Brave and beautiful update Wednesday 9 September 2020

Brave and beautiful 9 September 2020: Bobby enters the house. Everyone look at him turn by turn. Dhruv gets happy, he says I was going to take papa from station, but I met him on the way.

Anand scolds Dhruv saying who asked you to go to station, we were worried about you. Ishaan takes Dhruv inside. Shraddha looks at Bobby and cries. Bobby comes towards Shraddha. Papa comes infront of Shraddha. Papa thinks about Anand’s and Bobby’s aunt’s words. He gets angry and slaps Bobby. Everyone are shocked.

Shraddha looks at Papa and then at Bobby. Bobby bows down and sits on his knees. Bobby apologizes to everyone. Anand thinks about Bhavna’s words. Anand says this is a drama, tell what do you want from us. Bobby says I want punishment. I want to rectify my mistake. Bobby says I said no to my world, I came back to get it back. Anand throws Bobby and Bobby gets hurt. Anand says this is a lie. He says people like you never change. Mummy says stop it, people don’t think in anger state. Mummy says we need to give chances to make a relation. We need to forget everything. Kittu stops Anand and takes Bobby’s side. Anand does not want to listen anyone. Papa stops Anand and goes to Bobby.

Papa stares at Bobby angrily. He says I hate you, but my daughter loves you. If you came to keep Shraddha happy, only then I will accept you and I m ready to hug you. Shraddha is shocked. Mummy and Kittu are happy listening this. Bobby hugs Papa. Shraddha smiles.

Bobby says Papa I am really very sorry. Anand still doubts Bobby. Shraddha gets much happy. Kittu welcomes Bobby and shows him Shraddha’s room. She says we have decorated the room for you. Kittu asks him to be free. Shraddha looks at Bobby. Kittu calls Shraddha to come inside the room. Shraddha walks in. Kittu apologizes on Papa and Anand’s behalf. Bobby says whatever they did was right. He says they did not do anything wrong, it was my mistake. He says I m really very sorry, I could not come in your marriage. Kittu says never mind. Bobby says I have heard a lot about you, you are really nice. Kittu says you both have a talk, I will prepare the breakfast. Kittu asks Shraddha to give a chance to Bobby and forgive him for his mistakes.

Shraddha moves away from Bobby. Bobby goes to her and says will you not say anything. Shraddha cries. Bobby says please look at me. She turns and looks at him. He says please say anything. Shraddha thinks about Dhruv and the problems she dealt with. She thinks about the taunts people passed at her. Bobby holds her hand and asks her to slap him. She says what should I say, how did I spend one year alone. She argues with Bobby. He says I understand everything, she pushes him away. She says you cannot understand anything. I answered Dhruv’s questions. You don’t understand Dhruv’s pain. Bobby sits on his knees and says sorry. She says can your sorry return my one year. How much troubles I faced because of you.Shraddha and Bobby cry.

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