Brave and beautiful update Tuesday 9 September 2020


Brave and beautiful 8 September 2020: Kittu and Shraddha talk about Bobby. Dhruv comes and says Ishaan is troubling him. Ishaan says play the guitar when your papa comes. Kittu says we are here to welcome your papa. Dhruv is planning what he will do when his dad comes.

Shraddha is happy, and her brother teases her singing a song. Shraddha says this song is irritating, so they sing another song. Ishaan and Ashish tease Shraddha, Kittu laughs. Shraddha runs to beat them, Kittu is happy seeing Shraddha.

Anand is still annoyed with Bobby. Kittu comes and tells him about Ishaan and Ashish. Anand says are you done with the arrangements for Bobby. Kittu asks why are you overreacting. Anand says Bobby is fraud, he is coming with a purpose. Kittu says ok, let him come, we will see him. She says Shraddha is very happy. Anand says ok, lets see, but I love Shraddha a lot, if I see anything wrong in Bobby, I won’t leave Bobby. He leaves saying this. Kittu thinks about it.

Mummy and Papa are seeing the decorations. Papa is also making plans to spend time with Bobby. Mummy says you are a good father-in-law. Mummy says don’t call Bobby by the name you kept for him. He says ok, if I say by mistake, then you take hold of the situation. Mummy says don’t do any mistake. Papa says do you think everything will be fine. Mummy says yes. Papa says Shraddha is very happy today. Mummy says I knew it, Shraddha will be ready to go with him whenever he comes.

Papa asks Mummy about her ex-husband, saying would you have gone with him if he came again in your life. Mummy is shocked. Papa says sorry to her for the wrong question. Mummy cries and says I did not have anything concrete in my first marriage. She means never. Papa looks at her and hugs her saying sorry.

Ishaan is calling Dhruv. Papa asks what happened, Ishaan says Dhruv is nowhere. Shraddha and everyone are shocked. Shraddha asks Ishaan where is Dhruv. Anand says he might be here only, lets look out for him. Everyone call out Dhruv. Papa and Mummy gets tensed. Papa says don’t worry about him, he might be here and there. Shraddha starts crying. No one finds Dhruv. Papa says where will he go.


Mummy says did he go outside the gate. They ask Ishaan, he says he does not know. Ishaan says we were talking about Bobby, and I told him Bobby will come by train and the station is near, did he go to the station. Papa slaps Ishaan.

Papa says you are such an idoit. Ishaan says I did not know Dhruv would go alone. Anand and Ashish goes to look out for Dhruv. Shraddha cries. Papa asks her not to cry. Anand and Ashish look out for Dhruv near the station. Shraddha prays for Dhruv. Mummy is tensed and makes rounds. Ishaan looks out for Dhruv too. Anand comes back and says they did not get Dhruv anywhere. Papa consoles Shraddha. Ishaan says everything happened because of him, you beat me. jaya says what will we say to Bobby. Anand says think only about Dhruv no. Mummy says when will we sit like this, Papa asks Anand to report in police. Anand asks Shraddha for Dhruv’s photo. Anand cannot see Shraddha cry. Dhruv shouts mumma and comes running. Shraddha gets up and hugs him. Everyone are relieved. Shraddha asks are you fine, and kisses him.

Kittu asks him where did he go, we all were worried. Dhruv says I went to welcome papa on the road. Shraddha is shocked. Dhruv says Papa brought me here. Everyone look at Dhruv. Bobby enters the house. Everyone look at Bobby.

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