Brave and Beautiful Update Wednesday 20 January 2021


Brave and Beautiful 20 January 2021:Starts with Kunali getting romantic and asking her why was she smiling alone. She says I won’t. He says share it with me, fine if you don’t want to say. Say infront of everyone. He smiles and shouts holding his leg. She asks what happened. She says stop it, everyone will come here, what will they think. He says I will shout till you say. She says no, I was thinking of that day when I came in your room the first time and you were in towel. Kunal says oh, so that is it.

He says even I think of that day and smile. He asks what did you think about me that day, please say. She says don’t act now. Dhruv goes to sleep. Kittu takes care of him. Anand comes to Kittu and says you have really helped Shraddha. Kittu says I know Shraddha will be always happy with Kunal. Anand hugs her and asks are you happy with me. She smiles and says Dhruv is here in our room, leave me. She says Dhruv was missing Shraddha a lot. Anand says Dhruv hold my hand tight seeing the marriage, till when will we keep him away from Shraddha. Kittu says yes, Shraddha should not know that Dhruv felt so much bad. Anand says Shraddha will take Dhruv after she returns from honeymoon, your mum should accept him. Kittu says Kunal will manage.

Kunal says today you can’t go away from me. Shraddha says why. He says as its our suhaagraat tonight. He says I want to be near you. He asks what happens in suhaagraat, tell me. Shraddha says shut up Kunal. Kunal says tell me. Shraddha smiles. He flirts and she asks why does this happens. He asks what is the matter, she says nothing. He says don’t hide anything from your husband and we are also friends. He says I want to tell you something, everyone gave me gifts and blessings. Then I thought to give my wife something special. He asks her what does she want, what is her wish. He promises that he will fulfill her wish and asks what does her heart want.

Shraddha says my son, Dhruv. Kunal is shocked. She says I m sorry Kunal, I did not mean that that I want to meet him now. Kunal says I understand. If I miss him so much, I can understand how much you will miss him. He says I was thinking Dhruv is missing between us. He says Dhruv always supported me, he is my buddy, how can I forget him. He says I will bring him. Shraddha says not now, its night, everyone will think odd. Kunal says I don’t care, mum will be angry but I will deal with her. Shraddha asks what problem does she have. Kunal hides from her and says she will ask me where am I going at this time, I will handle promise. He says dad always supported me and will support you also, you just chill. I will bring Dhruv and be back. He kisses her and leaves. Shraddha smiles.

Kunal tells everyone that he is going to bring Dhruv. Everyone are shocked. Kamini says are you mad, its your marriage today. Kunal says it will be good if Dhruv stays with us. Purshottam says bring her tomorrow. Nani says you should not leave the bride alone. Kamini says you won’t go anywhere. Kunal says how can a mum stay without a son, Dhruv might be missing her. Kamini gets angry and says she knew she has to leave her son there. Purshottam says it won’t be good if you go there. Kunal says i want Dhruv for myself also, I want my son to be with me in this house. Kamini says Dhruv will not come in this house. Dadi says Dhruv is not alone, he has everyone with him. She says you can bring him tomorrow.

Purshottam says you should not go there at this time, what will they think, they will be shocked. Kunal says fine. Anand and Kittu come to everyone and says Dhruv slept as he was tired. How will he live without Shraddha. Ishaan says I will not let him miss his mum. Mummy says yes, we don’t know how much kids are sensitive, we should take care of him, he can get hurrt easily. Dhruv comes. Kittu asks what happened. Dhruv says I got a bad dream and I got scared. Mummy hugs him and says we all are with you. Dhruv says I don’t have mumma here. Mummy says she will come later. Kittu says yes, lets go and sleep. Anand says go with Kittu. Papa says you are my strong son. Ashish says he is a superman. Ishaan says we will play games tomorrow.

Papa says call your friend Sahil also. Dhruv asks will mumma never come now. Everyone looks on. Papa says she will come, to take you and meet you. Kunal calls Anand. Papa talks to him. Kunal hugs Shraddha and talks. Papa asks are you fine. Kunal makes Shraddha talk. Shraddha asks did Dhruv sleep, is he missing me. Papa makes Dhruv talk. Dhruv says I don’t want to talk to anyone. Shraddha hears this and is tensed. Kittu says he was in sleep so…. Shraddha says give him phone.

Mummy says don’t worry, we all are with him. Shraddha says no, Dhruv is not fine, he is annoyed with me, I know I will come to meet him now. Mummy says no you can’t come now. He will sleep soon, what will relatives tell there, be there and come tomorrow. Papa goes to see Dhruv. Mummy says talk to him in morning, go and take rest, good night. Kunal says we will go and meet him and bring him here. I promise. Shraddha holds his hand.



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