Blue venom girl update Wednesday 20 April 2022


Blue venom girl 20 April 2022: Apu sees lemon/chilli protective thread on floor and lemon turning black and asks why did he throw it. He says he wanted to fix flowers on door. She gets worried seeing black lemon. Malay comes and she tries to speak, but Nandita comes and takes him in. She introduces him to Kajaria family and says Mr. Kajaria is Jodhpur’s #1 jewelry businessman and is his father’s classmate. Kajaria’s daughter gifts Malay an antique watch and wife gifts flower bouquet. Kajaria says this is rare piece of maharaja. Malay asks why are they giving gift. Nandita says she is thinking of marrying Kajaria’s daughter to him. Malay asks how can she and fumes. He thinks even Apu is with Nandita and scolds even her.

Nandita scolds Malay that she wants to get rid of dirty Apu and her mother. Apu heaars that and confronts. Nandita tries to slap her, but Mandira comes and stops her. Nandita gets very happy seeing her sister. Malay also gets happy and calls her maasi. Mandira asks if she looks so old, he can call her rani sahiba. She asks Nandita not to scold such a beautiful girl. Nandita says she does not know who this girl is. Mandira says she knows. Malay introduces Apu to her and she praises Apu. Apu thinks Mandira is so nice.Mandira goes to graveyard and scolds grave dinner for delaying digging grave. She looks at real Mandira and reveals she is Kasturi’s boss/black smoke. She reminisces how she tried to kill Apu repeatedly and thinks via Mandira Rani Sahiba she will attain her goal.

Malay scolds Apu repeatedly and Apu thinks she will fulfill her promise made to Vardaan and will take care of Malay whole life.Apu threads lemon and chilli to tie it on door and prays god to protect her family. Fake Mandira/evil spirit sees that and gets afraid. She sees her original image of chudail/ghost in mirror. Malay comes scolds Apu if she check guest list, did other chores, etc.. Apu says yes. He asks if she ordered Avi’s cake. She says no. He scolds she cannot anything right. Mandira comes with Avi and says she ordered cake and asks Malay not to scold Apu uncessarily. Apu thanks her for taking her side. She then asks Apu why is she acting so primitive and trying tie lemon and chilli on door and asks Malay to go and throw this far away. Malay throws it.


They all then get in and Avi cuts cake. Malay asks Apu to give him large chunk as he likes cake flavor. Avi asks Mandira he went to the shop in the morning and it was closed, how did she get it. She says she went in the evening. Avi’s fiance Chikki comes and starts her jokergiri. Kalpana comes from her holy trip and tells Apu that her guru gave her mirror to keep evil spirits away. Mandira gets afraid. Chikki says she will look more beautiful in this mirror and looks into mirror. She sees Mandira’s image/chudail and drops mirror shouting she saw frightening chudail in mirror. Mandira says there is nothing like chudail. Abhi says she got afraid seeing her own face… Mandira takes Malay to gift designer kurta for Avi’s haldi.

Malay tries to tie dhoti unsuccessfully and slips. Apu passes by and laughs. Malay asks her to come and tie his dhoti as she is his care taker. She says that does not mean she will tie dhoti. He says then all her promises made are lie. She ties his dhoti and he closes eyes. She says it is done. He sees bandage on her and asks what happened. She says nothing and walks out thinking she had to bear a burn to protect family from evil spirit.Avi’s haldi starts. Chikki does her jokergiri. Kalpana says haldi is very less and many people, so she will get some more. Apu reminisces dipping finger in haldi and getting burnt. Kalpana says it is very powerful haldi and if evil spirit touches it, it will burn. Apu says she was just testing. Kalpana brings haldi and everyone applies haldi to Avi and Chiikki. Nndita asks Mandira to apply haldi next. Mandira extends her hand towards haldi bowl.

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