reminisces his mother Tulika dayan telling she has to get into Meera’s good books to control her, then Vivan can be easily controlled. She thinks she knows what to do now.

Dhingra family enjoys breakfast when Dolly opens door hearing door bell. Police enters and says they came here for a girl. Meera asks who told him. vivan says he called police as they don’t know who anything about girl. Meera gets tensed says she will not let them take Mahi. Mahi walks around them. Vivan apologizes inspector for calling him and says Mahi will stay here itself. Inspector asks Mahi to filll a form.

Mahi says she does not know how to fill it. He questions her and fills form. He then informs Vivan that Mahi wrote Vivan Kapoor in father’s column. Mahi calls him papa. Inspector asks Vivan to sort out his issues and leaves. Vivan warns Mahi not to play games, she is here because of Meera and has to return to her family. Mahi says she will find mamma, papa is in front of her. Vivan angrily laves. Silky hears that and thinks of taking Parminder’s help to find out truth.

Silky walks towards Parminder’s room to seek his help. Mahi stops her and asks if she will inform she is Vivan’s daughter. Silky warns her dare not to mess with her. Mahi’s eyes turn blue, she lifts Silky by neck and warns to keep her mouth shut, else she will be killed.

Meera walks towards them. Mahi throws Silky on floor seeing Meera. Meera helps Silky and asks how did she fall. Silky says she did not walk carefully fell, walks away limping. After sometime, Meera sees Mahi brooming floor and asks why she is brooming floor. Mahi says she is acting as maid during fancy dress competition, so she is practicing. Meera leaves smiling.

Vivan passes by and asks what she is brooming floor. Mahi lies that Meera ordered her. Vivan takes her to hospital. Tulika on the other sie does black magic and thinks she has to sacrifice a child to keep Mahi powerful and herself powerful in return.

Silky walks to Parminder/Sunny and informs him that Mahi is Vivan’s daughter and describes him whole incident. He asks her to keep an eye on them. Silky says Vivan is taking Mahi to hospital. Vivan with Mahi drives car towards hospital and informs Mahi that he is taking her for DNA test and see if she is really his daughter.



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