Blue venom girl update Thursday 28 April 2022

Blue venom girl 28 April 2022: Apu burns a tree and Laila/Yakshini also burns as her life is attached to the tree. Avi tries to catch Laila, but Malay stops him. Nandita tells Kumum that she is going to London for a business deal and she along with Mandira should take care of house. Kukum asks her to come before Avi’s marriage. Nandita angrily looks at her. Kumkum gets afraid and wishes her happy journey.Nandita changes into chudail revealing she is actuallly black smoke chudail. Real Nandita is seen dead. Chudail then takes back Mandira’s form and tells Kumkum that she can take care of shopping and other outdoor activities while she will take care of household activities. Kumkum happily agrees as she likes shopping.

Malay comes home with Avi and Apu. Mandira asks where is Laila. Malay says she was Yakshini and Apu realized who she was and killed her. Mandira breaks water glass angrily. Once everyone leaves, Apu confronts Mandira and asks to tell where her mother Kalpana is, else she will kill even her like she killed her puppet Yakshini/Laila.Mandira acts as afraid and says she is not fool Laila to come under her trap, she is black smoke and will kill Kalpana if she does not agree to her demand. She shows a video where she has tied Kalpana and tortures her. Apu agrees and asks what she has to do. Mandira says she has to sleep with Malay. Apu says Malay will die if she sleeps with him.

Malay comes and says mom’s phone is not reachable. Mandira says she must be in flight and he need not worry. Once Malay leaaves, Apu asks what she did with Nandita kaaki. Mandira says she killed her and will kill each Mittal family member if she does not agree to her demand. Apu agrees to her demand. Mandira says she has time tilll 1 a.m., else she should be ready to face consequences.Malay comes to Mandira’s room and asks when she knew Laila since childhood, why did not she know that Laila was evil spirit. Mandira starts acting, crying how can she know what Laila was and acts as packing her bags and leave Mittal mansion.

Mandira tells Apu to sleep with Malay. Apu gets shocked and says she is a Vishkanya and what would happen. She asks Mandira why she wants to kill Malay. Mandira says she wants their first child. Mandira says she will take Apu’s daughter to the chudail world so that she can regain her youth,powers and immortality.Apu refuses but Mandira forces her. Mandira says Malay hates her and loves Vardaan, although she is dead. She says will she chose her finished love story over her mom. Mandira threatens her by showing her mom held captive.She thinks about her moments with her mom and love moments and favours by Malay. She tells Mandira that her mom taught her humanity, Malay taught her love and Vardaan sacrificed her love and she can’t cheat them.Mandira talks to her chudail form in the mirror. She says if Apu doesn’t accept, then she will make Malay do it. She says taht only she will win.

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