Brave and Beautiful Update Tuesday 19 January 2021


Brave and Beautiful 19 January 2021: Starts with Kamini seeing Dhruv and getting an idea. Shraddha and Kunal go to take the pheras. Anand tells Kittu that he is very happy for Shraddha today.Kamini fills Dhruv’s ears that he has to learn to be alone as Shraddha is leaving him and going to a new house. Kunal and Shraddha smile seeing each other in the mandap. The pandit asks their parents to come. Papa goes to call Kamini. Kamini tells Dhruv that she did not believe it when Shraddha decided to leave him and marry, but what can she do, Shraddha does not have time for you, she has to take care of Kunal also. She says do you want this marriage to happen, you told me that I should let this marriage happen, so I said yes, I did not know that Shraddha will leave you here.
Dhruv gets upset. Kamini asks what does he want now, tell me, do you want to marriage to take place. Papa says what are you saying to Dhruv. Kamini gets tensed. Papa smiles ass he did not hear anything. Papa says come, pandit is calling you.

Kamini asks Dhruv to take time to spend with Shraddha, then he won’t be able to….. She smiles and leaves. Dhruv looks on sadly. Shraddha asks where is Dhruv. Kittu says he is with Mummy. Mummy asks Dhruv to have icecream. The pandit calls Shraddha’s parents to do the kanyadaan. Dhruv asks what is kanyadaan. Mummy says Papa will permit Shraddha to stay in others house. She will be in Kunal’s house now. Dhruv says I need to talk. Mummy says yes say. Papa calls her and she leaves.

Kittu sees Dhruv upset and goes to him. She asks do you want to sit with mum. She says once the marriage ends, you can go to her. Anand says we will let you meet Shraddha soon, promise. Kittu does the ghatbandhan. Shraddha and Kunal does the rituals. Kunal fills the sindoor in her maang and Shraddha looks at him smiling. The pandit asks them to stand for the pheras. Kunal and Shraddha takes the rounds and everyone puts flowers on them. Everyone are happy. Papa asks Mummy what is she thinking. She says I did not see you in our marriage, I m seeing you in Kunal, I m seeing trust and love in Kunal’s eyes just like you had. Anand comes to Dhruv and kisses and hugs him.

The pandit says the marriage is completed. Kamini is upset. Purshottam says Shraddha will rule over you Kunal. Kunal smiles. Shraddha looks at Dhruv. Kunal makes Shraddha have the laddos, everyone claps. Dildaar says lets go and have food now, its arranged. Kunal asks where are my shoes. He asks his friends. Kittu says give us Rs. 25000 and take the shoes. Kunal says are you my sister or hers. Kunal gives her money. Purshottam says don’t give Kunal. Kittu says I m from Shraddha’s side. Anand takes the money and says I m with Kunal, no need to give them money as we can buy new shoes. Kittu says fine, Rs 20000. Anand says no Rs 10000. Dildaar jokes and everyone laughs. Dildaar says what a fraud, how are this baraatis. Purshottam asks what happened.

Dildaar says you said 200 people will come and 202 came, our budget will rise. Purshottam says I did not do exact calculations. Dildaar says this is not done. Kamini gets angry. Papa calls Ishaan, Ashish and Anand and asks them to take Dildaar out. Papa apologizes to Kamini. Purshottam says we understand his nature. Kittu gets the money from An and and runs. The bidaai time comes. Shraddha cries and says I will miss you Dhruv, call and talk to me daily. Kunal says we both will come to take you soon. Kittu says don’t worry about her, we will take care. Mummy says we are here, come you have to go now. She hugs Shraddha and they cry.


Kamini thinks now I have to cry. Shraddha hugs Dhruv. Kittu says its a matter of few days then he will be with you. Shraddha hugs everyone and cries. Dhruv looks on as Shraddha walks out.Shraddha’s Bidaai. Shraddha cries hugging everyone. She looks at Dhruv. She leaves with Kunal shocking Dhruv. Everyone cries as Shraddha leaves. Dhruv says mumma you left me, dad broke his promise and no one loves me, even Bobby left me before, you all also left me. He cries. Everyone go inside the house. Bua cries loudly. Dildaar consoles her and Papa saying she is a daughter and had to leave one day. Papa says I wanted to stop her. Papa says I felt weak at that moment. He says he felt as if she went so far. Mummy says Shraddha is settled now, we wanted this, our happiness is in her happiness. Dildaar says we will leave now. Bua says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Everyone greet him. Dildaar and Bua leaves.

Kittu talks to Dhruv and asks will you play or watch a film with Ishaan now. She asks what happened, are you annoyed with me. Dhruv smiles and says lets play and see who wins. Everyone smile and take Dhruv to play. Nani asks Shraddha to hit the kalaash and come in. Dadi says no stop, first we will do the aarti. Dadi asks Kamini to welcome Shraddha. Kamini looks at Shraddha in anger. She does the aarti thinking about Shraddha’s words.

Everyone smile. Shraddha hits the kalash and comes in. Kunal is much happy. Nani says Shraddha might be tired, take her to her room. Kunal’s friend teases him and takes him. Kamini looks on angrily. Purshottam sees her unhappy and comes to talk to her.
He asks her to accept Shraddha as her bahu by her heart. She says I have accepted her. He says but your face shows something else, you look so unhappy. He says I have seen how much you tried to stop the marriage. He scolds her and says you have separated Shraddha and Dhruv already, your condition was very bad. I did not tell you as the guests have come, but I felt bad, I controlled my anger because of Kunal’s happiness, but now Shraddha is our bahu, don’t hurt her by your words. She says fine. Kamini says I won’t do anything, she has come now, lets see how she lives without Dhruv.

Papa thinks about Shraddha and is upset. Everyone are sad in the house missing her. Anand pacifies Papa. Kittu diverts Papa’s mind by telling him about Dildaar. Papa says what the chairs were less, call him I will see him. Mummy says they have left. Papa says Lord should save us from them, we did a mistake by calling them, I won’t let them come in ishaan and Dhruv;’s marriage. Everyone laughs. Shraddha and Kunal are teased by some girls. They take money from Kunal to allow him to meet Shraddha. Shraddha is in his room and thinks about their old moments in the same room. Kunal comes to her and music plays………….. Shraddha smiles and is shy.

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