Bridal Material update Friday 24 June 2022


Bridal Material 24 June 2022: Dolly takes Meera to temple lady. Temple lady sees Meera and she is the girl who trusts her husband blindly. She makes Meera sit and holds her hand. Meera sees same girl Paromita being rejected by a man and she coming in front of truck and dying.

Lady says this girl’s eyes are transplanted into Meera, so Meera is seeing this girl’s past. She continues and warns Meera not to trust her husband when Vivan enters and kicks kumkum plate and warns woman to stop fooling innocent. Meera and Dolly are shocked to see this. Lady says he is afraid of accepting his past. Vivan warns her again to stay away from Meera. Lady warns Meera to not trust Vivan. Vivan asks Meera to trust him and takes her home.

Vivan takes Meera home and getting romantic with her gives Soni Kudi Academy/SKU’s keys and says after mom, only she can do justice, she is the most eligible person to handle SKU. Meera says her dream was to join SKU, now she will teach there. He says she is lucky to get most eligible bachelor as life partner and should trust him. She shies. He hugs her from behind and get intimate when she imagines Paromita and part ways. Vivan asks what happened. She gets more tensed. He asks her to relax, everything will be alright after tomorrow’s pooja.

Next morning, Vivan and Meera attend pooja with others when Meera imagines Paromita and someone killing a man and runs away from there panicked. Vivan walks to her and asks what happened to her. She asks him to rejoin pooja, sh e will come later. She finds burnt photo and prays god to show her a way. She gets shopkeeper’s call who says he forgot to tell that he has installed CCTV cameras at his shop and she can come and check footage. She thanks good for showing her a way..

Meera imagines a masked man killing doctor. She think she ha to warn doctor, calls him and asks to not open door. Doctor cannot hear her. She invites him to maata ki chowki at her house. Phoe gets disconnected. Masked man enters and slits doctor’s throat. Dolly, Amar, Vivan with guests pray Devi maaa and sing bhajan. Meera runs to living room and seeing pooja happening thinks why did not doctor uncle come yet. Police arrive at doctor’s place. Meera calls doctor. Inspector picks call and informs that doctor is murdered.


Meera is shocked to hear that and confronts devi maa why innocent people are killed, why she is not seeing ray of life, she will not pray god from hereon and light temple lamp. Dolly senses heavy gush of air and thinks it will rain soon.

Vivan and Paromita’s photo is shown flickering on mat, flies and falls in front of Maata’s idol. Meera is shocked to see that pic and realizes Vivan is the man who Paromita loved. She imagines the incident where Paromita confesses her love for Vivan. Vivan says he cannot love her as he loves someone else. She pleds not to leave him and he walks away. Meera realizes that Paromita cut Vivan’s named birthday cake and says they met first time on this day and shows Vivan’s named tattoo on her neck.

Meera fumes that Vivan lied and betrayed her, how can he, why did he do that. She reminisces Vivan trying to divert her attention and saying she is just imagining things and shouts it is truth of Vivan’s past. She searches some box in cupboad and does not find it, thinks she kept it here, then where did it go. She realizes she found burnt photo in corridor, that means Vivan burnt it. She walks to corridor to search clue and finds box hidden in ground. She finds Vivan and Paromita’s different photos and cries more realizing Vivan betrayed her.

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