Brave and beautiful starlife August 2020 teasers

Brave and beautiful August teasers 2020: Shraddha elopes to get married not knowing her life is taking a turn for the worst until her sister-in-law comes to her defense.

Tuesday 18 August 2020
Episode 1

Shraddha marries against her family’s wishes. It is Colonel Shergill’s birthday and he is waiting for his daughter’s call – however Shraddha is unable to call him because she is short of money.

Col. Shergill is very upset but his daughter-in-law Kritika convinces him to carry on with the party and cut his birthday cake.

Will Shraddha call her father and wish him?

Wednesday 19 August 2020
Episode 2

Kritika suspects that something is wrong with Shraddha and convinces her husband Anand to travel to Mumbai to check on his sister.

What will Anand find out, upon arriving?

Thursday 20 August 2020
Episode 3

Shraddha rehearses for her interview, with Dhruv. Jetli threatens her to pay the rent. Anand arrives at Shraddha’s house. Shraddha forbids Dhruv from telling Anand about her interview.

Friday 21 August 2020
Episode 4

Anand is pleased, thinking that Bobby is keeping Shraddha happy. He doesn’t know the truth – that Bobby has left her.

Jetli comes with his men to vacate Shraddha’s apartment. She tries to stop Anand from witnessing what happens.

Monday 24 August 2020
Episode 5

Kritika asks Anand to take Shraddha home. She informs Zorawar of Shraddha’s situation. Anand asks her why she was hiding the truth. She feels ashamed to face her father. Zorawar tells her to come home.

Tuesday 25 August 2020
Episode 6

Shraddha and Dhruv leave for Delhi. Zorawar instructs the family members to behave normally with Shraddha. He receives and consoles her when she starts crying.

Wednesday 26 August 2020
Episode 7

Anand thanks Kritika for sending him to Mumbai. Jaya wonders if Shraddha will be kept at home forever. Zorawar intends to send Bobby to jail. At the dinner table, Kritika serves Shraddha all her favourite food.

Thursday 27 August 2020
Episode 8

Kritika tells her mother that Shraddha has returned home. Shraddha apologises to Zorawar. Zorawar asks her to forget the past and move on with her life. Ashish suggests her to file a divorce petition.

Friday 28 August 2020
Episode 9

Kritika asks Amrit to resolve her differences with Shraddha. Kamini visits the Shergill house and enquires about Bobby. Jaya tells her that Bobby left Shraddha, a year ago. Kamini question her how will they face the society.

Monday 31 August 2020
Episode 10

Kritika apologises on behalf of Kamini. She tells Shraddha that the family’s happiness depends on her. Anand asks Kritika to inform her mother not to come to the house, again.


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